Complementing the Home

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A unique and classic design

This homeowner approached the experts at Braen Supply to help him select materials for his newly constructed home. The style and design of the house was already completed, therefore, the selected materials needed to complement the features of the home.

The homeowner’s one request was to find a patio stone that would emulate a bluestone; however, it would not absorb as much heat as bluestone, allowing swimmers to comfortably move from the pool to the patio without having to worry about shoes.

The experts at Braen Supply were able to find the perfect material to meet the homeowner’s needs and then used that to find materials for the façade, fireplace and outdoor kitchen, while still maintaining a concise look throughout the home.  The materials that were selected gave the home a unique, yet classic look.


“Braen Supply helped me match the style and design of my new home perfectly. Working with them is a decision I’d recommend to everyone, regardless of the size of the project.”

– Mr. Dobreiner, Homeowner

more about the materials

Creating custom stone is the perfect opportunity to create a property that is truly unique. This custom blend fieldstone stands out especially when paired with the natural look of the Bluestone sills. 1″ River Rock is used in a number of ways. In this particular home, they were able to incorporate this simple stone to highlight the best features of their landscape without detracting from the natural beauty. The bluestone stair treads are perfect for an area with a lot of foot traction. These treads will hold up for years to come, adding value and simple beauty to the outdoor living area.

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