Jump Start Your Summer BBQ’s With These 5 Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

There’s no wrong time to start making plans for upgrading your outdoor kitchen with Techo-Bloc. Thinking through your design concepts and taking a look at the incredible materials and kits available from Techo-Bloc now will ensure that you’re ready to fire up the grill and impress your guests when it’s your turn to host the neighborhood block party or family reunion.

Need a little inspiration? No problem. Here’s a look at some of the Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen ideas that we are crazy about.

1. Traditional Style

You can’t go wrong with traditional elegance when designing your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen. For this type of space, you simply want to create an area where you and your guests feel relaxed, comfortable and at-home as you prepare and share meals together.

Whether you’re looking for rustic country charm or a simple, contemporary style for your traditional kitchen, you’ll find that the Techo-Bloc grill island is an ideal companion for your space.

The simplistic and naturalistic faux stone island features stainless steel appliances that will allow you to cook like a pro. The Manchester Foyer fireplace is a nice compliment to the space, allowing for warmth as you dine alongside your kitchen.

2. Euro Star

It’s become quite posh and trendy to adopt a Euro chic sense of style when designing an outdoor kitchen and dining space. This unique type of concept provides all of the charm and sophistication of an upscale Parisian restaurant, and will be sure to delight you and your guests alike.

For starters, consider working with Techo-Bloc tux slabs. These durable and beautiful tiles can be arranged into a stunning checkerboard or diamond pattern that will set the tone for the entire space.

We suggest working with furnishings in basic black and white/beige tones that mimic that of the slab floor. A brick fireplace will add drama to the living and dining area, while a Raffinato pizza oven offers a traditional yet modern-looking way to fire-grill incredible meals to share around your table. Finish the whole thing off by installing a stunning Techo-Bloc bar for serving your favorite French wines.

3. Hidden Charm

If your NJ landscape features sharp elevation changes or slopes, you may feel that creating an inviting, attractive and charming Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen is simply impossible. Fortunately, this is not the case. We (and numerous homeowners) have fallen madly in love with the idea of building a below-grade outdoor kitchen.

Techo-Bloc stairs, wall blocks and treads can be used to create a fabulous staircase leading down from your yard into a recessed outdoor kitchen and dining area that is hidden from view. This private oasis is perfect for entertaining and unwinding after a hard day.

We love the idea of introducing a full Techo-Bloc grill island with bar to this space, where your guests can sit and chat with you as you prepare dinner. Fire pits are also a lovely addition to a recessed kitchen.

4. Modern Chic

For those with a more modern sense of style, it’s simple to achieve the perfect look for your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen. Contemporary fashion is all about clean lines, symmetry, simplicity and elegance.

All of these can be found within the Techo-Bloc family. Incredible slabs like those found within the Industia collection, or even in the Blu collections can be used to establish a stunning and geometrically intriguing patio “floor” for your kitchen.

The Raffinato pizza oven integrates seamlessly into this particular design, and can be paired with a stunning, stainless steel grill for preparing full meals for the ones you love. Stainless steel refrigerators and sinks also look amazing with Raffinato wall blocks, and the blocs can even be used to build a fire it.

5. Personal Pub

Who doesn’t love the idea of dropping by the local pub or bar in order to unwind after the daily grind? Your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen can easily designed and constructed to act as your own private bar and grill.

The Techo-Bloc grill island features everything you need to grill up juicy steaks and burgers to enjoy with an ice cold beer or cocktail. The grill island can be squared off or framed by a bar where guests can sit to share food and drinks, or even to watch the big game. This is your opportunity to build your own perfect hangout for you, your family and your friends – the sky’s the limit!

Design Today, Dine Tomorrow

Don’t put off your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen installation, upgrade, or renovation until the last minute. Thinking ahead allows you to consider all of your options and to visit a local Techo-Bloc showroom so that you can see what the materials look like, live and in-person.

It also gives you ample time to play around with various design concepts and online design tools that can help you to come up with the perfect layout for your backyard. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can live it up and start getting the most out of your outdoor living space.

Building a Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen in NJ

NJ homeowners know they can trust Braen Supply with all of their needs as they go about planning and constructing a Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen. We’ve been a Techo-Bloc dealer for a long time, and have a working knowledge of all of the materials it has to offer.

Because of this, our team is uniquely qualified to answer all of your questions and to provide you with excellent advice about choosing and installing Techo-Bloc products.

We always offer the most competitive rates on the market. Our Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen materials can be picked up or bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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First Outdoor Patio Fireplace? Read This First

Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect addition to your backyard landscape. It’s not difficult to see why New Jersey homeowners love these natural stone, concrete and brick fire features so much.

With the right fireplace, you can create an incredible focal point for your outdoor living space, make your space seem much cozier and more inviting, add to the romance of your backyard and increase the overall value of your home.

A fireplace makes it possible for you to enjoy spending time outdoors even after the summer is over, as it will provide you with enough warmth to stay comfortable on your patio on a chilly autumn night.

If you’ve been daydreaming about installing an outdoor fireplace of your very own, you’re probably eager to get started on your project. Before diving in headfirst, though, we urge you to read through these simple tips for long-term happiness and success.

Be Style Savvy

Homeowners have a lot of great options when it comes to selecting a style for their brand new outdoor fireplace units. Because natural stone is considered to be so timelessly elegant, many New Jersey homeowners choose to work with natural flagstone, bluestone, granite and similar materials when constructing fireplaces, hearths and chimneys for their outdoor living spaces.

Others like the look of natural stone, but don’t like the price tag associated with these materials. A sophisticated veneer can be a fabulous alternative or you may elect to purchase a kit that has been assembled from manufactured concrete.

The concrete is designed and produced in such a way that it looks just like natural stone but is actually much more affordable. Still, other homeowners prefer the classic look of a fireplace constructed entirely of brick.

In order to make the right choice for your property, we urge you to consider how the different materials would interact with your existing landscaping, hardscaping, and architectural features and to consider whether or not the style and design will hold up as design trends evolve in the future.

Location, Location, Location

In order to get the most value from your outdoor fireplace, you want to make sure that it will be highly functional and serve all of your needs. This means that you must carefully consider the most strategic location for your fireplace unit.

Those with outdoor living rooms will, of course, want the fireplace to be adjacent to these types of seating areas so that guests can relax and enjoy the flames.

