How Much Do Borealis Slabs Cost?

You’ve heard of manufactured “stone”, but have you heard of manufactured “hardwood”? In recent years, a growing number of NJ homeowners have come to recognize the value of working with slabs and pavers that have been carefully produced from concrete and porcelain in order to emulate natural stone at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Now they’re even beginning to fall in love with the latest and greatest trend: concrete slabs that look exactly like wood planks. The effect is truly incredible.

Borealis Slabs At-A-Glance

At first glance, second glance and even 1000th glance, Borealis Slabs by Techo-Bloc appear to be 100% natural hardwood planks. With these slabs, homeowners are able to achieve the warmth and sophistication of true wood decking without the costs and frustrations associated with caring for the real thing.

No more staining, rotting, or warping – just incredible, vibrant beauty that will continue to look incredible throughout the years, regardless of what Mother Nature throws its way. If you, like many other NJ residents, have fallen in love with the breathtaking elegance of Borealis Slabs, you’re probably eager to get started with your next project.

Before you can get going, though, you need to create a budget, and that means determining Borealis Slabs cost. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about figuring out Borealis Slabs cost so that you can turn your dreams into a reality right away.

Factors Impacting Borealis Slabs Cost

Like all landscaping and hardscaping products, there are specific factors that play a role in determining Borealis Slabs cost. The most prevalent of these include:


Never underestimate the importance of choosing the best supplier when trying to get the fairest prices on Borealis Slabs and other hardscaping products. The only way that a dealer can give you the best deal on these incredible slabs is to be named an authorized dealer of Techo-Bloc products.

Techo-Bloc only authorizes those dealers who have demonstrated a true passion and knowledge for their products, and once a dealer is authorized, they are given access to the full inventory of Techo-Bloc products at the lowest prices possible.

If a company is trying to sell Techo-Bloc products at rates that are significantly above or below market rates, you should be concerned that something is wrong.

Extremely cheap materials may be a cheap knockoff that will not meet your needs, and overpriced products are probably coming from an unauthorized dealer who has purchased the materials from another supplier and is trying to resell them at inflated prices. Always ask for proof that your supplier is, in fact, an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer.


It’s always best to find an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer that is located in your region. Fortunately for NJ homeowners, there’s absolutely no reason to go looking for suppliers online who are headquartered on the other side of the country.

There is an honest, reliable and Techo-Bloc authorized dealership right here in the Garden State! This will save you from the hassle of spending more money on shipping and delivery, and will prevent you from having to wait for product samples and delivery.

Project Size and Scope

For obvious reasons, the overall size and scope of your upcoming project will play a significant role in your final Borealis Slabs cost.

A large and sprawling swimming pool deck will demand more material and labor than a small garden patio, so you’ll need to perform careful calculations to set your budget, and plan on putting more money aside for project completion.

Complex patterns, layouts and designs, too, will require more effort and labor, so be prepared to invest more in projects like these.

Additional Materials

Don’t be deceived into believing that your Borealis Slabs cost will be the only expenses you have with your project. In order to install these slabs, you’ll also need to purchase other construction and hardscaping materials to create a stable base for the slabs.

These will likely involve buying and working with crushed stone or gravel and sand. Don’t forget to account for these costs when setting your budget.


Are you planning on installing your Borealis Slab patio or deck on your own, or are you more comfortable with the idea of hiring a professional to get the job done for you?

Unless you’re experienced and adept at handling DIY-type projects, we recommend the latter. This means that you’ll need to plan on putting some money into paying a reliable, local contractor who is familiar with working with Techo-Bloc products.


Those who don’t have the means to transport their Borealis Slabs from the supplier’s location to their homes will need to work with a bulk delivery service.

To keep your costs at a minimum while protecting your investment, we recommend seeking out a Borealis Slabs supplier that can also offer low-cost or no-cost delivery to your job site.

Tips for Calculating Borealis Slabs Cost

Now that we have a better understanding of what goes into determining how much a project involving Borealis Slabs might cost, we’re ready to explore some tips and ideas for creating and sticking to a budget. Here’s a bit of our expert advice:

Use Design Software Tools

Before getting started with your project, we recommend making use of online software design tools in order to figure out how large or small your project area should be.

This will prevent you from ending up with a space that’s too large (resulting in wasted money on materials as well as future costs associated with ripping up some of the slabs) or a space that’s too small (resulting in the need to add on to the project area down the line).

You’ll have the least stress and financial hang ups when you spend time on the design planning process before breaking ground.

Use a Materials Calculator

When it comes to budgeting for crushed stone/gravel and sand, it’s always a good idea to make use of a reliable, online materials calculator to ensure that you know exactly how much material you should plan on purchasing.

When In Doubt, Ask For Help

There’s no reason to do it alone. Industry experts are more than qualified to help you create an accurate budget for your project with Borealis Slabs.

And if you’re really not sure if you can handle the work on your own, don’t try to install the slabs solo. Making a mistake could create significant repair costs for you down the line, so if there’s any doubt, hiring an expert will save you tenfold.

The Best Borealis Slabs Dealer in NJ

For the lowest and fairest Borealis Slabs cost, look no further than Braen Supply. We are authorized Techo-Bloc dealers and work hard to help our customers find the perfect slabs for their project needs and to stick to a budget that they can afford.

We’re more than happy to answer all of your product questions, to provide you with installation and maintenance tips, and to connect you with the best contractors around. Our Borealis Slabs can be picked up or bulk delivered to job sites throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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