The Complete Guide to Decorative Rock: Everything You Need to Know

Decorative Rock for Sale in NJDecorative rock has become a staple in landscaping applications because of its durability, practicality and beauty.An extensive variety of stones are available for purchase makes it possible for homeowners to find decorative rocks that will bring their property to life.

In sizes ranging from gravel to large boulders, decorative rock can be purposed in a wide variety of ways so that you get the most value from your landscaping materials.

With so many different decorative rock options available to you it may be challenging to select the perfect stones for your property.

To help you create the perfect landscape this guide will break down everything you need to know about landscaping with decorative rock.

Types of Decorative Rock

You’ll find that there are many different types of decorative rocks, in varying colors, shapes and textures. Some of the most popular decorative stones include:

  • Lava Rock – These igneous rocks are typically red or charcoal in color, and have rough textures and porous surfaces.
  • River Rock – River rocks are available in sizes from 3/8″-5″, and have been smoothed down by flowing water. River rocks can act as a walkway or even accentuate water features on your property.
  • Goose Egg Stones – As the name suggests, these rocks are about the size of goose eggs and are typically beige or tan in color. They are commonly used as landscape edging or as a mulch replacement.
  • Marble Chips – These small rocks are known for their pearly white coloration and can help add a clean and classic look to your landscape.
  • Boulders – Large decorative rocks, like boulders, can be used to make a dramatic statement in your landscape.
  • Mexican Beach Pebbles – Mexican beach pebbles are known for their beautiful coloration and smooth, rounded texture. Years and years of exposure to water, sunlight and other natural elements are what contribute to their appearance
  • Pea Gravel – Pea gravel gets its name because of the pea-sized pebbles it is made up of, and is a popular choice for landscaping projects.
  • Red Rock – Red rocks have become increasingly popular due to their texture, color and the design details they add to a landscape.
  • Yellow “Jersey Shore” Gravel – It’s not uncommon to hear this particular type of stone referred to as “golden gravel” or simply, “yellow gravel”. It is known for its distinct yellow color and can provide a refreshing touch to any landscape.

Decorative Rock Uses

Depending on the type of rock that you prefer, the stones can play a wide range of functional roles, such as:

  • Paths and Walkways – Smaller stones are perfect for constructing attractive, inviting and colorful front walkways and paths.
  • Play Areas – Small river rocks work well around children’s play equipment and are a low-maintenance alternative to sand or mulch.
  • Lawn Replacement – Save time and money on maintaining a grassy lawn by constructing a stone landscape with the decorative rock of your choice.
  • Water Features – Construct a stunning water fall, river bed, or other water feature with a mix of large boulders and smaller decorative stones.

Decorative Rock Cost

The price of landscaping with decorative stones can vary based upon factors like:

  • Size – Larger rocks, like boulders, weigh more and are more difficult to transport, which will make them more expensive than smaller stones. For some stones, such as river rock, smaller options will actually cost more than their larger counterparts as they must undergo additional screening to get them to the perfect size.
  • Rarity – If you are planning on using stones that are not as commonly used as others, you may find that the rarity of the rocks makes them more expensive.
  • Amount Needed – The consistency of your base will help determine how many yards or tons of stone you will need. A base that is uneven will require you to use more decorative rock than you may have originally planned. We recommend increasing the amount you anticipate needing to ensure you do not come up short.
  • Supplier – Purchasing decorative gravel from a local supplier will ensure that you are always getting the highest quality stones, being provided the best service and getting the best price available.
  • Delivery – A great decorative rock supplier will have an affordable bulk delivery option available. They will have the capabilities to deliver your decorative rocks in any quantity you need ranging from one ton sacks to large deliveries. Great suppliers have a great salesforce available to assist you with all of your needs.

Where to Buy Decorative Rock

When searching for decorative rock you’ll have many options on where to purchase it from. Big box stores are typically the first to come to mind, however they are usually not your best option. The sales staff at these locations typically aren’t as well versed in the products as the store sells a variety of different products and they usually charge more than your local supplier. Local suppliers will have dedicated and knowledgable staff on hand to handle all of your decorative rock questions.

Braen Supply is one of the largest suppliers of decorative rock across all of NJ, NY, PA and CT. We have passionate and knowledgable staff available at all times to discuss your project at length. They can help you determine which stones may be perfect for your property and how much you need. We offer a variety of decorative rocks at wholesale prices for pickup and bulk delivery across all of NJ, NY, PA and CT.

Landscaping with decorative rock is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make your property stand out. Remove all of the guesswork from your next landscaping project by following this guide to improving your home’s curb appeal with decorative rock.

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