The Best Pet Friendly Rock Salt

The Best Pet Friendly Rock SaltDuring the winter months when temperatures drop below freezing, ice can form on sidewalks, driveways, front steps and other surfaces, creating dangerous conditions for foot and vehicular traffic. In order to remedy these problems, many homeowners utilize rock salt or other ice melting products.

But while you may be protecting yourself and your loved ones by spreading rock salt, you could actually be endangering your pets. In order to keep every member of your family safe this winter season, it’s important that you learn about the possible harmful effects of rock salt on pets, and how to choose a pet friendly rock salt.

Dangers of Rock Salt on Pets

The materials and chemicals utilized in most ice melting products can cause serious problems for dogs and outdoor cats who are exposed to rock salt. Whether you’re letting your pet out to go the bathroom or are taking them for a walk, bits of rock salt and calcium chloride can easily become trapped in between the pads of his paws.

When this happens, the pet may experience severe dermatitis, inflammation of the paws, irritation and pain. If the animal has a high sensitivity to these products they can even develop infections and other dangerous health conditions.

Finally, consider the fact that many rock salt products can heat up to as high as 175 degrees when removed from the cold. Should your furry friend track that material indoors on his or her paws, it could result in burns to the paws and skin – and these are only exterior problems.

Dogs, cats and even wildlife that are exposed to rock salt will have the natural instinct to lick their paws should they entrap bits of rock salt or become irritated. When the rock salt is ingested, it can lead to burns of the mouth, gastrointestinal issues, digestive problems, vomiting and even death in cases where enough of the material is consumed. Because you don’t want to bring harm to your pet, you’ll need to take measures to find an effective but pet friendly ice melt this year.

Choosing a Pet Friendly Ice Melt

When looking for a pet friendly ice melt, you don’t want to compromise safety for quality and vice-versa. Here’s what you should look for in an ice melting product that’s safe for you and your animals:

  • Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) – Calcium Magnesium Acetate is composed of dolomitic lime and acetic acid. In pet friendly ice melt brands like Safer Than Salt – Breeders Preferred, Safer Than Salt – Commercial and Environmelt, CMA is used as a coating for the ice melt in order to protect the paws of pets and other animals. As an added bonus, CMA is biodegradable and environmentally friendly so that you can reduce your carbon footprint while preventing ice from forming around your property.
  • Melting Capabilities – In addition to being safe for your pet, you need your ice melt to actually work effectively. Safer Than Salt – Breeder’s Preferred, Safer Than Salt – Commercial and Environmelt is specifically engineered with a fast-acting formula so that it quickly begins to melt any existing ice and prevent any further freezing. It should be noted that this ice melt works best at temperatures at or above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but can be effective at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Coloration – Many ice melt products that are designed to be safe for pets are colored to make the de-icing material distinct from others. Because the material stands out when it is colorized, it’s easier to see if your pet is consuming ice or salt that has been contaminated with ice melting products. It will also be easier for you to see if any pellets have become attached to your pet’s fur or paws so that you can remove them prior to ingestion. Finally, you’ll be able to see how much ice melt has been spread across your driveway or other surfaces to avoid overuse.

Where to Buy Pet Friendly Ice Melt

Braen Supply is proud to offer Safer Than Salt – Breeder’s Preferred, Safer Than Salt – Commercial and Environmelt to its animal loving customers. Because we’re concerned about the safety of your pets, we offer wholesale pricing on jugs, cases, and pallets of pet friendly ice melt for pickup or bulk delivery.

If you ever have any questions about the right ice melt for you and your pets, don’t hesitate to reach out to our rock salt team.