The Largest Supplier of Decorative Gravel in NJ & NY

Decorative Gravel Supplier in NJ & NY.jpgThe appearance of your residential or commercial property plays a significant role in its curb appeal, its value and in how others perceive your home or business. Many opportunities exist to maintain or enhance the appearance of your property through water features, walkways, stairs, plants, and decorative stones or gravel.

Whether you’re hoping to install a gravel driveway or begin a rock garden, it’s important that you find the right decorative gravel supplier in NJ & NY to meet your needs.

When it comes to selecting a decorative gravel supplier, bigger is better. You shouldn’t rush out to the largest big box home improvement retailer in your area, but rather, you should visit the supplier with the largest variety of decorative stones for you to choose from. Although bigger chain stores may initially seem to be the best option, it’s not likely that they will carry all of the stones and gravel that you are looking for. By going directly to a supplier in northern NJ, you can avoid multiple trips to multiple stores in order to beautify your landscape.

For some individuals landscaping involves more than just tracking down the right supplier. You may find yourself wondering which stones would work well on your property and how they can be incorporated into your current landscaping design. This guide will walk you through the various stones and gravel that are available, their many purposes and how to find the best decorative gravel supplier in the New Jersey and New York area.

Types of Decorative Gravel to Consider

A large decorative gravel supplier with a strong professional reputation will be able to offer customers a wide variety of stones to enhance their residential and commercial properties. As you plan your next landscaping project you might consider the use of decorative stones or gravel such as:

  • Pea gravel – Pea gravel is composed of rounded stones that have been sized through a series of aggregate screens down to a specific size. The small, smooth and rounded nature of these stones make them very popular for landscaping applications. Pea gravel comes in a variety of neutral colors which will vary from quarry to quarry.
  • Lava rocks – These igneous rocks were formed from the cooling of volcanic magma, and, as such, are very unique and visually appealing. Each rock is completely unique, as its rough and somewhat jagged edges are filled with cavities and pores. Typically, lava rocks are reddish in color, but are sometimes available in charcoal hues.
  • Mexican beach pebbles and stones – Mexican beach pebbles or stones are another excellent choice for enhancing your landscape. These stones have been rounded over time by the flowing waters and feature a number of beautiful, natural tints.
  • Yellow round “Jersey Shore” gravel – Unlike the typical gray and white gravel that most of us are familiar with, yellow round “Jersey Shore” gravel boasts a golden hue and also features tans, beiges, and browns. This unique coloration makes the gravel an excellent choice for decorating a landscape and can help your property stand out from those around you.
  • Red Stone – Red rocks have become increasingly popular due to their distinct color and texture. Red stones can become an eye-drawing element that is perfect for walkways, driveways and as a mulch replacement.
  • River Rock – River rock has been smoothed and rounded by years of rushing water. It has grown in popularity due to its classic and traditional look. This look can provide a unique perspective to your landscape as no two river rocks are alike, varying in both size and color. Like many of their decorative stone counterparts, river rock is very smooth to the touch.
  • White Marble Chip – White marble chips can help you add a clean and distinct look to your yard as a decorative stone for your driveway, walkways and even for other parts of your landscape. It comes in both 3/8″ and 3/4″ varieties, allowing you extreme flexibility in your landscape design.

Uses for Decorative Gravel

Both home and business owners love to make use of decorative gravel and rocks because they are so versatile. You might use these beautiful stones for purposes like:

  • Lawn replacement- For some property owners, the idea of regular lawn upkeep is very daunting. To avoid the hassle of watering or cutting the crass, these individuals choose to replace the lawn with decorative stones instead. This can be a very attractive alternative and will significantly cut back on the time and costs associated with regular lawn maintenance.
  • Mulch replacement – Although mulch is very effective at promoting healthy drainage, it tends to rot and decay over time. This means that it needs to be replaced on a regular basis. By making use of stones you can reap the same benefits that mulch has to offer while enhancing your lawn or garden’s appearance.
  • Paths and walkways – Decorative stones are an ideal way to either establish paths and walkways, or to edge them. Small, rounded gravel is ideal, as it is the most comfortable for walking upon. Visual interest can be added to your property by utilizing various colors in your gravel path, or by edging the path with larger stones of a different color family.
  • Play areas – Many modern homeowners are replacing other playground surfacing materials, like sand, with decorative gravel. They are doing this for several different reasons. Decorative gravel creates less of a mess than sand, is great for sensory development in children and is a more sanitary alternative.
  • Driveways – Gravel driveways are extremely attractive, functional and affordable. These relatively low-maintenance drives can completely change the appearance of your property. By talking to your trusted decorative gravel supplier you can get a better idea of how much gravel you will need for the project and which local contractor is best suited to help you complete the job.
  • Water features – Water features such as fountains, river beds, streams and waterfalls can all improve the look of your landscape. By incorporating decorative gravel and stones you can draw the eye to these features and make them the centerpieces of your property.

Choosing the Best Decorative Gravel Supplier

The best decorative gravel supplier in northern NJ will offer the largest variety of high quality decorative stones. Ultimately, you want this to be your “one stop shop” for obtaining the necessary materials for your landscaping project.

Braen Supply is the one of the leading suppliers of decorative stones and gravel in all of New Jersey and New York. Braen Supply specialists are available at all times to guide you through your project, help you find the materials you need and to ensure those materials are available when you need them. Decorative stone and gravel can be picked up or bulk delivered across NJ & NY.

Being a direct supplier of stones, gravel and other landscaping materials and tools, you can expect the best prices and support. With the help of the best decorative gravel supplier in NJ & NY you can transform your property into the stunning landscape of your dreams.


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