Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab Review

When it comes to landscaping upgrades, there are few manufacturers that offer more material variety than Belgard.

At Braen Supply, we receive many inquiries about the various products available for paving outdoor surfaces, and the materials from Belgard’s ‘Natural Collection’ tend to be among the most popular.

Recently, Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs have been gaining a lot of notice. To better acquaint our customers with these particular paving products, we’ve put together this comprehensive review of Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs.

Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab Uses

Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs tend to be quite versatile and can be used for several distinct functions including:

  • Patios – Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs are ideally suited for patio installations. The material not only offers aesthetic value but it is also easy to install and maintain, is able to withstand exposure to the elements and when properly cared for does not stain or scratch easily.
  • Walkways – It’s easy to create a visually interesting and unique front walkway or garden path with Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs. The slabs are simple to install, comfortable to walk upon and will continue to look and function beautifully in all types of weather.
  • Pool Decks – These particular Belgard slabs look absolutely stunning when situated around a swimming pool. The colors are able to really “pop” in the reflection of the water. These slabs are manufactured to offer traction when wet, and they do not retain heat which provides comfortable conditions for bare feet.

Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab Appearance

For those who delight in the organic look and feel of Belgard’s ‘Natural Collection’, Lafitt rustic slabs will not disappoint. These stunning units are painstakingly crafted and engineered to offer the natural appearance of slate.

This is achieved through the cut, texture and coloration of each slab. The slabs come in 3 different shapes so that users can enjoy flexibility in their design layouts. Various patterns are also suggested to help homeowners select a layout that speaks to their desires. Enjoy several different color options including Bella, Montecito, Toscana and Victorian.

Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab Durability

Once installed, you can count on the fact that Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs will continue to look and function as intended. The materials are held to the highest production standards, and each slab is specifically designed to withstand heavy usage and exposure to the elements.

You’ll find that these materials don’t easily scratch, chip or crack. At the same time, you’ll enjoy the fact that the color won’t fade after prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Finally, you will appreciate the convenience of being able to safely use ice melt and other seasonal products on your Belgard slabs.

Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab Ease of Installation

Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs are very easy to install. Although the specific size and scope of your project will impact the process, you can expect a speedy and affordable installation. You will also enjoy the fact that Belgard provides users like yourself with simple instructions for laying out and installing the stones in various patterns. This is very convenient both for DIY and professional installations.

Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab Prices

When compared to similar products on the market, Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs are extremely cost-efficient and budget-friendly. Homeowners like yourself are able to enjoy the rustic appearance of natural stone without having to pay full price for the materials. In addition to enabling users to save money on the initial materials and installation costs, you can also rest assured that the slabs are manufactured with skill and precision so that you’ll get a huge return on your investment in the long run.

The Verdict

Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs offer homeowners an affordable means of upgrading their landscapes with a naturally beautiful product. The slab units can be purposed in a variety of different ways throughout the property, and it’s easy to customize your project to your individual sense of style for a hardscape that is truly your own.

Where to Buy Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slabs in NJ

Braen Supply is the leading supplier of Belgard products, including Lafitt rustic slabs, throughout NJ. Because we are an authorized Belgard dealer, we’re able to stay on top of all of the latest product offerings and information.

This means that our team is knowledgeable and qualified to answer all of your questions about choosing and working with these materials. We can also help to connect you with contractors who are familiar with Belgard products.

Our Belgard Lafitt rustic slabs are available at the most competitive prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT. Our artisans travel the world to curate the most beautiful stone pieces nature has to offer. Sculptors carve these stones to create the perfect shadows, enhancing the beauty of the stone’s textures.

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