How Much Does Decorative Gravel Cost?

Decorative Gravel CostIf you’re like most other home and business owners, you want your landscape to be a reflection of who you are, both personally and professionally. When your property is well maintained and attractive, you can easily achieve these objectives. Decorative gravel and other landscaping stones make it easy to beautify your property and make yourself stand apart from the crowd.

If you’ve been giving any thought to enhancing the look of your property you’ve likely considered using decorative gravel. Decorative gravel is a popular choice for its visual appeal and overall cost.

In order for you to justify your landscaping project, you need to feel confident that it will align with your budget. Some of the most common questions are: How much does decorative gravel cost and is it worth the investment? What type or types of decorative gravel and stones should I be considering?

In order to help you turn your landscaping dreams into a reality we’ve put together this comprehensive guide that will walk you through everything from the types of decorative gravel available, to where to go to get the best possible decorative gravel price.

Types of Decorative Gravel

There is more than one type of decorative gravel for you to choose from when enhancing your property. Here are a few of the most popular stones that are used by home and business owners in New Jersey and throughout NY, PA & CT:

  • Pea gravel – Pea gravel is one of the most commonly used decorative stones. These small pea-sized rocks are very smooth and rounded and are screened down to a specific size to ensure uniformity. The texture and size of these pebbles make them very versatile and ideal for use in numerous applications, from playgrounds and walkways to a mulch replacement. The color of pea gravel will vary based upon the quarry, however pea gravel offers a wide spectrum of differing hues in natural tones.
  • Yellow round “Jersey Shore” gravel – This unique type of stone is not the gray or white color that you may expect from pea gravel. Instead, the gravel appears to be yellow or golden in color, as it is composed of stones that are yellow, tan, beige, and brown in color. Many people from the Jersey Shore and throughout the northeast enjoy this type of gravel, as it allows them to stand out from other homes and places of business. The gravel is great for driveways, paths, walkways, and more.
  • Lava rocks – Lava rocks, which have been formed from hardened and cooled volcanic magma, are extremely popular throughout the country. Typically red or black in color, these porous rocks are covered in holes and cavities that make each stone unique.
  • Mexican beach pebbles and stones – Mexican beach pebbles and stones are also a great option in terms of decorative landscaping materials. These smooth round stones come in a variety of colors and are excellent in flower beds, water gardens, water features and as edging materials.
  • Red Stone – Red rocks have become increasingly popular due to their distinct color and texture. Red stones can become an eye-drawing element that is perfect for walkways, driveways and as a mulch replacement.
  • River Rock – River rock can provide a unique perspective to your landscape as each rock is a different color and size. Like many of their decorative stone counterparts, river rock is very smooth to the touch after being rounded by rushing water after many years.
  • White Marble Chip – White marble chips can help you add a clean and distinct look to your yard as a decorative stone for your driveway, walkways and even for other parts of your landscape. It comes in both 3/8″ and 3/4″ varieties, allowing you extreme flexibility in your landscape design.
  • Other decorative stones – There are many other types of rocks and stones that can enhance the appearance of your landscape. Take the time to research and learn about some of your other options before settling on a choice. All of these options offer unique opportunities to transform your landscape.

Decorative Gravel Cost: What Impacts It?

When determining your decorative gravel cost, it’s important to understand that various factors may influence the overall price of your project. Some of these factors include:

  • Type – You should be aware that some types of decorative gravel cost more than others. This may be due to the rarity of the stone as well as the distance and freight required to bring in the product from its original quarry location.
  • Volume needed – For obvious reasons, the size of your project and the amount of gravel or stone that you actually need to complete it will affect how much your materials will cost. Edging a small flower bed with pebbles, for example, is likely to cost less than installing an entire gravel driveway.
  • Supplier – The location from which you purchase your decorative gravel and stones will also influence your expenses. When you buy from a big box retailer you will often spend a lot more than you would if you bought it directly from a supplier. This is because these retailers must first buy the stones from a supplier and they typically only offer them in bagged quantities. Buying bulk directly from a stone supplier will lower your decorative gravel costs.

Decorative Gravel Cost: Is it Worth it?

To help you make the best decision here are three of the biggest advantages to incorporating decorative gravel and stones into your landscape:

  • Visual interest – Using decorative gravel and stones as a part of your landscape adds dimension, texture and color to your property. Not only does this attract the interest of visitors and passers-by, but it also will allow you to take more pride in your home.
  • Reduced maintenance – When set into place, stone and gravel landscaping features will last for many years. Any area that is covered by stones will not need to be maintained through mowing, fertilizing, or the replacement of sod or mulch. In addition, gravel can be an excellent deterrent for weeds.
  • Property value – Decorative gravel and stone will add curb appeal to your home, which means that the value of your property can actually be increased.

Where to Get the Best Deals on Decorative Gravel

If you are looking to keep your decorative gravel cost as low as possible while maintaining quality, it’s important that you find the best decorative gravel supplier in New Jersey. As a direct supplier of decorative stones, gravel and other landscaping materials, Braen Supply provides the best prices on decorative gravel across NJ, NY, PA & CT.

When it comes to improving the appearance and value of your property, decorative gravel cost is only part of the equation. By taking the time to carefully consider which stones are right for your specific needs and where to purchase your materials, you can save money and develop the landscape of your dreams.

As you work through your project you’ll likely have questions you’d like answered. Braen Supply specialists are available to assist you with everything from designs for your landscape to detailed product information. Speaking with a decorative gravel expert at Braen Supply will make help make the selection of your decorative gravel align with the landscape of your dreams.

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