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Designing a new home

When this homeowner began the design phase of a new home, the experts at Braen Supply were immediately called. Braen Supply assisted in all phases of the design, after walking the grounds we were able to provide ideas and assist with the driveway and patio layout.

Then, taking into consideration how the stone on the driveway, walkway, patio and fireplace would work with one another, the homeowner allowed our experts to pick and choose the materials that would complement the home and best accentuate its features.


“When beginning the design of our home we immediately called the team at Braen Supply. We couldn’t be happier with our new home and landscape.”

– Carl, Homeowner

more about the materials

Bridgeport rounds thin stone veneer was without a doubt the best option to give this classic house a very elegant and stylish look. It was used throughout the landscape in different areas to tie everything together. Thermal bluestone was used for the patio area not only for its clean, sophisticated look but for the product’s durability. This stone is tough enough to meet all of your demands even while exposed to the extreme weather conditions. This driveway cobble was used in combination with asphalt to create a durable, pleasant looking driveway. The gray stone really compliments the neutral tones of the house.

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