Cheap Rock Salt Prices in NJ: Delivery Available

Cheap Rock Salt Prices NJ Delivery

The throes of winter are upon northern New Jersey. This means that you probably have already dealt with and will continue to have to deal with ice and snow. Removing ice and snow from your home or commercial property is vital for safe and secure movement of family members and customers.

Chances are you need a lot of rock salt to help you out in the task. If you do need large amounts of the product you need to find cheap rock salt prices. It’s no use to spend too much when it comes to a product that will surely be needed during the winter months.

Cheap Rock Salt Prices

In Bergen, Passaic and the surrounding counties, the best prices for rock salt can be found at Braen Supply. Braen is a dependable supplier of many ice and snow melt products as they have been in business for over 100 years, five generations of family members.

Many Suppliers Bump Up the Price, Not Braen

One of the biggest factors in buying rock salt or calcium chloride is its price. Many suppliers carry the same brands, but many suppliers look at rock salt as a seasonal product and jack up the price in at attempt to make more profit.

Not Braen! They provide many different rock salt products, even pet and environmentally friendly ones, that are priced as low as possible. The company believes in public safety and does all it can to help keep rock salt prices low for everyone. Wholesale prices are the norm at Braen Supply.

Cheap Rock Salt Delivery Available

If you need a large quantity of rock salt, Braen will deliver it to you. For smaller quantities pickup is available. The company is only a phone call away if you need any help with delivery or product specifications.

Cheap bulk rock salt delivery is available from Braen. Northern New Jersey is the normal delivery area for the company. This includes the following counties: Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Essex and Sussex. Depending on the quantity needed the company will deliver their products to all of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York, including the New York City area.

Cheap Rock Salt Prices – Braen is the Only Way to Go

Part of living in the northern NJ area means that the need for rock salt or ice melt is inevitable. If you need the product then it’s prudent to buy it from the best rock salt supplier around. That’s Braen Supply.

The company has the best rock salt prices on many different types of snow and ice melt products. Again, wholesale prices are the norm at Braen for rock salt.

Braen will also deliver the rock salt to you when you need it, so you’ll be ready for every winter storm.

When you need rock salt at great prices from a company that provides great product knowledge, is dependable and has been around for a long time choose Braen. Have the peace of mind in knowing your ice and snow removal products will always be there for you.

Photo is courtesy of Oregon Live.