5 Ways to Make Your Small Outdoor Living Space Look Large

If you’re like many other NJ residents, you value your ability to spend plenty of time outdoors during the beautiful spring, summer, and fall months. Who doesn’t love the idea of kicking back and relaxing on a patio lounge after a hard day at work, or enjoying a meal with the family outside?

Unfortunately, some homeowners mistakenly believe that they can’t achieve the best outdoor experience because their properties are on the small side. We’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor living space, there are plenty of ways to maximize the area that you have and make it look (and feel) spacious and luxurious. For some inspirational tips on how to maximize your outdoor living space, take a look at the following expert tips.

1. Go Diagonal

Here’s something interesting that you may not have noticed before: Diagonal lines can actually make a space look a whole long longer, grander and more spacious.

Because the shorter lines will be situated along the outside edges, your eyes will focus on the longer lines running down the center, leaving you with the impression that you have a whole lot more room to work with that may actually physically exist.

Many stone pavers, concrete pavers and porcelain pavers are available in slabs that can be arranged diagonally when flooring your outdoor living space. This will make a huge difference in the overall look of your patio.

One of our favorite looks involves the usage of porcelain pavers that have been designed to look exactly like natural wood. The end result is a stunning, diagonally-lain “deck” that will be warm and inviting for you and your guests. Consider working with a landscape design software or similar tool in order to determine which materials look best in a diagonal layout before moving forward with plans.

2. Establish Levels

When the entirety of your outdoor living space is situated on the same level, it can be more difficult to give the impression that the area is spacious and large. Through building different levels, you can create a visual boundary between the different sections of your space.

This can make your patio look bigger because the eye is able to differentiate between various “rooms.” As an example, you might consider building your patio dining area on the same level as your yard with steps that lead down to a cozy fire pit and lead up to an elevated barbecue.

You’ll instantly feel like the whole outdoor living space has grown and expanded, allowing for a more positive experience outside.

3. Build Vertically

Simplicity is important when working in smaller areas of space, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be true of your outdoor living environment – so long as you’re smart about your decor. Plants, for instance, are very popular to use around patios because they contribute to the feeling of being one with nature in the great outdoors.

Installing large flower boxes, planters or floor plants, however, can take up a lot of floor space and make your outdoor living room feel claustrophobic and cluttered. We suggest using attractive mason and wall materials instead, in order to build plant boxes into the walls.

This will create a charming “green” environment that will be visually pleasing without taking up your precious space. Lighting fixtures should also be attached to walls as opposed to making use of floor lamps that will be space-suckers.

You might even consider stringing lights above your seating area in order to create an enchanting and whimsical environment. The higher up you choose to string your lights, the higher the “ceiling” of your space will appear and the more comfortable you and your guests will feel.

4. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Any homeowner knows that color plays a significant role in creating the illusion of a larger or smaller space. Dark colors tend to make a room feel smaller and more compact, whereas lighter shades can open up the walls and make people feel as though they’re in a more spacious environment.

Obviously, if you’re working with a smaller outdoor living space, you will want to go with the latter. Consider this when choosing materials for the “floor” of your space. Sleek blacks and deep, chestnut browns are gorgeous, but they might not be the right pick for your patio.

Going with lighter shades of tan and brown, grays, whites and beiges will completely open up the space and make you feel like you have a lot of room to spread out and relax with your loved ones. In addition to considering the colors used for the patio floor, you should also think about the shades and hues used in the decor throughout.

If you really want to open up the space and make it appear larger, we suggest using bright or bold colors only near the entrance to the outdoor living space, with neutral, lighter tones in the heart of the living area. This interesting trick will excite the eye and cause it to focus on bold colors and then widen out into the softer shades.

5. Keep Things in Proportion

As you select your furnishings and appliances for your outdoor living space, it’s very important to remember to keep things in perspective and choose sizes that are appropriate for the space in which you’re working.

Large, chunky or bulky patio seating, for example, may seem like it would be very comfortable, but because it will take up so much physical and visual space, it will actually detract from your enjoyment. Look for tables and chairs that feature skinnier, sleeker designs as they will make much more sense within the scope of your space.

Cushions can be piled on top in order to increase comfort levels. You might also consider working with patio furniture that can fold up and be stored away so that you can transform your dining area into a place for dancing during a great party!

Allowing yourself to be flexible and versatile will allow you to get even more use out of the space. When it comes to appliances and fixtures, you need to be smart about size, too. Don’t choose a grill that’s so big that you can’t fit a table to enjoy your freshly barbecued chicken breasts, and avoid massive features that will make your patio furniture appear small.

You may love the idea of fire, but that doesn’t mean that a large fireplace is practical in your space. Instead, you might consider a smaller, but still romantic fire pit. All things in proportion.

Establishing a Spacious Outdoor Living Space in NJ

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