Installing a Stone Veneer Fireplace in NJ: The Homeowner’s Rulebook

There's nothing quite like the soothing "pop" of a crackling fire on a crisp fall or winter evening, and there's no better place to gather around a fire than in front of your thin stone veneer fireplace. Whether your fireplace is indoors or outdoors, it's the centerpiece of your living space. As such, you desire [...]

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Stone Veneer for Sale in NJ

Everyone loves the look of natural stone, but that doesn't mean that using stone as a primary construction material is a practical solution. The costs associated with doing so can be hefty and, in some cases, the bulk of the materials won't mesh with your design plans. Even so, home and business owners throughout NJ [...]

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Stone Veneer Installation Costs: A Homeowner’s Guide

Stone veneers have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Many NJ home and business owners have realized that working with these types of materials can allow them to enjoy all of the beauty of natural stone while minimizing their costs and installation efforts. Even though this is a viable and budget-friendly solution to construction needs, [...]

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Thin Stone Veneer in NJ: The Best Prices & Fast Delivery

Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a home, wall, fireplace or other structure that has been constructed with natural stone. Working with natural stone can be costly and, depending on the project, the weight of the materials can sometimes even limit what you're able to accomplish. It's because of this that many people choose to use [...]

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The Best Stone Veneer Prices in NJ

The installation of stone veneer has become a very popular option for homeowners looking to dress up the appearance of their homes. Stone veneers can provide your home with an unmatched beauty that can blend with nearly any landscape. In fact, stone veneer has grown in popularity in NJ in recent years because of its [...]

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The Best Thin Stone Veneer Prices in NJ

Many NJ homeowners have found that they love the look and feel that thin stone veneer provides to their homes. As you begin evaluating your options in relation to your supplier, contractor and prices there are a few things you need to consider. Once you have decided to go with thin stone veneer to upgrade [...]

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Where Can I Find Stone Veneer For Sale in NJ?

Thin stone veneer has become a very popular alternative to full stone veneer throughout New Jersey. If you are considering thin stone veneer for your home, you should consider visiting Braen Supply. As the largest stone veneer supplier in NJ, we have a wide variety of veneer available at some of the best prices in [...]

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How Much Does Stone Veneer Cost in NJ?

As you travel through NJ you are bound to see many homes and businesses with stone veneer exteriors. It is a trend that is continuing to rise locally and nationwide as it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any landscape. The appearance of the stone will grab the eye of nearly all passersby, [...]

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