The Do’s & Don’ts of Landscaping with Gravel

Gravel makes the world go 'round - the world of landscaping, anyway! It's such a beautiful, versatile and affordable aggregate material. This is why home and business owners from all walks of life have fallen in love with it's ability to completely transform the look and feel of their landscapes. If you've been giving any thought [...]

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Redesign Your Backyard with These 5 Gravel Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to landscaping, there are few materials as versatile and desirable as gravel. Although you may initially think of gravel as nothing more than small, gray rocks, the aggregate materials is actually manufactured from a wide range of different stone types, including limestone, trap rock, granite and gneiss. This means that the stone is [...]

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Brick Chips vs. Lava Rocks

Brick chips and lava rocks have both skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. They each offer unique benefits to your landscape which is why conducting some detailed research will ensure you find the one that is best for you. The deep reds and browns that are characteristic of brick chips and lava rocks [...]

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The Complete Guide to Decorative Rock: Everything You Need to Know

Decorative rock has become a staple in landscaping applications because of its durability, practicality and beauty.An extensive variety of stones are available for purchase makes it possible for homeowners to find decorative rocks that will bring their property to life. In sizes ranging from gravel to large boulders, decorative rock can be purposed in a [...]

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Decorative Gravel for Landscaping: The Ultimate Guide

Decorative gravel is an extremely attractive and affordable option for transforming your landscape into the one of your dreams. As decorative stones can add both visual appeal and functional purposes to your property you have endless possibilities to make your landscape as unique as you'd like. Typically when people think of gravel their minds jump [...]

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How Much Does Decorative Gravel Cost?

If you're like most other home and business owners, you want your landscape to be a reflection of who you are, both personally and professionally. When your property is well maintained and attractive, you can easily achieve these objectives. Decorative gravel and other landscaping stones make it easy to beautify your property and make yourself [...]

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The Largest Supplier of Decorative Gravel in NJ & NY

The appearance of your residential or commercial property plays a significant role in its curb appeal, its value and in how others perceive your home or business. Many opportunities exist to maintain or enhance the appearance of your property through water features, walkways, stairs, plants, and decorative stones or gravel. Whether you're hoping to install [...]

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