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No fireplace or wood burning stove is complete without a properly functioning chimney. Although many homeowners tend to take chimneys for granted, these essential components actually act as the engine that drives the entire wood heating system. Because of this, it’s extremely important that you put a good deal of thought into the type of materials you’d like to use to construct and install your chimney.

After all, this will make a significant impact on both the overall esthetic of the fireplace and home as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit. Natural stone is one of the most commonly selected chimney materials for a number of reasons. Read on to learn more about what makes natural stone chimneys so unique and things to consider prior to installation.

The Value of Stone Chimneys

Why do so many homeowners choose to install natural stone chimneys? The many benefits associated with natural stone speak for themselves:

  • Appearance – The primary reason why people choose natural stone for chimneys is that it’s easily the most beautiful material available. Stone evokes a sense of nature while still appearing stately and elegant, and can suit a number of different tastes in terms of texture, shape, size and color.
  • Variety – There are many different types of stones that are available to be used in the construction of fireplace chimneys. This makes it easy for individual homeowners to select a material that they will fall in love with again and again.
    Durability – Stone is very tough and durable. This means that the material is able to withstand regular wear and tear as well as the elements.
  • Non-Combustible – One of natural stone’s inherent qualities is that it is non-combustible. This is obviously important in the construction of a chimney, as you want to ensure that no fire hazards are present within your home. Stone will tend to repel heat and will create a safe environment for your home.

Stone Chimney Options

You’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to installing a spectacular stone chimney. Some of the more popular materials include:

  • Fieldstone – The natural colors, rich textures and visually interesting shapes associated with fieldstone help to create a romantic fireplace chimney that will look spectacular for secluded cabins and modern-contemporary homes alike.
  • Flagstone – Flagstone is another great pick for installing a natural stone chimney. Flagstone features soft, neutral tones that will both compliment and contrast with other elements of the home and landscape. The fascinating textures will attract interest while sparking your imagination.
  • Bluestone – Whether in full color form or all blue, bluestone is a popular option for chimneys. This is a highly durable material that is also extremely versatile. Regardless of the theme that you’re trying to convey, bluestone will fit the bill. From a storybook cottage to an imperial European-style structure, bluestone chimneys will look and function perfectly.
  • Natural Stone Veneer – Full natural stone can be somewhat heavy and expensive in the construction of chimneys. As a result, many homeowners make the decision to work with a natural stone veneer instead. These stones are cut to thinner dimensions and adhered to the surface in order to give the look of natural stone without all of the added costs. Both thin and full cut veneers are available for this purpose.

Stone Chimney Prices

The final cost of your project will depend on the type and style of chimney selected. Constructing and installing a chimney that is comprised of full, natural stones could be more expensive than going with stones that have been cut into a veneer.

The type and availability of the stone materials can also play a role in how much you need to set aside for your budget. In order to get the very best prices, it’s smart to shop around and purchase from a local direct stone supplier with a reputation for offering the highest quality products available.

Chimneys for Sale in NJ

Braen Supply is the leading supplier of natural stone chimneys throughout NJ and NY. We offer a wide range of beautiful stones to our customers, and are very familiar with the merits and considerations associated with each. Our knowledgeable team is qualified to discuss your needs and desires, and help you select the perfect stone for your fireplace chimney.

The available stones are cut and manufactured locally, eliminating the need for a “middle man.” This means that you can buy your new chimney direct at the fairest and most competitive wholesale rates around. Get in touch with a stone specialist today to start putting your dreams into motion.

Chimney Delivery in NJ, NY, PA & CT

Hearths for Sale in NJ & NYChimneys are available for bulk delivery to homeowners, cities, contractors, townships, schools, religious establishments and universities. Our drivers are experienced and will do their best to accommodate your delivery requests.

Headquartered in northern New Jersey, our core delivery area for chimneys is Bergen County, Passaic County, Morris County, Essex County and Sussex County.

Depending on the quantity, we sell chimneys to all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York. Our core delivery area for chimneys in New York includes NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Harlem, The Bronx, and Long Island.

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