If you have a swimming pool or hot tub, you may want to consider locating the fireplace near enough to these spaces to provide warmth and comfort for swimmers when the temperatures get a bit cooler.

Size Things Up

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when installing outdoor fireplaces is in assuming that “one size fits all.” This could not be further from the truth and failing to properly size your fireplace for your space could significantly diminish your project outcome.

A fireplace that’s too big for your space will detract from your ability to relax and actually enjoy the space, whereas a fireplace that’s too small may fail to keep your outdoor living areas sufficiently warm enough to be worth the cost and effort of lighting a fire.

Carefully measure your space and speak with a professional about the ideal size for a fireplace in your backyard. It’s also smart to use an online design software tool that will allow you to get a 3D look at how the fireplace will look and function within your specific space.

Think About Fuel Options

Most outdoor fireplaces are either woodturning or they run on gas/propane. It’s important to consider your options before making a decision, as it can impact long-term usage, costs and maintenance.

Wood-burning fireplaces offer a low-cost source of heat and light for users, but also produce more smoke and soot. Fireplaces that rely on fuels like gas or propane are a bit more expensive to operate, but they are also a lot more convenient as it takes less time to get the fire going and they demand less ventilation.

Follow the Letter of the Law

As much as you’d like to think that you can do whatever you want with your property, the State of New Jersey (and probably your city council) has something to say about that. The government is responsible for ensuring that any changes you make to your home are entirely safe for you and the community as a whole.

Because of this, there are specific codes and ordinances pertaining to the installation of outdoor fireplaces, chimneys, etc. It’s very important that you take the time to research the regulations that pertain to your area so that you can make sure that you get it right the first time.

The last thing you want is to invest a whole bunch of time and money on your fireplace, only to get fined or to find out that you need to take the thing out and start over.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

The final question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you should install your new outdoor fireplace on your own, or if you should seek out the help of a professional. This will depend on a couple of things.

First, the style and materials selected for your fireplace can play a role in the decision-making process. While many manufactured concrete fireplaces are sold in easy-to-assemble kits, a natural stone or brick fireplace that is built from scratch will take a lot more planning and precision.

Secondly, you’ll need to consider your own comfort and skill levels. If you’ve worked with natural stone or masonry materials frequently in the past, you might feel confident in your ability to construct a safe, reliable and beautiful outdoor fireplace.

If you haven’t attempted this type of work or just aren’t feeling all that confident, though, we urge you to find a local contractor that can handle the task on your behalf. Make sure that the contractor understands local fire codes and regulations prior to beginning work. If you’re installing a fireplace kit, it’s also wise to select a contractor that is familiar with the kit manufacturer.

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace in NJ

Are you ready to take the plunge and install a stunning outdoor fireplace of your very own? As the leading supplier of natural stone and manufactured concrete fireplaces in NJ, Braen Supply has everything you need to complete your project successfully and affordably.

We offer a massive inventory of high-quality fireplace construction materials and kits from the leading manufacturers in the nation. Our team of experts is more than happy to discuss your plans with you and to provide you with tips and advice for the construction, usage and maintenance of your new fireplace.

You’ll find that all of our materials are available at competitive, wholesale prices. After deciding which materials to use, you can take them home at your convenience or have them bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC, CT and PA.

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5 Ways to Make Your Small Outdoor Living Space Look Large

If you’re like many other NJ residents, you value your ability to spend plenty of time outdoors during the beautiful spring, summer, and fall months. Who doesn’t love the idea of kicking back and relaxing on a patio lounge after a hard day at work, or enjoying a meal with the family outside?

Unfortunately, some homeowners mistakenly believe that they can’t achieve the best outdoor experience because their properties are on the small side. We’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor living space, there are plenty of ways to maximize the area that you have and make it look (and feel) spacious and luxurious. For some inspirational tips on how to maximize your outdoor living space, take a look at the following expert tips.

1. Go Diagonal

Here’s something interesting that you may not have noticed before: Diagonal lines can actually make a space look a whole long longer, grander and more spacious.

Because the shorter lines will be situated along the outside edges, your eyes will focus on the longer lines running down the center, leaving you with the impression that you have a whole lot more room to work with that may actually physically exist.

Many stone pavers, concrete pavers and porcelain pavers are available in slabs that can be arranged diagonally when flooring your outdoor living space. This will make a huge difference in the overall look of your patio.

One of our favorite looks involves the usage of porcelain pavers that have been designed to look exactly like natural wood. The end result is a stunning, diagonally-lain “deck” that will be warm and inviting for you and your guests. Consider working with a landscape design software or similar tool in order to determine which materials look best in a diagonal layout before moving forward with plans.

2. Establish Levels

When the entirety of your outdoor living space is situated on the same level, it can be more difficult to give the impression that the area is spacious and large. Through building different levels, you can create a visual boundary between the different sections of your space.

This can make your patio look bigger because the eye is able to differentiate between various “rooms.” As an example, you might consider building your patio dining area on the same level as your yard with steps that lead down to a cozy fire pit and lead up to an elevated barbecue.

You’ll instantly feel like the whole outdoor living space has grown and expanded, allowing for a more positive experience outside.

3. Build Vertically

Simplicity is important when working in smaller areas of space, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be true of your outdoor living environment – so long as you’re smart about your decor. Plants, for instance, are very popular to use around patios because they contribute to the feeling of being one with nature in the great outdoors.

Installing large flower boxes, planters or floor plants, however, can take up a lot of floor space and make your outdoor living room feel claustrophobic and cluttered. We suggest using attractive mason and wall materials instead, in order to build plant boxes into the walls.

This will create a charming “green” environment that will be visually pleasing without taking up your precious space. Lighting fixtures should also be attached to walls as opposed to making use of floor lamps that will be space-suckers.

You might even consider stringing lights above your seating area in order to create an enchanting and whimsical environment. The higher up you choose to string your lights, the higher the “ceiling” of your space will appear and the more comfortable you and your guests will feel.

4. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Any homeowner knows that color plays a significant role in creating the illusion of a larger or smaller space. Dark colors tend to make a room feel smaller and more compact, whereas lighter shades can open up the walls and make people feel as though they’re in a more spacious environment.

