How Much Do Cambridge Pavingstones Cost?

Cambridge Pavingstones CostWhen many homeowners think of paving stones they instantly think of Cambridge®. They are known for their commercials and jingles that stick in our heads. As that is the first thing to come to mind many people wonder just how much Cambridge® Pavingstones cost.

In recent years home improvement has become more of an artistic undertaking than just replacing worn or broken items.

Cambridge® Pavingstones offer a creative and enduring alternative for the look of your driveway, patio, sidewalk, pool area, retaining wall or outdoor kitchen.

It’s important to understand what Cambridge® Pavingstones are and why they’re so popular before breaking down how much they cost.

How They are Manufactured

Cambridge® pavers are manufactured with a smooth nonporous surface, which is made of extra dense concrete. The upper 3/8” of these pavers have a high concentration of color.

They are then sealed with skid resistant Armortec coating, which helps the pavers maintain their color and resist weathering and wear. This built-in skid resistance is what makes them ideal for pool areas.

The Benefits of Using Cambridge® Pavingstones

The nonporous surface of Cambridge® Pavingstones keep water from permeating them. In addition their tightly interlocking method of installation makes them less likely to crack and helps to inhibit weed growth.

If they do crack you can easily replace only the broken pieces, leaving the rest of the area in tact.

Cambridge® Pavingstones are virtually maintenance free and unlike other types of pavers they don’t usually lose their color. Cambridge® pavers are becoming a more popular option for a multitude of reasons, which includes their longevity.

The Popularity of Cambridge Pavingstones

Cambridge® has become the go-to paver for many people. They love the variety of available style options and their ability to look new for years after installation.

Their long lasting beauty makes them a favorite of those who decide to use them, including both homeowners and contractors.

The Cost of Cambridge® Pavingstones

Although the initial investment may be slightly greater than that of other paving options, Cambridge® pavers maintain their beauty as well as their durability. With their enhanced durability they will outlast poured concrete or clay bricks, making them very cost effective.

When installing Cambridge® pavers it is not necessary to remove existing pavement. Avoiding the removal of the existing pavement will save you both time and money, leading to an installation that you can enjoy much more quickly.

As with many home improvement projects, hiring a contractor will cost more than doing it yourself.

This is mainly because labor is the most expensive aspect of the project. If you are an apt do-it-yourself homeowner you will need to invest a significant amount of time into this project, however you will save money on labor costs.

Whether you are using a contractor or installing Cambridge® pavers yourself, you need to find a great supplier.

The team at Braen Supply has been helping homeowners and contractors for more than a decade with their paver projects. Our team is excited to meet with you to discuss your project plans and the next steps.

In addition to the supplier you choose and how you choose to install the pavers, there are a few additional costs you need to consider.

Depending on which style of Cambridge pavers you choose, the cost will vary. Understandably, choosing to use a design with multiple different patterns or colors will lead to increased costs when compared with staying with one type of paver.

Cambridge® Pavingstones in NJ

Being the largest supplier of Cambridge® pavers in NJ allows Braen Supply to offer the best prices in the Tri-state Area. Our team has worked on thousands of projects over the years and we want to help see your project come to life.

We’ll treat your project as if it was our own, meaning we’ll answer all of the questions you may have and we’ll provide as much advice as we can. Speak with a Braen Supply specialist today to discuss your upcoming Cambridge® Pavingstone project.

This photo is an original and is courtesy of Cambridge® Pavingstones.