How Much Does a Paver Installation Cost?

Concrete pavers are one of the most attractive options for finishing driveways, patios, walkways and exterior floors.

They are highly durable and don’t demand a lot of maintenance, yet they’re also strikingly beautiful and can be configured in countless arrangements to create unique visual effects. Yet, many homeowners aren’t sure what to expect when it comes to prices.

Three primary factors affect pavers installation cost: the quality and amount of raw material and labor. When you gather and compare price quotes, what you’re really doing is balancing these three factors.

Remember: you’re not necessarily looking for the lowest price; what you want is the best possible value for your money, and that means getting the highest-quality products and the best installation for the most advantageous rate.

Pavers Installation Cost: Materials

You’ll need three different materials to complete an installation of concrete pavers:

  • The base and the setting bed. Concrete pavers rest over a base of quarry process (QP) or recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). These materials are used to create a smooth and level foundation for the pavers, and they’re supplemented with a setting bed that is usually made up of concrete sand. Also, while they are not required, professional installers recommend using poly sand to stabilize the joints of the installation.
  • Plastic edging. Perimeters are typically demarcated with plastic edging, which helps keep the design intact over many years of surface usage.
  • The pavers themselves. The cost of concrete pavers depends on the quality and character of the stone, with higher-quality stone and highly processed products costing more. Of course, quantity also affects price, and you can typically expect unit costs to go down with the more stone you buy.

Pavers Installation Cost: Labor Considerations

Labor costs are typically where you’ll see the most variation. The contractor’s reputation and skill level affect costs, but with some research and due diligence, it’s easily possible to find an installation professional who will go a great job for an affordable price. When researching the various contractors, ask about:

  • Licensing and bonding
  • How long the contractor has been in business
  • Whether the contractor has direct experience completing the type of job you’re doing
  • Whether visual examples of past work are available

It’s also a wise idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the contractor’s past customers have been satisfied, or if there are any active complaints. You can also use online consumer review websites to see what other have to say about the installer’s work.

At Braen Supply, we take pride in providing the highest-quality concrete and clay paver materials on the market. If you’re thinking about installing concrete pavers and you need some advice, or if you’d like to learn more about our comprehensive range of premium stone and concrete products, please visit us online or contact a customer service representative.

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