The 6 Uses of Lafitt Pavers for Your NJ Home

If you love the look of natural stone but don’t want to sacrifice the modular appeal of traditional, concrete pavers, you’ll fall in love with the Lafitt collection by Belgard pavers. Lafitt pavers offer homeowners the best of both worlds.

Each carefully crafted paver is designed with intricate detailing, featuring ridges and depressions that create stunning textures that mimic the look of naturally split flagstone. At the same time, the pavers are cut into geometrically pleasing shapes, including squares and rectangles of varying sizes which can be arranged into modular patterns that will stun you and your home’s visitors.

To top it all off, you’ll have your pick of stunning colors from warm browns and tans to cool grays and charcoals. Creating your dream hardscape has never been easier or more affordable.

So how can you start taking advantage of Lafitt pavers and incorporate the look into your property? The following six ideas are intended to inspire you to get creative in giving your landscape an overhaul with Lafitt pavers.

1. Outdoor Living Rooms

There’s no better way to relax and unwind that in the great outdoors, and when you have your own outdoor living room, it’s easy to take in the sights, scents and sounds of NJ from the comfort of your backyard.

Lafitt pavers are a great option for creating a beautiful and functional floor for your outdoor living room. The stunning texturing and warm colors are inviting and promote relaxation, and the natural appearance of the surface of each paver will blend wonderfully with the nature around it.

Lafitt pavers are designed to resist scraping and scratching, so you won’t have to worry about damage being done by your patio furniture.

2. Garden Paths and Terraces

The peace and tranquility offered by a flower garden is unmatched. Those with a green thumb should be able to enjoy easy access to their garden rows in order to tend to plant life while enjoying the beauty of their flowers and other vegetation.

Lafitt pavers are beautiful when installed as a walking path, and can be arranged in different patterns and shapes, depending on your desires. You’ll be able to quickly get to your flower beds and vegetable gardens in order to prune and water from a convenient yet naturalistic-looking path.

You might also consider constructing a small garden terrace or patio at the terminus of your path so that you can relax and enjoy a cup of iced tea after taking care of your beloved garden.

3. Outdoor Kitchens and Fire Pits

Nowadays, people are going crazy about having the ability to cook outdoors. Lafitt pavers are ideal for outdoor kitchen flooring as they are classic yet modern.

This works well with any natural and traditional elements of your landscape while still making sense within the scope of stainless steel appliances. These pavers don’t stain easily, so you won’t have to stress out if you drop or spill some ingredients on the ground during the cooking process.

In addition to outdoor kitchens, some NJ homeowners are finding joy in fire pits, where they can gather with friends and roast hot dogs or marshmallows while sharing stories. The Lafitt pavers are great for forming a seating area for everyone to enjoy.

Whether it’s a kitchen or a fire pit that you desire, Lafitt pavers will keep you safe and comfortable as they don’t retain heat and are non-combustible.

4. Driveways

One of the best ways to make a positive first impression on friends, family and neighbors is to construct a stunningly attractive paver driveway. Lafitt Pavers are a wonderful option for creating a front drive that offers both the timeless sophistication of natural stone and the in-vogue allure of modern design.

These pavers are designed to withstand high volumes of foot and vehicular traffic, so they won’t succumb to cracking with regular usage. They feature color throughout so they won’t fade when exposed to sunlight, and they are very easy to maintain.

5. Front Walkways

A Lafitt paver front walkway can be a charming companion to a Lafitt driveway, or it can stand on its own. Front paths enhance the visual appeal and curbside value of your home while also helping to direct traffic to your front door.

Lafitt pavers are extremely warm and welcoming, and they are safe and comfortable to walk upon. The grooves and texturing provide excellent traction, even when it’s raining outside.

6. Swimming Pool Decks

We absolutely love the look of Lafitt pavers when used to construct a gorgeous swimming pool deck. Regardless of which color paver you select, you’ll adore the way that the texturing and shading looks when contrasted against the blue waters inside the pool.

Because the pavers offer so much traction, you can rest assured that your loved ones will be safe when walking along the pool deck, even after your kids have splashed water everywhere!

Lafitt Paver Projects in NJ

NJ homeowners who love Lafitt pavers know that they can come to Braen Supply with all their needs. We are Belgard Authorized Dealers and have access to a full inventory of Lafitt pavers in various styles, shapes, sizes and colors.

As experts on the brand, we can provide you with valuable advice regarding how to select the right pavers for your home, calculating your materials needs and how to best go about installing your new pavers. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

You’ll find that we always offer the most competitive prices on our Belgard Lafitt Pavers. Stop by our showroom to see the pavers in action today, or give us a call to learn more about how you can pick up your pavers or have them bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.New Call-to-action