10 Tips for Cutting Techo-Bloc in NJ

Planning on working with Techo-Bloc for an upcoming project? While Techo-Bloc makes it very easy for users to quickly and accurately lay out and install their products, certain areas of your project space could be a bit trickier than others.

When you come to the end of a row or plan to lay a radius, you may find that you’ll need to miter a few pieces. In the simplest terms, mitering involves marking and cutting your concrete interlocking pavers so that they fit correctly within the scope of your project area.

For some of our NJ customers, the idea of cutting a Techo-Bloc paver, wall stone, or other product can actually seem a bit intimidating or stressful. After all, the cut you make will significantly impact the way in which your completed job looks and functions.

Are you up to the task? After reading through these 10 expert tips on the proper cutting of Techo-Bloc materials, you should feel ready to tackle the work with confidence and ease.

1. Choose the Right Tools

Different people are comfortable with different types of tools for cutting Techo-Bloc. We’ve found that the most commonly selected means of splitting Techo-Bloc materials is to make use of a hammer and chisel.

While this particular method will require a lot more in terms of elbow grease and physical effort, it’s very affordable and provides even more inexperienced individuals with a high degree of control and precision throughout the cutting process.

Those who feel confident around power tools, on the other hand, might consider making use of a concrete or masonry saw. Unless you already have one on hand, this will require you to purchase or rent the equipment, so make sure you choose a saw that is designed for use on concrete stone, blocks, etc.

2. Have Extra Units On Hand

When you first plan the design and layout of your project area, you should have taken very careful measurements of the space. At this point in time you should also have the specs on the individual Techo-Bloc units that you’ll be using for the work.

Comparing the length and width of these concrete pieces against the measurements of your project area should give you an idea of whether or not you’ll need to cut a few blocks in order to correctly fit the space.

Anyone with layouts that will require angular pieces will also need to plan on making cuts. This type of information will help you to decide how many extra pavers, blocks, etc. you’ll need to have. In addition to this, we encourage you to order a couple extra units to allow for any mistakes or poorly made cuts.

3. Use Existing Pavers to Measure the Cut

Don’t make the mistake of trying to guess where to cut the Techo-Bloc pieces without assessing the bigger picture. We recommend that you first go about the process of laying down all of the individual units that will not need to be split, leaving empty spaces where any uniquely cut or shaped unit will need to be located.

From here, lay a blank paver or block in the empty space, and use a pencil or other utensil to mark off where the cuts will need to be located. This will ensure the best fit once the split has been completed.

4. Score to the Correct Depth

Before you can actually move forward in the process of cutting your Techo-Bloc pavers, blocks, or other units, you’ll need to go ahead and score the surface. Scoring preps the surface of the material to be cut so that it’s a lot easier for you to make any necessary cuts accurately and smoothly.

While most people know that scoring is an important step, however, we see a lot of folks go astray when they accidentally make too deep of a cut. We urge you to avoid scoring the surface of your Techo-Bloc materials any deeper than 1/4″ to avoid any problems with cutting the unit.

5. Angle Your Tool Inward

Angling your saw for your chisel towards the side of the unit that you intend on keeping will give you the smoothest cut and the most accurate fit when placing the unit in place.

6. Be Mindful of Unit Size

You want to avoid going too small with your Techo-Bloc materials. As a general rule of thumb, we advise that you avoid cutting the paver, block, or other product any smaller than 1/3 of the original unit size as this will make it much more likely that the unit will become brittle and chip or break.

7. Gradually Increase Striking (When Using a Hammer/Chisel)

This is a hand tip designed specifically for those who have elected to go the hammer and chisel route. As you strike down on the scored areas, you’ll need to go back and forth across the area multiple times, striking with increased force at every pass. The closer you get to the end, the more hollow you’ll notice the sound becomes.

8. Take It Slow

Always remember that slow and steady is the way to go. Mistakes and errors are the most likely to occur when you’re trying to rush through the work as quickly as you can. Move at a pace that you’re comfortable with and take your time – both when scoring and cutting. This will end up saving you a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

9. Safety First

Never underestimate the importance of practicing good safety when cutting your Techo-Bloc materials. Not being prepared to handle any potential safety risks could seriously compromise your physical health and, thus, your ability to complete the project successfully.

Regardless of whether you choose to use a concrete saw or a hammer and chisel, we recommend that you wear a pair of reliable safety goggles at all times. You should also consider wearing a mask to avoid inhaling dust and debris, and gloves can be worn to protect your hands.

10. When In Doubt, Ask a Pro

Perhaps after reading these expert tips, you’re still experiencing some doubts about your ability to properly split your Techo-Bloc materials.

If this is the case, we strongly urge you to seek out help from a professional. Make sure that you find a contractor or landscaping specialist that has experience in working with Techo-Bloc and will be able to get the job done right.

Working With Techo-Bloc in NJ

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