How to Choose Between NJ’s Different Techo-Bloc Suppliers

Techo-Bloc products are among the most popular hardscaping materials used by NJ homeowners. Techo-Bloc has grown in its popularity throughout the years because it offers incredibly beautiful concrete pavers that look just like natural stone. Each collection of pavers, slabs, steps, caps, wall blocks, edging materials, or outdoor fire features have something truly special to offer in their texturing, cuts and coloring.

Having the ability to play with colors and patterns only adds to the appeal of these high quality and affordable “stones.” Before you can dive in and start working with Techo-Bloc products, though, you need to know where you can go to purchase the materials in your locale.

A quick search on Techo-Bloc’s website will reveal the names of local NJ suppliers who are authorized to sell their products, but how can you be sure that you’re buying from the right dealer? For obvious reasons, we’re inclined to recommend ourselves.

At Braen Supply, we’re confident that we are the best and leading supplier of Techo-Bloc products in all of NJ and the Tri-State area. You don’t just have to trust our (slightly) biased opinion, though, because the facts speak for themselves.

Read on to learn what makes a Techo-Bloc supplier truly great, and see for yourself why we are the #1 place to go with all of your Techo-Bloc needs in the Garden State.

Local Availability

You already know that you want to begin your search for a Techo-Bloc supplier right in your backyard. Good for you – you’d be surprised by how many people try to go online in order to find a good deal, only to end up paying through the teeth for shipping and delivery expenses.

In addition to being located in NJ, though, it’s important that your supplier actually have a full inventory of Techo-Bloc products that are presently located in your area.

Unless they’ve got the goods in-stock, you may have to wait a longer period of time in order to get started on your project, and you may not even have the opportunity to visually inspect your materials prior to purchasing. Braen Supply offers a full inventory of Techo Bloc products available conveniently and locally throughout the year.

Style on Display

You can always log on to the Techo-Bloc website in order to take a look at inspirational design ideas. This is great for getting your creative juices flowing and starting the process of figuring out how to design your landscape, but having the ability to see the materials you love, live and in-person, will help you even more.

Choose a Techo-Bloc supplier that has a local showroom where they display various Techo-Bloc products in outdoor living and landscaping settings. Braen Stone is proud to put the different styles of Techo-Bloc on display so that you can really get a feel for the impact that the “stones” will have on your landscaping upgrade.

Industry Background

It’s always in your best interest to look for a Techo-Bloc supplier that has proven itself by withstanding the tests of time. Some landscaping and hardscaping supply stores come and go, but the best ones are able to maintain loyal customers through offering incredible products, superior customer service and fair prices at all times. Do a little research to find out how many years your prospective Techo-Bloc dealer has been in business.

Bear in mind, too, that dealers who have been working with Techo-Bloc for a while will have strong industry ties and connections, meaning that they’ll be able to help you find a reliable, local contractor who has worked with Techo-Bloc products in the past. We’ve been authorized to deal Techo-Bloc products for many years and are more than qualified to assist you with your project.

Education & Training

The best Techo-Bloc suppliers are serious about the products they sell and want to make sure that their entire team is on board.

These are the businesses that take the time to learn the ins and outs of the different Techo-Bloc products they work with so that they are able to answer all of their customer’s questions with total confidence.

Braen Supply prides itself on its superior knowledge of Techo-Bloc materials and we work hard to stay on top of the latest product offerings, installation techniques, maintenance techniques, etc.

Product Passion

In addition to being knowledgeable about Techo-Bloc materials, a good Techo-Bloc supplier will also be passionate about helping homeowners to completely transform their properties with beautiful Techo-Bloc products.

This means that they’ll be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you with advice and input about your upcoming project. This is 100% true of Braen Supply.

To us, you’re more than just another customer that we can potentially sell to. Instead, we want to make sure that you walk away with a product that’s perfect for your needs and that you’ll be happy with for a lifetime.

Professional Courtesy

Never give your business to a Techo-Bloc supplier that isn’t honest, professional, kind and courteous. You deserve to work with a dealer that listens to your needs and concerns and works with you to accommodate your every need. At Braen Supply, we are always on your side.

Timely Deliveries

If you need your Techo-Bloc materials delivered to your job site on a particular day at a particular time, you shouldn’t have to sit around waiting for your supplier to show up with your order! Insist on working with a company that has a great reputation for being on time and providing safe, scheduled deliveries.

Ongoing Care

What happens after you’ve completed your project with Techo-Bloc materials? Will your supplier still be there for you? Although Techo-Bloc products are designed to near-perfection and are of the highest quality, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong with a single paver or wall stone.

In cases like these, you need to know that your supplier will be there to help you walk through the lifetime warranty process and will ensure that you’re able to restore your outdoor living space to its former glory without a hitch. Again, it’s important to have a supplier that’s been around for awhile so you can feel confident that they’ll still be in business to uphold the warranty. Braen Supply is committed to having its customer’s backs, even after the job is complete.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see why Braen Supply is the most trusted and sought-after supplier of Techo-Bloc products throughout NJ and its surrounding areas. After years in the business, we not are not only knowledgeable about the products we sell, but we are excited and passionate about helping our clients select the right materials for their landscaping and hardscaping projects.

We are always willing to work with you in order to accommodate your schedule and your needs. You’ll always enjoy the fairest prices from our two NJ locations. Feel free to pick up your Techo-Bloc products at your convenience, or talk to us about having them bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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