How Much Do Pavers Cost in NJ?

Pavers in NJ: Prices & DeliveryPaver costs are influenced by various factors, including the quality of the materials and the amount being purchased. When dealing with professional installations, costs are further influenced by labor considerations.

If you’re planning a residential construction project and you’re looking at costs, you’ll have to carefully evaluate each of these individual factors in your search for the best combination of quality and affordability.

Paver Costs: Your Raw Materials

You’ll need three main raw materials: products for the base, plastic edging for the perimeter of the exterior floor, and the pavers themselves.

Bases are typically made from quarry process (QP) or recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). These crushed stone products are made using a network of feeders and screens, which create a uniformly fine result. QP or RCA is used to fill in the base on which the pavers will later stand.

The QP or RCA base is supplemented by concrete sand, which provides further stability. Once the pavers are actually laid, the sand will push up between the edges of the individual stone blocks, helping keep them in place while preventing moisture from destabilizing the surface.

Plastic edging is used to secure the perimeter of the paved area, and is an essential part of all paver projects. It is relatively inexpensive, but you’ll need accurate measurements to ensure you don’t by more than you actually need.

The pavers themselves will be the most expensive material, and their costs depend on numerous factors including the type of stone used to make the pavers, and how heavily they have been processed. Dyed or tinted pavers and pavers with specialized finishes will generally cost more, but they also create a much more attractive finished product that can significantly increase the value of your home.

Paver Costs: Labor

Labor costs are one of the most important considerations, and you’ll need to carefully research the various contractors in your area. Here, you’re not necessarily looking for the lowest price, since the skill of the installation team plays a major role in the final outcome.

As you might expect, the scope of your project will also influence labor costs. Large jobs covering a broad area will take more time to complete, and as such, you’ll spend more on labor. The bigger the job, the more important it is to choose a reputable contractor, since the end results will be highly visible and will have a strong effect on the value of your property.

Reduce Your Paver Costs by Choosing Braen Supply

Serving customers throughout New Jersey and the New York City area, Braen Supply is a leading provider of stone products. Braen Supply quarries its own raw materials, such as QP and RCA, helping keep costs low while ensuring premium quality.

Braen Supply is also renowned for delivering outstanding customer service. The company’s knowledgeable staff members excel at helping clients choose the right raw materials for their project needs, and they are happy to provide extensive planning support for both residential and commercial projects.

To arrange a detailed project consultation, please visit us online or contact a Braen Supply customer service representative.

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