How Much Does It Cost to Install Stone Veneer?

When considering whether or not to install stone veneer for your home, business or within your landscape you need to evaluate the costs. We've spoken with many NJ homeowners and find that most are unsure of the total cost of a stone veneer project. Regardless of whether you plan to hire a professional for the [...]

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5 Reasons the Cost of Thin Stone Veneer is Worth It

Everyone wants a beautiful home, but that doesn't mean we're not cautious about the cost of the expense. If you've been thinking about using thin stone veneers to give your home a dream makeover, chances are that you've probably been crunching the numbers and conducting a cost vs. benefits analysis. Will your investment in thin [...]

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Thin Stone Veneer vs. Full Stone Veneer

Stone veneers open up tons of possibilities to many home and business owners looking to enhance their homes. With both full stone and thin stone veneers, many people desire the benefits that natural stone has to offer. While both are excellent options, many people find themselves wondering whether a full stone or thin stone veneer is [...]

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The Best Brick Veneer Prices in NJ

Everyone can appreciate the sophisticated beauty that brick has to offer. Unfortunately, working with brick can create certain challenges and can also be expensive, depending on the overall scope of the project. This is where brick veneers come into play. Instead of a solid brick wall, thin brick veneer is applied to a surface for the [...]

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Can Stone Veneer Be Installed Over Brick?

Choosing to install stone veneer over brick is actually a very common way to update the look of your home. It's such a popular decision among homeowners because there are many different choices available when it comes to veneer surfaces. Using a veneer is a great way to enhance your home or landscape when you're [...]

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6 Natural Thin Stone Veneer Styles To Incorporate Into Your Home

There’s no doubt about the fact that natural stone is extremely beautiful. Every homeowner would love to be able to bring the look of natural stone into their home’s interior or exterior design. Unfortunately, stone can be very expensive and in some cases, it’s actually too bulky or too heavy to be practical. This is where [...]

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Thin Stone Veneer: The Hottest Styles of 2017

Looking for a way to completely transform the look of your home? Thin stone veneers have become extremely popular throughout the northeast as they allow homeowners a means of expressing their unique senses of style, increase curb appeal and property value and improve home insulation. If this sounds like the right solution for you and your [...]

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How Long Will Thin Stone Veneer Last in NJ?

Home and business owners from all walks of life absolutely love the look of natural stone. Not everyone has the means to afford working with full stone, nor is it always practical. It's for this reason that so many people turn to thin stone veneers. Made from either natural or manufactured stone (depending on the manufacturer), [...]

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How Can I Use Thin Stone Veneer in NJ?

Looking for ways to incorporate the beauty and sophistication of natural stone into your home, business or landscape? One of the simplest and most affordable ways of accomplishing this is through the use of thin stone veneers. These stunning veneers are fast and simple to install, cost less then full stone and require only a [...]

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How To Choose a Thin Stone Veneer Supplier

Everyone loves the look and feel of natural stone. Whether it's being used to face an entire home, creating a warm and inviting fireplace or enhancing the appearance of a small indoor or outdoor wall, stone masonry offers a timeless elegance that appeals to people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, the construction of a [...]

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