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Brownstone Pavers: Delivery and Pickup in NJ, NY, PA & CT

When you hear the word “brownstone”, you probably first think of the popular veneer material that has been frequently used on buildings throughout the northeast, but it is actually a lot more versatile than that. In fact, a growing number of homeowners are discovering that brownstone is an excellent option for surfacing patio and other outdoor living areas.

This particular type of sandstone is characterized by its stunning reddish brown coloration that is able to stand out on its own while also highlighting other architectural and landscaping features. Dimensionally cut brownstone patio pavers are also richly textured and can completely transform the look of your property.

The Value of Dimensionally Cut Brownstone Pavers

You may find yourself wondering why you should choose brownstone as a patio paving material when it is so frequently associated with building construction. Those who choose to work with brownstone pavers enjoy benefits such as:

  • Rich Colors – People are immediately drawn to the spectacular brown and red hues of brownstone. The colors are rich and vibrant without being “loud” or distracting. You’ll feel soothed and at ease as you enjoy the lovely flagstone pavers and will be pleased with how well the tones work with other colors that may be sprinkled throughout your property. Because the palette is so neutral it’s able to compliment a wide range of different types of decorative stone and architectural features while also resonating well within the scope of nature.
  • Design Adaptability – When it comes to setting the tone or creating a theme for your landscape, brownstone pavers can act as a chameleon. The stone materials have an understated elegance and air of sophistication about them while also having a natural and organic vibe about them. As a result, nearly anyone can make brownstone pavers work for their property. Even if your style preferences change in the future, the stone will easily adapt to any updates you make to the landscape.
  • Freedom of Layout – Working with dimensionally cut brownstone pavers can be a lot of fun in terms of coming up with a beautiful layout that speaks to your tastes and personality. Although some people may prefer to keep things simple and basic by working with pavers of the same size and shape throughout the patio area, you will also have the freedom to try out different shapes, sizes and dimensions, or even alternate the orientation of each paver. This gives you the creative license to come up with a design that’s completely your own.
  • Durability – Brownstone pavers are very tough and durable, making them ideally suited for surfacing areas prone to heavy traffic and exposure to the elements. The stone materials will not easily chip or scratch even when used frequently for entertaining and similar purposes. The pavers also have a natural resistance to fading or other damages as a result of exposure to the sun’s UV rays or fluctuations in the temperature.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Homeowners who choose to install patios paved with brownstone all tend to agree that the investment was well worth it. Not only is brownstone an affordable hardscaping material to begin with, but it also is able to serve your needs for many years. You can count on the fact that your patio will still look and function as perfectly as the day it was installed.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Another amazing thing about brownstone pavers is that they require minimal maintenance after they have been installed – especially if they have been properly seal coated. This will ensure that the stone is not only impervious to the elements, but that it will not become stained or discolored after a spill. Beyond this, it’s a good idea to regularly sweep the surface of the patio and to hose down the area on occasion, as needed.

Uses for Dimensionally Cut Brownstone Pavers

As you begin to make plans for revamping your landscape or hardscape, you’ll find that there are many ways that you can utilize brownstone pavers. Some of the most popular uses for this particular material include:

  • Patios – When you invite your family and friends to spend time with you on your patio, you want to be sure that you’ve created a welcoming and relaxing environment. Brownstone pavers are great because the colors are so soothing and tranquil, leaving everyone feeling at home. You’ll also find that when brownstone is properly installed and cared for, it won’t easily scuff or scratch as your guests frequently walk or move chairs across the surface.
  • Outdoor Kitchens – Outdoor kitchens are all the rage, and brownstone has become a popular choice for creating a “floor”. Homeowners desire to create a kitchen area that looks and functions beautifully within the scope of their existing landscape – both natural and manmade elements. Brownstone’s earthy tones look beautiful when paired with other stones throughout the kitchen and will also tie the kitchen together with flowers, gardens and other plant life. The material is resistant to heat, keeping you comfortable as you prepare hot meals, and when properly sealed, spills will not damage the appearance of the stone.
  • Pool Decks – Dimensionally cut brownstone is an incredibly gorgeous material to use around swimming pool areas. The colors create a beach-like or desert vibe around the sparkling waters and will add to the beauty of your landscape. In addition to this, brownstone is also safe for swimmers. The surface of the pavers will remain cool when exposed to heat, protecting feet from becoming overly hot or burned, and the texture of the materials will improve traction.
  • Fire Pits – There’s nothing quite like gathering with loved ones around a blazing fire on a pleasant summer evening. For safety, fire pits should be surrounded with non-combustible materials like natural stone. Brownstone is a great choice because it will enhance the splendor of the flames while also repelling heat and keeping users comfortable.
  • Front Courtyards – Brownstone tends to be revered as a very classic or traditional building material. The charm and appeal of the stone pavers can help you to establish an inviting front courtyard that will dazzle and impress your guests.
  • Garden Terrace – Having a stone patio terrace from which to enjoy your gardens is a wonderful thing. It’s important, though, that the materials used do not detract from nature. Brownstone’s organic hues work to compliment their surroundings rather than distract.

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Brownstone Paver Prices

Having the ability to map out your budget for your brownstone patio is crucial. Although there are no “black and white” numbers that may apply to how much you can expect to spend throughout the installation process, there are several factors that you can consider as you create an estimate, like:

  • Patio Size – It should go without saying that the larger your patio or other outdoor living space will be, the more brownstone pavers you will need to complete the project. In order to accurately plan for your budget, it’s a good idea to measure out the project area carefully and then discuss the volume of materials that will be required with an industry expert. If you’re planning on a circular or otherwise irregularly shaped patio, you may need to have a professional help you to calculate the total coverage area.
  • Paver Shape and Dimensions – Some homeowners enjoy patios with pavers that have been cut to a unique shape, size or dimension. If you need the stone supplier to cut the brownstone to your specifications, it may cost more than standard units.
  • Labor – Unless you have experience in patio installations, you’ll be best served by hiring a contractor to complete the work for you. To ensure that you get the very most out of your patio, you need to find a contracting company with a solid reputation for quality installations, that is familiar with working with brownstone and that will charge you fairly for man hours. To make sure that you get the best deal, be sure to obtain estimates from several different prospects.
  • Supplier – The cost of brownstone pavers can vary based upon the supplier that you work with. Many people turn to a national chain store to purchase their pavers, but this can actually end up costing you a lot more than what the stone is truly worth. By shopping around you’ll quickly see that direct stone suppliers in your local area will offer you the fairest and most competitive rates on brownstone.

Dimensionally Cut Brownstone Pavers for Sale in NJ

Brownstone-for-Sale-in-NJ-and-NY2Anyone who feels that brownstone might be the ideal solution for their patio paving needs should get in touch with the experts here at Braen Supply. After decades in the industry we are familiar with the ins and outs of the material and are happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

You’ll find that we only offer the highest quality brownstone pavers at the lowest and most competitive rates throughout NJ, NY and PA. Speak to one of our stone specialists today to discuss your desires and to start constructing your dream patio on a budget you can afford.

Brownstone Pavers Delivery in NJ, NY, PA & CT

Hearths for Sale in NJ & NYBrownstone pavers are available for bulk delivery to homeowners, cities, contractors, townships, schools, religious establishments and universities. Our drivers are experienced and will do their best to accommodate your delivery requests.

Headquartered in northern New Jersey, our core delivery area for dimensionally cut Brownstone pavers is Bergen County, Passaic County, Morris County, Essex County and Sussex County.

Depending on the quantity, we sell dimensionally cut Brownstone pavers to all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York.

Our core delivery area for Brownstone pavers in New York includes NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Harlem, The Bronx, and Long Island.

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  • Pickup: Pickup is available only out of the Wanaque location.
  • Delivery: Delivery is available only at the Wanaque location.


  • Pickup: Pickup is available only at the Wanaque location.
  • Delivery: Delivery is available only at the Wanaque location.

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