Obviously, if you’re working with a smaller outdoor living space, you will want to go with the latter. Consider this when choosing materials for the “floor” of your space. Sleek blacks and deep, chestnut browns are gorgeous, but they might not be the right pick for your patio.

Going with lighter shades of tan and brown, grays, whites and beiges will completely open up the space and make you feel like you have a lot of room to spread out and relax with your loved ones. In addition to considering the colors used for the patio floor, you should also think about the shades and hues used in the decor throughout.

If you really want to open up the space and make it appear larger, we suggest using bright or bold colors only near the entrance to the outdoor living space, with neutral, lighter tones in the heart of the living area. This interesting trick will excite the eye and cause it to focus on bold colors and then widen out into the softer shades.

5. Keep Things in Proportion

As you select your furnishings and appliances for your outdoor living space, it’s very important to remember to keep things in perspective and choose sizes that are appropriate for the space in which you’re working.

Large, chunky or bulky patio seating, for example, may seem like it would be very comfortable, but because it will take up so much physical and visual space, it will actually detract from your enjoyment. Look for tables and chairs that feature skinnier, sleeker designs as they will make much more sense within the scope of your space.

Cushions can be piled on top in order to increase comfort levels. You might also consider working with patio furniture that can fold up and be stored away so that you can transform your dining area into a place for dancing during a great party!

Allowing yourself to be flexible and versatile will allow you to get even more use out of the space. When it comes to appliances and fixtures, you need to be smart about size, too. Don’t choose a grill that’s so big that you can’t fit a table to enjoy your freshly barbecued chicken breasts, and avoid massive features that will make your patio furniture appear small.

You may love the idea of fire, but that doesn’t mean that a large fireplace is practical in your space. Instead, you might consider a smaller, but still romantic fire pit. All things in proportion.

Establishing a Spacious Outdoor Living Space in NJ

Braen Supply has everything you need in order to create a large, spacious and lush outdoor living space right here in NJ. We offer a full inventory of landscaping and hardscaping products so that you can create the space of your dreams.

Our prices are the lowest in the area and our friendly experts are happy to help you schedule bulk delivery services throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA. Stop by to get started today!

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The Perfect Patio Fireplaces That Will Get You Outside

There’s nothing more wonderful than being able to enjoy a warm spring or summer afternoon outside on your patio, but what happens when the sun goes down and the temperatures cool off? Instead of being forced to go back indoors, many NJ homeowners make the decision to install a beautiful and functional outdoor fireplace, right in their own backyards.

Patio fireplaces make a dramatic statement that increases property value while also enabling you to spend even more time outside – even when the weather gets a little bit chilly.

If you’ve given any thought to introducing a fireplace to your hardscape, we’re here to help. There are multiple options to choose from so that you can customize the perfect fireplace for your property.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Natural stone is the hallmark of sophistication and elegance within the hardscape. Many homeowners throughout NJ and the northeast work with natural stone in order to construct a number of landscaping and hardscaping features, ranging from patio floors to dry river beds and waterfalls to everything in-between.

Those who have worked with natural stone in the past should seriously consider adding onto their outdoor living spaces with a natural stone fireplace. Patio fireplaces can be constructed from a variety of different types of stone, all of which are extraordinarily beautiful.

Flagstone is a popular choice for fireplace units as it offers an upscale yet traditionally rugged appearance that will give a feeling of true authenticity to your space. Others enjoy a softer and more refined approach, turning their sights to a pillow face granite. For a truly unique looking fireplace, we recommend taking a closer look at bluestone.

The blues, grays, browns and even purples that are associated with bluestone will make your fireplace stand out from others. Bluestone is available in modular cuts as well as irregular cuts, depending on your preference.

Concrete “Stone” Fireplaces

For some homeowners, the look and feel of natural stone are desirable, but working with these materials just isn’t practical. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the type of stone that the homeowner wants isn’t available in their region, or it could be that the stone is simply too expensive for the user’s budget.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to sacrifice your dream of a stunning stone fireplace because of any of your hangups. Numerous manufacturers offer high-quality concrete fireplace kits that look exactly like the real thing.

These companies make it their mission to offer exciting patio fireplaces that can be assembled from simple kits and that are built to last. You’ll enjoy choosing from a range of “stone” styles and colors, depending on your personal preferences.

Everything from the color of the “stone” to the rich texturing will trick your eyes into believing that your fireplace has been built with real stone. Some of the most trusted names in the manufacture of concrete patio fireplaces are Belgard, Cambridge, Techo-Bloc and Stone Age. These brands are all known for high-quality products that are built to last in the many years ahead.

Brick Fireplaces

Brick is another classic material in the manufacture of attractive and functional patio fireplaces. Bricks have traditionally been used throughout the centuries because they are a low-cost yet elegant and attractive masonry material that are extremely easy to work with.

The deep reds and browns colors associated with brick are aesthetically pleasing and go well with a number of other landscaping, hardscaping and architectural features that may be used throughout the property. Larger bricks with rougher surfaces are often selected for projects where the homeowner desires a traditional or rugged looking fireplace for their outdoor living space.

Conversely, a sleek brick with a glazed finish is an excellent way to add a modern touch to the patio area. Brick fireplaces can be assembled very quickly and are able to set and cure in record time so that users can start enjoying their new patio fireplaces as soon as possible. Bricks also offer a great deal of design flexibility, giving users a lot of freedom as they create the fireplaces of their dreams.

Cultured Stone (Veneer) Fireplaces

Cultured stone is another great option for homeowners who like the look and feel of natural stone but aren’t able to afford the real thing, or feel like natural stone is too heavy and bulky for the type of project they’re hoping to pull off.

Cultured stone is designed to look like a number of different types of natural stone including fieldstone (which is great for that classic and traditional look) or river rock (a perfect fit for anyone who loves a romantic storybook theme). In addition to providing homeowners with a lot of style and design options, cultured stone veneers are extremely lightweight and easy to work with.

You’ll be able to construct a beautiful patio fireplace with speed, ease and confidence and gather around a crackling fire with your loved ones in no time at all.

Making a Decision

Now that you’re aware of your many options, it’s time to give some serious thought to the type of patio fireplace that’s right for your specific needs.

