The 5 Tools You Will Need Before Installing Garden Stones

There are many different ways in which a homeowner can enhance the appearance of his or her property, but there are few that are more attractive than the use of garden stones. In fact, garden stones are so versatile that they can be used in a wide variety of landscaping projects, both large and small, [...]

4 Patio Stone Options for Your New Backyard Design

Although winter is here, it's the perfect time to start thinking warm thoughts and planning the installation of your brand new patio. This is the “off-season” for landscaping and construction, and that means that you’ll have a much easier time gaining access to the materials and skilled labor required to complete your project on a [...]

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How Much Do Bluestone Pavers Cost in NJ?

Bluestone flagging is extremely popular with homeowners, and becoming more popular with each passing year as people look to differentiate their properties with unique yet durable exterior features. One of the biggest advantages of bluestone flagging is that they are very affordable, delivering outstanding value for your investment when you purchase them from a reputable, [...]

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Best Uses for Bluestone Treads

Bluestone treads have become one of the most popular decorative materials on the market. These attractive, elegant accessories are available in a wide range of finishes, and their versatility is one of the leading reasons for their recent surge in popularity. Bluestone looks great when paired with virtually any architectural style, unlike alternatives such as granite and [...]

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The Most Popular Uses for Bluestone Flagging in Residential Landscapes

Bluestone flagging has a wide range of applications in the world of residential landscaping, and this material's versatility is one of the major reasons it's become so popular with homeowners. Of course, its versatility complements its striking beauty; bluestone is one of the most attractive natural materials on the market. It is available in a range [...]

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A NJ Homeowner’s Guide to Bluestone Veneer

If you're looking to dramatically improve the appearance of your NJ home's natural stone elements, a bluestone veneer is an ideal solution. This affordable and durable stone is also one of the most striking and beautiful options on the market. Bluestone is available in a range of tones and colors, ranging from vibrant blues and [...]

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Bluestone Steps: How To Install Them in Your NJ Home

Bluestone steps offer one of the best combinations of beauty and affordability on the market. Bluestone steps are sawn and thermaled for consistency and will generally be a blueish gray tone and can be rockfaced to add a rustic look. Bluestone steps can significantly increase the value of your NJ home by adding to its curb appeal, [...]

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The Best Places to Buy Bluestone for Landscaping in NJ

Bluestone landscaping products add a dash of color to a wide range of outdoor projects, from patios and sills to walls and gardens. This attractive, versatile and durable material ranges from the signature blue that gives the stone its name to shades of green, grey and lilac. In addition to the color and tone options, bluestone [...]

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Bluestone Hearths for Sale in NJ

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are very attractive decorative features that can add significant value to your NJ home. If you're thinking about installing a new fireplace or refurbishing an existing fireplace, a bluestone hearth is a striking option that complements the quality and character of virtually every major architectural and interior design style. The bluestone [...]

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How Can I Use Bluestone in My Landscaping?

Bluestone has long been a key component in landscaping in various uses for over a century. The natural coloration and texture of the durable stone, its attractive and visually interesting properties, and its availability make bluestone a great option for improving your landscape. Bluestone is extremely versatile and can be used to create or enhance [...]

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