Outdoor Kitchen Countertops – The Best Online Guide

outdoor-kitchen-countertopsFor the hostess or grill master, the installation of a stunning outdoor kitchen is a dream come true. In addition to beauty, however, your space needs to be functional, durable and capable of withstanding the elements and heavy usage.

The good news is that you will have plenty of options. In this comprehensive guide to outdoor kitchen countertops we will examine the most commonly used materials and the benefits of each. All of these materials can be found at a reputable stone yard for both delivery and pickup.

Materials Used for Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

When planning to construct your outdoor kitchen, you should always make durability your top priority, with appearance close behind. But this does not mean that you’ll have a difficult time finding a countertop material that is both attractive and tough.

Typically, stone will be the wisest option for homeowners who are hoping to install a beautiful outdoor cooking and entertaining space that will continue looking and functioning perfectly for years to come. Consider stones such as:

  • Bluestone – The lovely deep gray and blue hues associated with bluestone will delight users, as they prepare a meal for their loved ones in their outdoor kitchen. After installation, the bluestone should be professionally sealed to avoid scratching and staining. With simple maintenance, a bluestone countertop will look spectacular for years.
  • Limestone – Limestone is often selected for both indoor and outdoor kitchen countertops because its is both attractive and heat resistant. Indiana limestone is affordable and looks very sophisticated, making it a great buy. Although limestone is porous, proper care and sealing will keep your countertop looking pristine and free of scratches or stains.
  • Travertine – This gorgeous stone is a type of “morphed” limestone, in which the lime content has been deposited by water. Travertine is an excellent choice for countertops because it actually has twice the strength of concrete, and is strong when faced with extreme temperatures and weather. One of the best things about this particular stone is that it improves with age. Colors do not tend to fade with the passage of time, and will maintain its natural hues for decades.
  • Kearney Stone –  For a rustic, warm and inviting outdoor kitchen space, consider utilizing Kearney Stone for your countertops. Because large slabs can be cut into specified sizes, it’s easy to find sleek pieces to use as a cooking surface, however, Kearney Stone will also work nicely in the actual construction of a counter or outdoor fireplace. Another perk of Kearney Stone is that it is known to be as strong as granite.
  • Brownstone – Soft brown colors will also look wonderful in outdoor kitchens. An imported brownstone will be lighter than traditional brownstone and after professional sealing will continue to shine, year after year.
  • Sahara Granite – Granite is known for its resistance to stains, scratches, heat and odors, as well as its ability to preserve its lovely colors after sun exposure. The warm, earthy tones of Sahara Granite will give a natural appeal to any outdoor kitchen space.

Buying Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Before purchasing your outdoor kitchen countertops, consider that you’ll need to give yourself enough space. Typically, a depth of 24 -36″ is the minimum for counters. Work with a supplier who is able to provide durable and attractive countertop stones, like the ones mentioned above.

Braen Supply is an industry leader, offering bluestone, limestone, travertine, Kearney stone, sahara granite, brownstone and numerous other quality materials for constructing outdoor counters, kitchens, patios and other outdoor living spaces. Stones can be polished and custom fabricated, and are available for pickup or bulk delivery throughout the Northeast.

When you select best countertop materials, your investment will pay you back for a long time.