Each type of outdoor fireplace has its own unique set of merits and benefits and all are excellent choices, but one could be best for your style and personality. When making a decision, consider:

  • Budget – How much can you afford or are you willing to spend on patio fireplaces? Setting a budget will help you to narrow down your options and settle on the right materials.
  • Style – Are you trying to achieve a specific look or style with your hardscaping features, including your new patio fireplace? Make sure that you select a material that will make it easy for you to incorporate the fireplace into the theme that you desire.
  • Other Features – How will your new outdoor fireplace look within the scope of your other landscaping and hardscaping features? It’s important to choose materials that will complement the existing features throughout your property so that you get a sense of cohesive beauty and uniformity that will be visually pleasing.

Building Patio Fireplaces in NJ

Braen Supply is the leading supplier of materials for building patio fireplaces in NJ and its surrounding areas. Whether you plan to construct a natural stone or brick fireplace with design plans of your own, or you like the idea of purchasing a manufactured “stone” fireplace kit, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our local showroom.

Feel free to talk to one of our experts about which fireplace option is the best fit for your hardscape. We’re happy to offer up practical advice and unique insider perspectives.

Once you’ve settled on the perfect fireplace, we’ll give you the fairest deal on the market. Our fireplace materials and kits can be picked up or bulk delivered to your home located throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC, or PA.

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Spruce Up Gravel Patios With These 5 Upgrades

Are you the proud owner of a stunning, gravel patio? Being the trendy and savvy homeowner that you are, you’ve realized that gravel of all varieties is a beautiful, affordable and practical medium to create an outdoor living space that you’re able to enjoy throughout the year.

Despite the fact that you love being able to take advantage of your gravel patio, you may feel like it’s missing something – that “je ne sais quoi” that could take your patio from ordinary to extraordinary.

So how can you give your existing patio area a makeover that will delight you and your guests without breaking the bank? The following five tips for upgrading your gravel patio will leave you and your wallet smiling.

1. Play With Color

Who says that gravel has to be plain old gray? While gray is a classic hue of stone aggregate and can certainly be beautiful in numerous applications, we’ve found that many homeowners are delighted with the ability to mix and match different colors and add exciting shades and hues to their gravel patio “floor.”

Numerous types of gravel exist, all of which offer different shades and tones. Consider creating a floor that is comprised of multiple colors, divided by landscaping barriers. This can allow you to create different shapes and designs.

Some homeowners have even gone so far as to create elaborate mosaics out of their gravel patio floors. It can be as simplistic or complex as you like – the only limit is your own imagination.

2. Be Edgy

Sometimes the simplest and most effective way to breathe new life into your gravel outdoor living space is to create a gorgeous border around the perimeter of the patio. This can be accomplished by using a unique edging material.

Many homeowners initially install their patios with a black, synthetic edging material in order to keep the gravel in place after installation. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this, those homeowners who are interested in sprucing things up and adding more interest, depth, and dimension to their patio spaces should consider replacing conventional materials like these with something new and different.

For example, we love the idea of surrounding a gravel patio with larger natural stones, like smooth and rounded river rocks. You might also fall in love with the notion of creating a sleek border with bricks, pavers or other masonry materials.

Regardless of what you choose to work with, you’ll notice an instant change in appearance and it will make your gravel “floor” really pop and stand out.

3. Install a Flagstone Path

Those who have a larger patio space to work with can have some fun by installing a beautiful stone path that runs through the patio. Not only does this increase the attractiveness of the patio, but it will also help to reduce the amount of gravel that gets kicked or shuffled around as people walk from one side to the other.

This means less of a mess in your yard and a reduced need to fill in low spots or add more gravel to the patio space. We suggest selecting a gorgeous natural flagstone paver that can be set down into the gravel and laid out into a pattern of your choosing, directing foot traffic through the patio.

If natural stone is out of your budget or isn’t your thing, you might also consider working with attractive concrete or porcelain pavers. Either way, you’ll fall in love with the difference.

4. Incorporate Stone or Masonry Features

Although gravel patios are generally beloved for their simplistic beauty, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your patio’s usage has to be simple and straightforward.

In addition to creating a great “floor” for patio chairs and tables, gravel is sophisticated and reliable enough for you to install a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping features that will enhance the beauty and functionality of the space as a whole.

Natural stone and concrete fire pits, for instance, will look incredible when surrounded by the interesting textures and colors of gravel and will add a lot of warmth and fun to your outdoor living environment. Fountains can also be installed in or around a gravel patio, which add to the feeling of natural serenity in the space.

We’ve fallen in love with the look of dry river beds that are constructed to run through the patio in order to add charm and whimsy while also improving the drainage around the area. Even large boulders can be used to add some drama and dimension to the space. You’d be amazed by how bold and fresh the entire patio can look when the small pieces of gravel are contrasted against a stunningly large stone.

Don’t forget masonry features; many NJ homeowners transform their gravel patio spaces by surrounding them with gorgeous mason walls or by introducing a warm and inviting outdoor fireplace. Have fun with the makeover because the possibilities are nearly limitless!

5. Add Bold Accents (planters, hedges, furniture)

One of the great things about gravel is that while it’s beautiful enough to hold its own, it is also soft and subtle enough to work with a wide range of other landscaping features in an array of shapes, sizes and colors.

In fact, introducing bold accents to the area around your gravel patio can actually enhance the texture of the individual pieces of crushed stone aggregate and highlight the soothing colors associated with the gravel. Gravel and accents can truly work together to compliment one another and establish a space that’s 100% unique.

Brightly colored, large planters can add a lot of drama to the space, mixing modern and naturalistic features. Carefully manicured hedges and shrubbery can bring out the beauty of the patio and create a lot of visual interest in your space. Even your furniture should be carefully selected to add excitement to the gravel and the outdoor living area.

Upgrade Your Gravel Patio in NJ

Once you’re ready to give your gravel patio an incredible facelift that will add to the value of your home, Braen Supply will be here to help you bring your vision to life. As the leading landscaping supplier in NJ, we’re proud to offer a wide range of stone, masonry and landscaping features that will transform the look and vibe of your outdoor living space.

We’re happy to provide you with useful tips and tricks for getting your project done on time and on budget. We always offer the most affordable rates on landscaping and hardscaping materials. Our products can be picked up at our location or can be bulk delivered to job sites throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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Transform Your Poolside with These 5 Belgard London Cobble Patterns

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. That means that it’s almost time to start enjoying more time in your outdoor living spaces – especially the swimming pool!

