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Hardwood Bark Mulch

Hardwood Bulk Mulch for Sale: Bulk Delivery in NJ, NY, NYC & PA

Dark Hardwood Mulch for Sale in NJ and NY

Are you in need of a high-quality mulch on a budget? Hardwood mulch is an excellent solution for an array of different mulching needs. This attractive, organic material is typically recognized for featuring a naturalistic, deep brown coloration. It also offers interesting textures that will add visual interest to any landscape -whether residential or commercial.

As the most affordable type of organic mulch on the market, it’s easy to make use of this material for projects of all sizes without having to worry about the cost. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of hardwood mulch, how it can be used, tips for installation, and where to buy it in the greater NJ and NY areas.

Hardwood Mulch Benefits

What is it that draws so many people to hardwood mulch? Some of its biggest perks include:

  • Natural Look – When introducing any material to a landscape, home and business owners are concerned with how it will affect the overall appearance of their properties. The great thing about hardwood mulch is that its hues are both natural and neutral. The mulch is able to highlight specific aspects of nature and various landscaping features without ever pulling focus away from these points or stealing the show. This makes it easy to incorporate the mulch into a wide range of different settings.
  • Deters Weeds – No one wants weeds cropping up amongst their flowers or other areas of the property. Not only are these unsightly, but they can also compromise the health and wellbeing of other vegetation. Fortunately, hardwood much can help. The high bark content of this particular type of mulch. The material is actually a very effective weed killer and deterrent as it’s able to stop existing weeds in the soil from germinating when the mulch is at least 3″ this. Even if any weeds do manage to poke through, they can be easily singled out and pulled up.
  • Discourages Pests – Mulch is appealing to us because of its beauty and functionality, but wild critters may also be drawn to the bark. Rodents like chipmunks love to burrow, and will do so wherever they can. Because hardwood mulch is dry in nature, it becomes impossible for these little guys to dig holes as they will constantly fill back in. This will keep your mulch looking beautiful while protecting any vegetation around the bark.
  • Durable and Long Lasting -Due to the fact that hardwood mulch contains more bark than shredded mulch, it’s actually able to last a lot longer than other materials. This is because it decomposes at a much slower rate. It will also continue to maintain its coloration during that period. Pair this with its interlocking capabilities that prevent it from being blown or spread by wind and you’ve got an excellent mulching solution that will last for approximately 1-2 years.

Hardwood Mulch Uses

Hardwood mulch is frequently picked by home and business owners for applications such as:

  • Decorative – Because hardwood mulch is so gorgeous, many home and business owners use it to spruce up their properties.
  • Gardening – A primary function of hardwood mulch is to help to insulate soil in and around flower beds and gardens. The bark works to prevent moisture from evaporating away from the soil while also helping to regulate temperatures.
  • Tree Circles – Similar to its use in gardening applications, hardwood mulch may be spread around the base of trees in order to help maintain the proper moisture and temperature levels. The bark will also prevent weed growth so that the beauty of the trees is not compromised.
  • Paths and Walkways – Hardwood mulch makes for an attractive surface for residential, commercial and park paths and walkways. The material offers an affordable means to creating a comfortable path for traversing and enjoying the outdoors.
  • Park Surfacing – Mulch is great for park surfaces because it’s both beautiful and shock absorbent, making it safe for jumps or falls. It will also discourage cats and other animals from relieving themselves in play areas.

Proper Hardwood Mulch Installation

To get the most out of your hardwood mulch, it’s important to first prepare the area where the material is to be applied. Although the bark is able to deter weed growth, it will lay flatter and be more effective if weeds and debris are cleared away from the area first. It’s also a good idea to create a border or perimeter surrounding the project area.

This will ensure that once the bark is spread, it will not become displaced and scattered throughout other areas of the property. Once the area is ready, go ahead and fill it in with the hardwood mulch. Shooting for a depth of 2-4″ is best. Spread the bark with a rake to create an even surface and enjoy the benefits.

Where to Buy Hardwood Mulch in NJ & NY

Could hardwood mulch be the right solution for you? Braen Supply is the leading supplier of bulk hardwood mulch throughout northern NJ as well as NY and NYC. Our high quality mulch will significantly enhance the appearance of your landscape while meeting all of your needs. The experts here at Braen Supply are prepared to answer all of your questions and provide you with knowledgeable advice about the product.

You’ll find that our hardwood mulch is available at the most competitive prices throughout the area. The mulch can only be bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, and PA.  It is not available for pick-up at either of our locations.

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Mulch Bulk Delivery in NJ, NY, PA & CT

Pink Stones for Sale in NJ & NYMulch is available for bulk delivery to homeowners, cities, contractors, townships, schools, religious establishments and universities. Our drivers are experienced and will do their best to accommodate your delivery requests.

Headquartered in northern New Jersey, our core delivery area for bulk mulch is Bergen County, Passaic County, Morris County, Essex County and Sussex County.

Depending on the quantity, we deliver bilk mulch to all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York.

Our core delivery area for bulk mulch in New York includes NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Harlem, The Bronx and Long Island.

Hardwood Bulk Mulch Pickup & Delivery Information


  • Pickup: Not available at this time.
  • Delivery: Delivery is available, the delivery minimum amount is 5 yards. Please call if you need less than 5 yards delivered.


  • Pickup: Not available at this time
  • Delivery: Delivery is available, the delivery minimum amount is 5 yards. Please call if you need less than 5 yards delivered.

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  • All of our bulk mulch is available for delivery ONLY.
  • Please call for special requests or before/after hours pickup or delivery services.

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