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Nu-Stone Thin Veneers

Nu-Stone Thin Veneers for Sale: Delivery & Pickup in NJ & NY

Nu Stone for Sale in NJ and NYBraen Supply is proudly recognized as a leading supplier of Nu-Stone thin veneers throughout New Jersey. As an approved dealer for this extensive line of all natural stone veneer products, we’re happy to guarantee the highest quality materials to our customers at affordable prices.

As a family owned and operated business right here in the northeast, Nu-Stone puts its focus on quality and consistency.

Nu-Stone primarily offers 100% natural granite and gneiss stone materials cut to precision with thin veneer saws for both interior and exterior applications.

The large variety of colors, patterns, textures, shapes and styles makes it possible to get creative with your designs and complete the project of your dreams, whether at home or at your place of business.

Nu-Stone Thin Veneers for Sale in NJ

Nu Stone Thin Veneer in NJFor many property owners, the idea of utilizing natural stone both inside and outside is an attractive prospect.

Depending on the look of the stone, it’s easy to create impressive, elegant, old-world, rustic or modern structures that convey a sense of unique personality.

Unfortunately, the weight of stone can create problems in terms of construction restrictions and cost. Nu-Stone works to cut stone into a thin veneer that weights only approximately 15 lbs.

At this weight the veneer doesn’t require a footing, making it much more versatile and able to be used for a wide range of different applications. But just because Nu-Stone offers veneers doesn’t mean that these are man-made, artificial products. Instead, the veneer is cut from 100% all natural granite and gneiss.

As such, the use of Nu-Stone veneers is eco-friendly, enabling users to feel environmentally responsible while enjoying a stunning, durable and one-of-a-kind stone.

No two stones are exactly alike, creating gorgeous textures, color patterns and shapes. Nu-Stone thin veneers are made from a number of different types of stone, making it easy for you to find a color and style family that fits your needs.

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Using Nu-Stone Products Indoors

Nu Stone Veneer Fireplace in NJThe natural stone veneers cut by Nu-Stone can be used to add beauty and intrigue to the interior of homes, businesses and other institutions.

In most cases, people choose to use these spectacular veneers to create gorgeous fireplaces, chimneys and hearths. Rounded, mosaic-style, square and rectangular stones are available to enable you to create magnificent patterns that suit your individual tastes and sense of style.

The colors and textures available make it simple to construct a fireplace unit that will act as the focal point of your room, and a warm and inviting place for you and your loved ones to gather. You might also consider using these veneers to add interest to interior walls, or to add charm to wine cellars.

Using Nu-Stone Products Outdoors

Nu Stone Veneer House in NJFor obvious reasons, natural stone veneers look and function incredibly outdoors. After all, this is where the granite and gneiss originated.

Many people like to apply Nu-Stone thin veneers to the exterior of their homes and places of business, as the materials stand out against other sidings and construction materials and can create a certain atmosphere.

In addition, natural stone is able to withstand the elements, and won’t fade, crack or chip over time. This makes for a long-lasting and very cost-efficient building material. Beyond this, however, Nu-Stone veneers are beautiful and practical in other applications as well.

You might choose to construct impressive columns or pillars that are faced with these spectacular stones, or to add visual interest and appeal to retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces and other similar landscaping features. The possibilities are endless.

Choosing the Right Nu-Stone Products

Nu Stone Veneer Sea Wall in NJBecause all Nu-Stone materials are extremely versatile and are able to be used for a wide range of projects, you’ll generally have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to selecting the stone that you would like to use.

What it will mainly come down to is the look and feel that you get from the stone, and how you think it will work within the scope of your property.

To do this, consider the color palette that you wish to work with. Nu-Stone offers stone materials in shades of brown, tan, yellow, gray, blue-gray and more. You’ll also need to think about the shape, texture and design that you would like your completed project to have.

All of these factors will help you to complete a project that will look incredible while complementing and enhancing the remainder of your property in the many years to come.

The Best Nu-Stone Prices in NJ

Nu-Stone for Sale in NJBraen Supply is known throughout NJ and NY for offering the fairest rates on Nu-Stone products.

We’re passionate about connecting customers with Nu-Stone materials that will suit their every need and whim without breaking their budgets.

Our stone specialists are knowledgeable about the various types of stone veneer crafted by Nu-Stone, and will happily provide you with advice about which products are ideal for specific undertakings.

Nu-Stone Thin Veneer Delivery in NJ, NY, PA & CT

Pink Stones for Sale in NJ & NYNu-Stone thin veneer is available for bulk delivery to homeowners, cities, contractors, townships, schools, religious establishments and universities. Our drivers are experienced and will do their best to accommodate your delivery requests.

Headquartered in northern New Jersey, our core delivery area for Nu-stone thin veneer is Bergen County, Passaic County, Morris County, Essex County and Sussex County.

Depending on the quantity, we deliver Nu-Stone thin veneer to all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York.

Our core delivery area for Nu-Stone thin veneer in New York includes NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Harlem, The Bronx, and Long Island.

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Nu-Stone Thin Veneers Pickup & Delivery Information


  • Pickup: Pickup is only available at Wanaque in small boxes (10 sq. ft.). Any other amount must be delivered.
  • Delivery: Delivery is only available at the Wanaque location.


  • Pickup: Pickup is only available out of the Wanaque location.
  • Delivery: Delivery is only available out of the Wanaque location.

Important Notes

  • Veneers are for sale out of the Wanaque location only.
  • Please call for special request or before/after hours pickup or delivery services.

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