Whether you’ve already got a swimming pool in place or are installing a brand new one, your private oasis will not be complete without an attractive, paved swimming pool deck. Beyond a standard concrete decking, the most stylish NJ homeowners are discovering the sophisticated beauty of London Cobble pavers by Belgard Pavers.

These versatile pavers are able to completely transform the look and vibe of your swimming area, making you the envy of your family and friends. Read on to learn more about London Cobble Belgard pavers, and for inspirational ideas on how to design a stunning swimming pool deck of your own.

London Cobble Pavers At-A-Glance

Belgard Pavers are known and respected as a brand that works diligently to design and engineer concrete pavers. The London Cobble collection proves to be no exception to the Belgard standard.

These unique and elegantly simplistic pavers are crafted of the highest quality, from its appealing “pillow top” surface to its smoothly rounded corners. The end result is a stunning paver that offers users a neat, tailored and architectural look that will add character and warmth to the swimming pool deck.

Users are able to select from a number of different color families, all of which have something special to offer. Popular London Cobble colors include:

  • Amaretto – This two-toned color family provides soothing shades of tan and brown across the surface of the pavers.
  • Bella – The multi-tonal Bella collection adds visual interest through a blend of browns, tans and charcoal that will add value to the swimming area.
  • Charcoal – A deep, rich, black hue, the charcoal color family establishes a smooth and sleek look for the modern homeowner.
  • Flash Brown – This multi-tonal collection plays off of the neutral shade of brown by pairing the hue with rust and gray tones for a truly unique look.
  • Liberty Blend – For those who like the look of classic brick, the Liberty Blend offers entrancing shades of brick red and burgundy.
  • Sable Blend – Featuring deep charcoal and lighter shades of gray, the Sable Blend softens the appearance of charcoal for a more relaxed approach to modern style.
  • Silex Blend – Keep things smooth and cool with the soft, pleasing shades of gray and light brown that are mixed together in the Silex Blend.

London Cobble Design Patterns

London Cobble pavers are extremely easy to work with, and because of their simple geometric shape, they are able to be arranged in many different patterns.

This provides homeowners like yourself with a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to coming up with the perfect design for your swimming pool deck. The following patterns are highly recommended for swimming pool deck applications, and can give your swimming area a total makeover.

Running Bond

The running bond is the most basic and simplistic pattern for London Cobble pavers, but it is also one of the most popular and beloved. This traditional style features pavers being laid end to end, with the joints of the adjacent rows being aligned with the center of those in the preceding row.

This creates a pleasing, geometrical look that will bring out the best in your swimming pool, creating a nice base for any surrounding water features or landscaping features, all without stealing the show.

90 Degree Herringbone

The herringbone layout is known for its similar appearance to the bone structure of the fish from which it gets its namesake. Homeowners who use the 90 degree herringbone pattern with London Cobble will be pleased with how the pieces fit well together to create a dazzling yet simplistic design.

Here, one paver is laid “portrait” style, with the ones immediately below and above being situated “landscape” style, from end-to end. When paired with the shimmering waters from your swimming pool, you and your guests will be truly dazzled by the pattern.

2 Piece 90 Degree Herringbone

The 2 piece 90 degree herringbone scheme is a slightly more complex version of the one mentioned above, making use not only of London Cobble pavers that are of the same size, but actually making use of two different sized pavers for a higher degree of visual interest in intricacy.

Regardless of which pattern you select for your London Cobble swimming pool deck, you’ll find that it’s easy to get the job done quickly and correctly. Belgard offers clear and simple directions for these fabulous patterns so that no guesswork is involved.

Installing a London Cobble Pool Deck in NJ

Are you excited about designing and installing a London Cobble swimming pool deck of your very own? Braen Supply is here to help you from start to finish. As Belgard Authorized Dealers, we are able to connect you with London Cobble pavers from every available color family, based on your unique tastes and needs.

We are able to help you determine which design pattern would best suit your landscape and swimming area, and we can offer tips and tricks for the installation process. Our London Cobble pavers and other Belgard paving materials are available at the lowest, most competitive rates around and can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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The 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Installing Pavers

Ready to install your new natural, concrete, porcelain or brick pavers? Before you dive in headfirst, you should take a few moments to regroup and make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing.

After all, you want the finished project to look beautiful and to last for many years to come. Because we’re so invested in helping our customers find success with their paver jobs, we’ve come up with a list of 10 “Dos and Don’ts” that will guide you through the process, from start to finish.

1 – DO map out your project area

Prior to anything else, it’s wise to use some sort of design software in order to create a map or drawing of your project area. A scaled design will help you in a couple ways.

First, it will assist with the process of calculating all of your required materials. Secondly, a mock-up of this sort will help you to determine how your completed project will look in relation to other landscaping and architectural features throughout your property. This will help you end up with a space that you’ll be happy.

2 – DON’T try to ‘guesstimate’

One of the biggest customer complaints that we’ve heard throughout the years is that they wish they had made their project areas larger.

This happens because people try to make guesses or to “eyeball” their project areas instead of taking the time to really map them out and see how large the space will be.

It’s important to really know how much room will be left to walk around and “live” once the outdoor fireplace, barbecue, patio furniture, etc. has been installed.

3- DO work with a reputable supplier

An otherwise fabulous project can be brought down by a sub-par materials supplier. It’s very important to make sure that you’re working with a company that has your best interests at heart, providing only the highest quality paving materials at the fairest prices.

When looking to purchase pavers from brands like Belgard, Cambridge or Techo-Bloc, the simplest way to find a reputable supplier is to visit the brand’s website and seek out the locations of their authorized dealers.

Authorized dealers are those who will have the most accurate product information, the most complete product inventory and the most reasonable product prices.

4- DON’T cut corners

Once you have settled on the dimensions of your project area and have ordered your materials, you’re ready to begin the excavation process. It’s wise to make sure that all underground utilities (i.e.: phone and gas lines) are clearly marked so that you don’t accidentally disturb these spots.

You will also need to over-excavate the total perimeter of the project area – you can’t cut corners! For example, if your patio is going to be 20’x10’, you’ll need to extend your base preparation out further than this.

