Where Can I Buy NDS Drains in New Jersey?

Photo is Courtesy of NDS

If you’re looking for a reliable drainage system to maintain the look of your landscape, there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of NDS. As the nation’s primary source for storm water management solutions, NDS offers a wide range of high-quality products that can work for the various needs of property owners and contractors alike.

In order to help you determine which NDS drains are appropriate for your upcoming project, here’s an inside look at the different products that are available, what they do and where you can buy them.

NDS Drains: A Breakdown

Everyone has their own unique drainage needs, and as such, NDS has created several excellent solutions including:

EZflow Drains and EZdrain Drains

Among the most popular of NDS drains on the market, EZflow and Ezdrain solutions serve as a sustainable and gravel-free alternative to traditional French drain systems. A Poly-Rock aggregate bead which is generated from 100 percent recycled resins is utilized. A 10-foot slotted pipe is surrounded by the aggregate material and enclosed in a geotextile mesh.

What is truly unique about these systems is that the Poly-Rock is engineered with flow channels that work to increase void space. Ultimately, this speeds up water flow rates which allows for greater storage capacity. It also improves structural integrity against compaction. Since no gravel is required for installation, the labor costs and installation time are significantly reduced.

While both EZflow and EZdrain have similar flow rates, EZdrain is available in smaller diameter bundles. Both systems can be utilized to divert water away from a structure, to eliminate excess water from low points and high-saturation zones, to prevent an excess of water buildup in and around landscape areas and to collect and store roof run-off until it can be percolated back into the soil.

Flo-Well Systems

Flo-Well is a manufactured dry well system that is utilized for the collection, retention and on-site discharge of stormwater. Every unit is capable of holding up to 50 gallons of stormwater.

Flo-Well can be utilized independently or as a member of a larger storm water management system, offering users a gravel-free alternative to traditional dry well systems. These NDS drains, which are made completely of recycled materials are capable of holding far more water than pea gravel dry wells.

Trench and Channel Drains

Ideal for hardscapes, the NDS trench and channel drain systems work to offer users a tough, long-lasting solution for perimeter drainage in a wide range of applications. Traditionally, hardscapes experience more runoff than landscapes because there is inadequate water absorption. Trench and channel drains can drain areas around pools, spas, patio spaces and tennis courts/athletic fields, and are able to withstand loads from light foot traffic to heavier vehicular traffic.

Catch Basins and Grates

The NDS catch basins and grates collect surface water and protect the system from debris via a sump area. This prevents any pipeline clogging, and the grates can be matched to a specific property surface as they are available in numerous colors and in various shapes and sizes.

Pop-Up Emitters

These recycled emitters serve as the discharge point of the drain system. The spring-loaded caps open seamlessly and automatically to promote the free flow of runoff away from the pipe, then closing as flow diminishes.

Where to Buy NDS Drains

As an industry leader in providing excellent drainage solutions, Braen Supply is the place to go when you want to buy NDS drains at fair and competitive prices. Braen Supply offers a full range of NDS products that can be purchased at two convenient NJ locations.

When you need quality drainage systems, NDS is the smartest choice.