Where to Buy Bulk Rock Salt by the Ton in NJ

Bulk Rock Salt and Ice Melt Northern NJ Bulk DeliveryWith winter here in full force in northern New Jersey, it’s not uncommon to continually battle snow and ice. The best products to use for this task is rock salt and calcium chloride. It is often imperative that you buy large amounts of ice and snow melt product.

How Much Rock Salt Do I Need?

Let’s take a quick look at how much rock salt is actually needed to melt ice and snow. Northern New Jersey generally has about 10 significant snow storms per year with an average snowfall of 25″. The state does have snow falls that exceed these averages at times though.

In a residential setting, a house with a driveway, sidewalks, steps and other areas such as patios, could have up to 2,000 square feet of surface that ice and snow will need to be removed from. For each snow storm that hits, you will need around 120 lbs. of rock salt. Over the course of the winter that could add up to more than half a ton.

At commercial properties and larger homes the numbers are much greater. If an area of 1 acre needs to be taken care of, a little more than 2,600 lbs. of rock salt will be needed per snowstorm. In a typical winter season this could add up to 13 tons of removal product!

Buy Rock Salt From a Rock Salt Supplier

As you can see from the examples above the amount of rock salt you might need to remove ice and snow can easily run into the tons. You need a good and dependable supplier to ensure you stay stocked rock salt. In New Jersey that rock salt supplier is Braen Supply.

Braen has been in business for more than 100 years, which includes five generations of the Braen family.

Buy Rock Salt By the Ton

If you need to buy rock salt by the ton Braen is your supplier. Braen Supply has a wide-range of ice and snow melt products, including pet and environmentally friendly varieties, that will surely meet your needs.

Most of Braen’s rock salt comes in 50 pound bags with 49 or 56 bags per pallet. One pallet provides more than a ton of material. An entire truckload contains 16 pallets which will give you anywhere from round 20 to 22 tons of rock salt. Braen also have rock salt available in bulk.

The product is available for pick up or bulk delivery. Depending on the quantity, product delivery is available in all of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York.

Bulk Rock Salt in New Jersey

You will eventually need rock salt in New Jersey for ice and snow removal, whether for residential or commercial application. Large amounts will usually be needed, often multiple tons. Buy rock salt from Braen Supply, a dependable source with many excellent snow and ice melt products stocked in large quantities.

It can get messy during the winter in northern NJ. Be ready with plenty of rock salt to keep ice and snow at bay. Braen can keep you supplied, even if you need it by the ton!