A good rule to follow is that the base material should extend past any paved edges in a distance equal to the base depth. If your 20’x10’ patio is to have a 6” base, then you should excavate a total area of 21’ (20’ +6” +6”) by 11’ (10’ +6” +6”).

5 – DO compact base layers at 3” intervals

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can simply excavate the project area, dump in all of your base materials and then compact them down all at once. This simply won’t work.

Most plate compactors can only compact 3″-4″ of material at a time. This means to you’ll need to pour about 3″ of material at a time, compact it down and then move on to the next layer. This will prevent settling and problems with structural integrity over time.

6 – DON’T compact bedding sand

Speaking of compaction, you absolutely don’t want to compact your bedding sand down once it has been poured on top of the base materials. Why? You need the sand to be loose in order to keep your pavers in place.

Once you put your pavers down and complete the final compaction, any loose sand will end up being forced up into the spaces between the pavers, which will help to set and secure them. In addition to this, loose sand is helpful in creating a smooth and more even surface for your pavers.

7 – DO use precision when laying and spacing your pavers

You need to make sure to lay out your pavers with absolute precision right from the very start. It’s a good idea to use string or landscaping paint/tape in order to maintain a straight edge, but you should continue to use measuring tape to ensure that the edge is perfect every few feet or so.

Remember, making a mistake on the outside edge will only make things worse as you work inward, so be sure to be on the ball from the get-go.

8 – DON’T hammer pavers together

You may feel the temptation to take a hammer and mallet in order to hammer the different pavers together for a tight, sleek look – but we urge you to reconsider. Having your pavers placed too tightly together can actually create problems over time.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that pavers are spaced apart at 3mm, or 1/8″. You certainly don’t need to use a tape measure to measure this small gap between each and every paver, but familiarize yourself with the distance and leave room between the units.

9 – DO use an edge restraint

Over time, it’s natural for the ground to shift and move, and with it, you can expect that your pavers may shift or move out of place a little. The best way to make sure that your pavers stay in line and don’t need to be dug-up and re-installed, is to make use of a good edge restraint.

Don’t want to line the perimeter of your pavers with a stone or concrete edging material? No problem. Invisible edge restraints can be used that are spiked into the base materials. They’re very reliable and are easy and flexible to work with.

10 – DON’T activate polymeric sand without thoroughly sweeping your pavers

Polymeric sand is powerful stuff. Once the pavers have been installed, the polymeric sand should be swept between each of your pavers to level with the top of the unit.

Spraying water on the sand will activate the polymers, causing it to harden, so make sure there’s no excess sand on top of the pavers or else you’ll have a mess on your hands.

Enjoy Simple Paver Installations with Braen Supply

Following these 10 “Do” and “Don’t” tips will make your life a heck of a lot easier as you improve your landscape with pavers. Braen Supply can make your work even simpler.

As the leading supplier of concrete, porcelain and brick pavers, Braen Supply offers a massive inventory of products that will suit your every need. We’re happy to help you select the right materials for your project, and can provide you with advice for getting the job done right.

We can also connect you with local contractors who are familiar with the pavers you intend to use. Our pavers can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.New Call-to-action

How to Give Your Backyard a Distinct Look with Lafitt Series Pavers in NJ

What does your backyard say about you? Whether you realize it or not, your landscape is an extension of your unique personality, and it makes a bold statement that can significantly impact the curb appeal and overall value of your home.

It’s important, then, that you select landscaping and hardscaping materials that speak to your specific tastes while offering the functionality you need in order to maximize your outdoor living space.

If you’re looking to create an original motif for your backyard that will allow you to do all of the things you enjoy most, we suggest taking a look at the Lafitt series of pavers from Belgard.

Lafitt Series Pavers At-A-Glance

Imagine being surrounded by the peaceful elegance of nature at all times – without ever having to leave your own backyard. Belgard’s Lafitt series provides the most naturalistic look possible to modular, concrete pavers.

You’ll be immediately entranced by the detailed texturing of these one-of-a-kind pavers. The interesting ridges and recesses, and the rich, inviting patterns will leave you convinced that your pavers were manufactured and chiseled from natural stone, taken directly out of an enchanted, forest.

What’s more, the Lafitt series makes it possible for you to enjoy both the natural and the modern, as the gorgeous pavers are available in modular shapes for sophisticated, contemporary and pleasing geometrical designs.

Lafitt pavers are available in nine different colors, ranging from warm shades of chestnut, brown and tan, to cooler hues like charcoal and silvery-gray. This makes it easy for you to find the Lafitt pavers that are best for your specific hardscaping needs.

Uses for Lafitt Series Pavers

After falling in love with the stunning beauty of Lafitt series pavers, you’re eager to figure out how you can incorporate them into your own backyard. For some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common uses for Belgard Lafitt Pavers here in NJ:


Every NJ homeowner needs a serene and relaxing patio of their very own. This is the place where you can go to unwind after a long day at work, sipping on a hot cup of tea or a soothing glass of wine as you enjoy a gentle, summer breeze.

This is where you can gather with your friends and family, to share a meal and entertain. Lafitt pavers make the perfect foundation for your patio and outdoor living space, as they create a calm and inviting environment that evokes a sense of being in harmony with nature.

The pavers are extremely tough and durable, too, so you won’t have to worry about them becoming scuffed or scratched up due to foot traffic and moving patio furniture. The pavers are designed to resist stains, so you won’t have to stress out during mealtime.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are the latest trend in outdoor living here in NJ. Homeowners love having the ability to spend time with their loved ones while they whip up a meal in the great outdoors from a fully equipped, outdoor kitchen.

While these kitchens are home to a number of features, including stone countertops, pizza ovens, and stainless steel appliances, it’s the kitchen “floor” that sets the tone for the entire space and ties everything together. It’s important, then, to pick the right paver for your floor.

Lafitt series pavers are a great choice because they pair the natural and traditional with the modern and contemporary, allowing you to create a cohesive and gorgeous cooking environment. The pavers are non-combustible and heat-resistant, so you’ll be able to stay cool, safe and comfortable while making dinner.

Swimming Pool Decks

Who doesn’t love to take a swim during the hot, humid, NJ summer days? Many NJ homeowners have swimming pools, but not everyone can boast a Lafitt swimming pool deck.

The versatile and lovely pavers create a unique swimming area for you and your guests. The rich textures are given even more depth and dimension when they reflect the moving, shimmering waters of the swimming pool.

