Building a Comfortable Community

Outdoor Kitchens

New outdoor space design

CareOne at the Cupola is an assisted living community with about 150 residents. Their development encourages social engagement through relaxing activities available in their communal indoor and outdoor spaces.

Their outdoor living area features two court yards separated by a hallway. The courtyard receives daily use and upkeep had become a problem. The owners tasked Monello Landscape Industries to come up with and install an impressive new design that incorporated the needs of the residents.

The materials used were all Techo-Bloc products resulting in finished outdoor kitchens, pergolas, water fountains, audio/lighting, seat walls, custom pavers and a sensory garden. Techo-Bloc specializes in creating outdoor living spaces that provide relaxation and comfort. With their many designs, they offer the perfect look and feel every time.

Architectural Design & Installation Credit: Monello Landscape Industries


“Monello Landscape Industries would like to thank the whole team over at Braen Supply for helping us with this project. Dave DeStefano was a tremendous asset; organizing logistics and the correct material to get the job done. Braen Supply is, and will always be our main supplier for any hardscaping material and tools.”

-Monello Landscape Industries

more about the materials

BLU 60mm smooth slabs are lighter in weight and smaller in height, making it the better choice for this courtyard which would experience light-traffic on the patio and walkway areas. To tie the entire area together, it was paired with the Mini Creta wall in the same color. Different from the BLU smooth slab, the slate finish in this product offers an aged-look to the courtyard. It pairs nicely with the Allegro borders which also has more of an authentic stone look.

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