6 Natural Thin Stone Veneer Styles To Incorporate Into Your Home

There’s no doubt about the fact that natural stone is extremely beautiful. Every homeowner would love to be able to bring the look of natural stone into their home’s interior or exterior design.

Unfortunately, stone can be very expensive and in some cases, it’s actually too bulky or too heavy to be practical. This is where thin stone veneers come into play.

With a natural thin stone veneer, you have the ability to work with the natural stone of your choice in a way that is much simpler and more affordable.

Could this be the perfect way to upgrade your home’s look? Take a look at the advantages of working with a natural thin stone veneer and six different types of veneers that could beautify your property.

Natural Thin Stone Veneer 101

So, why would you work with a natural thin stone veneer over full stone units? The primary reason for working with a veneer is that it’s a lot more cost efficient than full stones.

Because the stone is cut so thin, you’re able to slash your costs significantly, allowing you to stretch your budget further and create the home design of your dreams. In addition to being a lot cheaper than full-size stones, a thin stone veneer is also very easy to work with.

Full-size stones can actually be much too heavy or bulky to use in certain areas of the home and are therefore not practical for specific projects.

The great thing about natural thin stone veneers is that, while they are much lighter and thinner than full-size stone, it’s impossible to tell that a veneer was used for your home upgrades. Veneers are just as beautiful and vibrant as regular-sized stones and you’ll fall in love with the look time after time.

6 Amazing Types of Natural Thin Stone Veneers

Which natural thin stone veneer is right for your property? Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite veneer types and inspirational ideas for incorporating them into your home’s design:

1. Square & Rec

As the name suggests, Square & Rec thin stone veneers are generally square and rectangular shaped. Because the veneers are comprised of natural stones, you can expect some variance and roughness to the shapes and lines of the stones, some with irregular shaping and small cuts that add visual interest and excitement to the materials.

In this type of layout, the stones are arranged end-to-end and typically alternate between squares and rectangles. We love this pattern within the scope of both indoor and outdoor kitchens, for back splashes, and for garden walls.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer

2. Mosaic

If you’re looking for something a little less geometrical and symmetrical, you might consider a mosaic pattern for your natural thin stone veneers. In this type of pattern, each of the different stone units features an irregular cut.

You might notice shapes similar to triangles, jagged diamonds and even hexagonal or octagonal arrangements. They are pieced together at random and the end result is a mosaic pattern that mirrors the look of broken ice.

It’s truly stunning and creative and you’ll discover something new every time you look at it. This type of arrangement is fantastic for interior and exterior fireplaces/chimneys and for wine cellars.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer

3. River Round

Many NJ homeowners are instantly taken with the smooth, round and vibrant look of river rock veneers. Round river rock veneers feature an array of colors and fabulous visual texturing is created with the irregular patterning of the rounded shapes.

It’s a very soft and inviting look, yet it is also bold and eye-catching. River round thin stone veneer patterning can be done successfully both inside and outside the home.

It can look stunning when contrasted with wood siding or wood decking outdoors. We’ve also seen incredible fireplaces and chimneys constructed with this type of veneer.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer

4. Ledge

Although rectangular in shape, ledge stone is much different from square & rec natural thin stone veneers. Instead of creating large or wide rectangles, the stones are arranged into much narrower and thinner rectangle units that are long and appear quite angular.

In some instances, all of the ledge stone will be flush against a wall or other surface, while in others, the stone may be arranged so that some project outwards while others are recessed inwards. This creates a stunning and dramatic effect.

Entire home exteriors can be covered with this type of veneer and we love with the idea of interior accent walls featuring ledge stone veneers. It also looks great in kitchens, bathrooms and on fireplaces.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer

5. Ledge Mosaic

Instead of arranging the ledge stone pieces in line with those above and below each individual unit, some homeowners like the look of a ledge stone mosaic pattern. Here, the pieces are still installed end-to-end, but the seams will not line up vertically.

This is very interesting to look at and adds to the beauty of the stone. This is a great idea for fireplace hearths, backsplashes, outdoor pillars and columns, outdoor walls, etc.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer

6. Ledge Square

This look is particularly vibrant and interesting because it pairs up the classic look of ledge stone with larger, square pieces like those used in a square & rec layout.

The bold contrast between the extremely narrow and angular ledge stones and the softer, larger appearance of the squares will attract interest from far away and will continue to spark your imagination throughout time.

This type of arrangement lends itself to larger project areas like interior accent walls, outdoor “living room” walls, exterior siding and large, outdoor fireplaces.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer

Choosing the Right Natural Thin Stone Veneer for Your Property

Because there are so many great ways to incorporate thin stone veneers into your home’s interior and exterior design, it can be difficult to know where to begin in making the right choice for your property. Begin by brainstorming what you wish to accomplish when upgrading your home’s design.

Understanding how you want your property to function or what style you’re trying to achieve will help you to make smart decisions about the right veneer for your unique needs. We also suggest talking with a professional designer or a hardscaping professional like the experts at Braen Supply.

These individuals have detailed knowledge about the advantages and considerations associated with different types of veneers and can offer a great deal of assistance in making your choice.

Buying Natural Thin Stone Veneers in NJ

Once you’ve made a decision about working with natural thin stone veneers, be sure to visit Braen Supply. As the leading supplier of natural thin stone veneers in NJ, we offer the widest selection of stunning thin stone materials in a variety of styles and colors.

All of our materials are competitively priced. Talk to us about ordering and picking up your order to natural stone veneers at our location, or about having your order bulk delivered to job sites throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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