You’ll feel like you’ve discovered your own, natural oasis when surrounded by a Lafitt pool deck – all the the privacy of your own backyard. The texturing of Lafitt pavers make them the perfect fit for poolside areas as they won’t become slippery when wet, and will offer excellent traction.  

Paths and Walkways

Paved paths and walkways throughout the backyard create a beautiful and practical means of connecting different areas of your property to one another.

Whether it’s a path from the patio to the poolside bar, or a calming walkway through your flower gardens, you’ll love the look that Lafitt series pavers have to offer.

Fire Pit Seating

There’s no better way to spend your evenings than gathered around a crackling fire with the people you love most. Fire pits make it possible for you to bask in the warm glow of the dancing flames whenever you please, allowing you to share stories and create lasting memories with your nearest and dearest.

Surrounding your fire pit with Lafitt pavers creates a uniquely attractive and functional space for seating, so that everyone can remain cool, comfortable and safe while enjoying the fire.

Lafitt Series Patterns

Regardless of how you decide to use Lafitt series pavers throughout your backyard, you’ll be able to choose from exciting designs and patterns that will delight you and your guests in the many years to come.

Although the pavers come in modular shapes and designs, you won’t have to worry about their layout being boring or lackluster. Belgard has come up with three unique, multi-piece patterns that make use of pavers of differing shapes and sizes that will create dazzling patterns to capture your imagination and interest.

Talk to an expert about utilizing Belgard design tools to see how the different patterns look, or to determine which pattern would be the best fit for your project’s specific needs.

Buying Lafitt Series Pavers in NJ

If you’ve decided that Lafitt Pavers are the right choice for your backyard, Braen Supply has you covered. We are Belgard Authorized Dealers, and we carry a full inventory of Lafitt Series pavers in all available shapes, sizes and colors.

Our team of experts know the ins and outs of these incredible pavers and can answer any questions you may have. We can also connect you with Belgard Authorized Contractors to help you complete your installation.

Our Lafitt pavers can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout NJ, NY, NYC and PA. We offer fair and competitive pricing every day.
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Designing a Hardscape Design with Concrete Pavers

If you’re feeling bored and dissatisfied with your current landscape and would like to give it a makeover without spending too much money, concrete pavers are the perfect solution.

Concrete pavers are designed and manufactured to look just like natural stone, featuring interesting cuts, textures, shapes and colors – all at an affordable price. They’re simple to work with, are extremely strong and durable and they provide users with a wide number of design possibilities.

So how can you come up with the perfect design for your dream hardscape using concrete pavers? This post features some of our top hardscape design tips so that you can get the most out of your upcoming project.

Pinpoint Your Motives

Why are you planning on using concrete pavers in your hardscape design to begin with? Are you looking for a way to create an attractive and clear path from your backyard to your swimming pool?

Or do you need a space large enough to accommodate your barbecue, your patio furniture and your closest family and friends? It’s important to sit down and really think about what’s motivating you to give your landscape a makeover.

This will make it easier for you to begin visualizing the overall design and lay the groundwork for all of your other hardscape design plans.

Research Leading Products

Not all concrete pavers are created equally. In order to ensure that you end up working with the highest quality materials, it’s important that you spend some time doing a little bit of investigative work.

Find out who the biggest brand names are in the concrete paver manufacturing business. During this research phase, you’re very likely to come across brand names like Techo-Bloc, Belgard and Cambridge Pavingstones.

These three industry giants have cornered the market on designing and engineering gorgeous concrete pavers that look and feel exactly like natural stone, and they all offer affordable prices. Each of these brands have earned solid reputations for using care and precision throughout the manufacturing process, as well as guaranteeing quality and consistency.

Visit a Local Showroom

Now that you have a better idea about which brands you might be interested in, you’ve probably begun looking through their website portfolios to discover what styles of concrete pavers they have for sale. Seeing an image online is one thing, but being able to see the pavers in person is so much better.

This is why it’s such a good idea to find a local showroom that displays samples of outdoor living spaces and completed projects featuring the concrete pavers from the brands that you have expressed interest in.

Having the ability to see the full-dimensional appearance of these pavers within the context of an outdoor living space, patio furnishings and other hardscaping features will allow you to get the best idea about which pavers would be best for your own hardscape design.

Request Samples

Whether looking online or visiting a showroom, you might find that you fall in love with a specific color of a concrete paver. While the color might look fabulous in the model, or within the scope of someone else’s landscape, it still may be difficult for you to tell whether or not the shade is a good match for your property.

The best way to make up your mind about color is to request samples from the manufacturer. Most concrete paver manufacturers will mail samples to you for free so that you can compare various shades and hues and settle on the perfect fit for your home.

Look Through Design Books

When visiting the websites of leading concrete paver manufacturers, you’ll find that many of them offer tools for inspiring your hardscape design, including design books. These books will feature some of the many projects that specific types of concrete pavers have been used for and featured in.

Browsing through these collections of photos will give you ideas about how other homeowners have incorporated concrete pavers into their hardscape design, and will get your creative juices flowing so that you can come up with a brilliant and exciting hardscape design plan of your own.

Use Hardscape Design Software

We also strongly suggest that you consider making use of helpful hardscape design software tools. These can often be found online, and can be used to help simplify the design process and help you make better decisions.

One of the best things about a design software is that it can take all of the measurements of your yard into consideration and help you create a design that is sized to scale. You’ll have a much better understanding of exactly how your finished project will look in proportion to the remainder of your landscape and its different features, so that you can size things appropriately.

You can use software tools to place other outdoor features like fireplaces on your concrete paver patio and see what it will look like before actually beginning the project. This will also help you make sure that you have enough room to accommodate everything you want to include into your design, while also having plenty of room to move around.

With some design software tools, you’ll find that you can even upload images or drawings for a more accurate or realistic representation of the finished work, while others give you a 3D look and allow you to “fly through” the design and see how it looks from all angles.

Hire a Professional

Some homeowners prefer to hire a professional to join them and help them make smart decisions about their hardscape design plan. Professional landscapers can be very valuable in providing input on how certain concrete pavers may work together or how they can complement other landscaping and architectural features throughout a property.

