The Perfect NJ Projects for Borealis Slabs

If you haven’t yet seen Techo-Bloc’s Borealis Slab, it’s about time that you did. For years, Techo-Bloc has built a solid reputation for itself around constructing high quality and affordable concrete pavers and slabs that look exactly like natural stone.

Now they’re shaking things up by offering a line of stunning slabs that will have you fully convinced that you’re looking at natural hardwood: the Borealis Slab Collection.

A Closer Look at Borealis Slabs in NJ

Everyone loves the look of a hardwood flooring. It’s simplistic, sleek, naturalistic and absolutely beautiful.

The only problem is that working with real wood is simply not affordable or practical for everyone. Hardwood can be quite pricey, and when it comes to outdoor living spaces, it can create serious headaches for homeowners.

This is especially true in NJ and the northeast where we are subject to snow and ice during the winter, rain during the warmer months, humidity throughout the spring and summer and the salty ocean air all year long. All of these factors can cause natural hardwood to become discolored, rotted, or warped, resulting in the need for costly repairs.

Before you give up on the idea of creating a “hardwood floor” for your outdoor living space, though, we urge you to take a look at Borealis Slabs. Techo-Bloc has outdone themselves again by developing a fabulous line of concrete slabs that are identical to the real thing.

Each slab features the lines, “knots” and texturing that are hallmarks of hardwood flooring, and the slabs are available in three different shades of brown to resemble the type of wood you would find in nature.

It’s next to impossible to visually detect the difference between the concrete slabs and a piece of wood chopped down from the forest. It’s truly amazing! Of course, because the slabs are made from concrete, they’re much more affordable than naturally produced and treated hardwood.

They’re also a heck of alot easier to take care of, and they won’t have any problem holding their own when subject to a beating from the elements. The end result is a hardwood floor for your outdoor living areas that you can count on in the many years ahead.

Uses for Borealis Slabs in NJ

Knowing how beautiful and fantastic Borealis Slabs actually are, you’re probably feeling excited about the prospect of working with these incredible concrete slabs.

Before diving in, though, you may need a bit of inspiration to determine how the slabs can best be incorporated into your NJ landscape or hardscape. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use Borealis Slabs in NJ:

Outdoor Living Rooms

When the weather is beautiful, there’s no place that you and your loved ones would rather be than outdoors. Having a warm, cozy and inviting outdoor living space is the key to being able to maximize your time in your backyard.

Borealis Slabs create the perfect foundation for an outdoor living room where you and your family can relax and create beautiful memories. The naturalistic appearance of the planks will look fabulous in an outdoor setting while also creating the same welcoming environment as an indoor living space.

Because the slabs are tough and durable, they won’t be scuffed or damaged by high volumes of foot traffic and regular usage.

Swimming Pool Decks

Add a bit of glamour to your backyard swimming pool by constructing a gorgeous and practical pool deck with Borealis Slabs. The hardwood look of the slabs will introduce a country club vibe to your own private swimming pool and will instantly make you feel so much more luxurious and sophisticated when swimming laps on a hot, summer day.

In addition to looking fabulous, the concrete slabs will remain cool and comfortable for bare feet even when exposed to direct sunlight all day. The texturing of the slabs will also help to provide traction when the surface becomes wet, offering an increased level of safety to swimmers walking around the side of the pool.

Hot Tub Surrounds

In the same vein, many NJ homeowners have fallen in love with the idea of creating a spa or resort-like environment right in their own backyard by surrounding their hot tubs, jacuzzis and/or saunas with upscale, sophisticated Borealis Slabs.

The hardwood look will take any hot tub from ordinary to extraordinary, allowing you and your guests to relax better than ever before. And because the “wood” is made from concrete, it won’t become warped or discolored after prolonged exposure to the hot steam. Instead, it will raise property value and meet your needs for many years.

Outdoor Cooking and Dining Areas

If you enjoy preparing and sharing meals outside on a beautiful spring, summer, or fall day, you should absolutely consider creating an outdoor kitchen and/or dining room floor with Borealis Slabs.

The “hardwood” looks spectacular with outdoor cooking appliances, providing a modern and chic appearance while still offering a country kitchen or romantic storybook vibe. The slabs don’t stain easily and will remain cool and comfortable even when your barbecue, pizza oven and fireplace are all going at once.

You’ll also notice that the Borealis Slabs won’t easily become scuffed or scratched with the regular movement of patio furniture, so you can enjoy the beauty of the space both now and with future generations.

Garden Patios

Add a little bit of magic and rustic charm to your garden terrace or patio by establishing a smooth, sleek, naturalistic floor with Borealis Slabs. The gorgeous slabs create a cozy and relaxing place for you to enjoy your gardens, and the soft, neutral tones will allow the vibrate colors from your flowers, vegetables, and other plant life to really “pop.”

This will quickly become your new favorite place in your backyard. Best of all, you won’t have to spend much time at all on maintenance. Simply sweeping dust, dirt and debris away from the surface of the slabs on a regular basis will keep it looking fabulous.

Where to Buy Borealis Slabs in NJ

NJ homeowners know that they can trust Braen Supply with all of their Borealis Slab needs. Because we are authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we always have access to a full inventory of Borealis Slabs in all available colors, and we are able to offer the lowest and most competitive prices to our customers.

We’re passionate about the Techo-Bloc products that we sell and can provide you with awesome tips and advice on how to install Borealis Slabs and take care of them in the years ahead.

Talk to one of our experts today to learn about how you can pick up Borealis Slabs from our location or have them bulk delivered throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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