You don’t just have to hire landscapers, though. Contractors that have been authorized to work with specific concrete paver manufacturers can provide valuable insight when it comes to the design process, and can even provide you with exclusive access to software design tools that might further influence your hardscape design.

Creating Your Perfect Hardscape Design in NJ

When you’re ready to get going with your upcoming hardscape project, Braen Supply is ready to help. As experts in the landscaping and hardscaping industry, our team is perfectly positioned to answer any questions you may have about hardscape design.

We are authorized as dealers for the top brands in concrete paver manufacturing, ensuring that we always have access to the latest product offerings and information.

Feel free to visit our showroom for inspiration. Our concrete paving materials are available at competitive prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.
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5 Patio Pavers for Every Home Style

Could a paver patio be just the thing that your home needs? If you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your landscape and get more use out of your outdoor living space, we strongly urge you to consider selecting a beautiful paving material in order to establish a gorgeous and functional patio of your very own.

Paver patios are extremely affordable and increase the overall value of your home. Best of all, with so many different options available, it’s easy to find paving materials that match your unique sense of style while meeting your every need.

Here’s a look at five different types of patio pavers that are great to work with and information on how to pick the right one for your home.

1. Irregular Natural Flagstone Pavers

Natural stone is one of the most coveted types of hardscaping materials and homeowners fall in love with the concept of creating a fabulous patio area with incredible, natural flagstone. For those who are interested in creating a unique, visually appealing and extremely naturalistic outdoor living space, natural flagstone pavers with an irregular cut are the way to go.

As the name indicates, this type of stone is broken down into paver-sized pieces in a manner that results in irregular cuts, shapes and sizes. When installed as a patio, the flooring is given an exciting “mosaic” appearance, with jagged and irregular edges that will catch the attention of anyone.

There are many options available for those who have fallen in love with the irregular style of this type of natural flagstone paver. Stone manufacturers and suppliers like Braen Supply offer a full inventory of irregular flagstone pavers in an array of colors and styles.

This makes it easy for you to find the product that suits your individual tastes while still meeting your functional needs. You’ll be able to choose from popular materials like:

  • All Blue Bluestone
  • Full Color Bluestone
  • Tennessee Gray
  • Tennessee Buff
  • Idaho Quartz Charcoal
  • Idaho Quartz Silver
  • South Bay Quartz
  • Norwegian Buff

2. Dimensional Natural Flagstone Pavers

Some homeowners are sold on the idea of working with natural stone pavers for their upcoming patio installations, but they aren’t necessarily interested in utilizing stones that feature such irregular cuts and shapes. Here, we suggest taking a look at dimensional natural flagstone pavers.

Instead of chiseling away at a large slab of stone and letting the pieces develop as they may, stone manufacturers work to cut the beautiful stone into square or rectangular shapes that feature clean lines and angles. This makes it possible for homeowners to develop modular designs and geometrically pleasing patterns.

It is even possible to achieve perfect symmetry when installing well-crafted dimensional cut natural flagstone pavers. As in the case of its irregular cut counterpart, dimensional natural flagstone pavers are readily available in a number of colors and styles.

Each different variety of dimensional flagstone features its own uniquely beautiful shades and hues, as well as rich and inviting textures. Be sure to look through all of your options in order to select the right type of flagstone for your patio project. Popular choices include:

  • Lilac Natural Cleft
  • Kearney Thermal
  • Tennessee Buff Honed
  • Natural Gray Tennessee
  • Sahara Granite Pattern
  • Indiana Limestone Pattern

3. Concrete Pavers

Everyone loves the look and feel of natural stone, but not everyone can afford the luxury of building a large outdoor patio or other outdoor living space feature that is completely surfaced with natural stone. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise your tastes and sense of style for cost.

There are several excellent manufacturers of concrete pavers. These companies employ highly skilled designers and engineers who are able to match the exact look and texture of natural stone, all while using a more affordable concrete material.

The possibilities are limitless, here, because the design of the “stone” is only limited by the designer’s imagination. You’ll find concrete pavers with dimensional cuts, irregular cuts, bold colors, subtle tones, modern style, classic design and everything in-between.

No matter what look you’re trying to establish, you’ll be able to make it into a reality with manufactured stone. The material is always of the same, consistent quality, and is designed to be able to withstand the elements and frequent traffic. It’s easy to maintain and doesn’t scratch or stain easily. The leading brands for concrete pavers are:

  • Belgard Pavers
  • Cambridge Pavingstones
  • Techo-Bloc

4. Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain has been growing increasingly popular as a paving material for patios throughout recent years. Despite the fact that porcelain dolls and china have long been regarded as fragile or delicate, it’s important to understand that porcelain is actually a very strong and durable material.

In fact, in paver form, porcelain is often harder and stronger than concrete. This means that when it’s installed, it will be strong and reliable – even when subject to high volumes of traffic and moving patio furniture.

You also won’t have to worry about scratching or scraping. Porcelain is very beautiful and can be crafted to emulate the look of both natural stone and natural wood. The options for design are limitless.

5. Clay Brick Pavers

Never underestimate the subtle elegance and classic beauty of clay brick pavers. Clay has a rich history of being used in construction and architectural projects throughout the centuries, and it has also made its mark in terms of being a reliable and beloved paving material.

Just because we don’t pave our streets with brick anymore doesn’t mean that it’s not a great option for surfacing your beautiful home patio. The soft yet rich brown and red tones of brick are often very familiar and welcoming to eyes, establishing a sense of ease and comfort.

This makes it the perfect material for creating an outdoor “floor” in areas where you intend to relax and unwind. The timeless appeal of brick ensures that it will continue to look beautiful and maintain its value in the many years ahead.

Another significant advantage to working with brick is that it’s very good about holding its place, even when the ground beneath begins to shift. This means that you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs down the line. Clay brick pavers are very affordable, easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Buying Patio Paver Materials in NJ

Braen Supply is the largest and most comprehensive supplier of paver materials for patio projects in all of NJ and its surrounding areas. Our massive showroom features natural stone, manufactured products and brick all in one location so that you can evaluate all of your options and make the choice that’s best for your backyard.

We are well connected with the leading manufacturers of concrete and porcelain pavers so that you can get the biggest variety of material options at the most affordable prices. We offer the most competitive prices on the market and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our patio paver materials can be picked up at our location or can be delivered to job sites throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.
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