The Top Benefits of Using Porcelain Pavers Around Your Pool

Want to make a big splash with your swimming pool deck or surrounding patio area? We urge you to consider working with a cultured stone like porcelain pavers.

This versatile material is taking the world of hardscaping by storm, as a growing number of NJ homeowners have begun to recognize the many benefits associated with working with porcelain units. So why have porcelain pavers become so popular in recent years?

What do you stand to gain from working with cultured stone products like these? And what is cultured stone anyway? This post will break down the answers to these questions by highlighting the numerous advantages to using porcelain pavers around your swimming pool.

What is Cultured Stone?

Before we proceed any further, we first need to establish what cultured stone products like porcelain pavers actually are. In the simplest terms, cultured stone refers to hardscaping products that are made from non-stone substances like concrete, or ceramics such as porcelain.

These products are then shaped, colored and textured in a manner that mirrors the exact look and feel of natural stone.

Unlike natural stone, though, porcelain pavers are lighter weight and less expensive. This makes it possible for any homeowner to enjoy natural beauty and elegance on a budget they can afford.

Why Choose Porcelain Pavers for Swimming Areas?

Now the question is, what is cultured stone going to do for you and your property? How do you stand to benefit from working with materials like porcelain pavers, and why should you choose these over alternative solutions like concrete pavers?

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why homeowners prefer to work with porcelain pavers over other hardscaping materials for their swimming pool decks and patios:


No homeowner would have any interest in working with porcelain pavers if they weren’t visually appealing. Porcelain is easy to manufacture into a wide range of shapes, cuts, styles, colors, textures and finishes, making it possible to produce pavers that match up with the unique tastes and needs of homeowners throughout the country.

No matter what type of theme or style you’re trying to establish for your swimming area, you’ll find stunning porcelain pavers to complete the look. Porcelain pavers can be produced to emulate natural stone or even hardwood, depending on your preferences.

Slip Resistant

For obvious reasons, you want to take measures to ensure that your swimming pool deck is a safe space for your family and friends. This means finding a paving material that won’t become slippery when exposed to water.

Cultured stone like porcelain pavers have been designed with richly textured surfaces in order to add traction. In addition to this, porcelain pavers have a very low porosity which helps to facilitate faster draining and drying. This means that water won’t pool and remain stagnant on the pavers for extended periods of time.

Tough and Durable

Once installed, you can count on the fact that your porcelain pavers will hold their own and continue to meet your needs for many years. Porcelain is known for being extremely strong and durable, even when exposed to high volumes of foot traffic and regular usage.


The fact that porcelain pavers are so much lighter in weight than their natural stone or concrete counterparts is very beneficial throughout the transportation and installation process.

Lighter weight materials generally cost less to move due to lower fuel consumption, and you’ll also enjoy the ability to maneuver your pavers with increased speed and agility.

Scratch Resistant

Swimming pool decks and patios are frequently subjected to the regular sliding and moving of patio furniture, like lounge chairs and poolside tables. Fortunately, porcelain is an extremely dense and hard material.

As a result, the pavers are naturally able to resist the effects of scratching and marking. This means that you won’t have to worry about frequently replacing your pavers. Instead, they’ll continue to look as flawless as the day they were first installed throughout their lifetime.

Stain Resistant

People love to gather around the swimming pool for cocktails, snacks and other beverages. The last thing you want is for your stunning pool deck to become stained from spills.

Because porcelain pavers aren’t porous, both liquid and chemical spills won’t penetrate the pavers, thus creating a faster and simpler cleanup – with no stains!

Mold/Mildew Resistant

Mold and mildew love water, but they don’t love porcelain pavers. Once again, the low porosity of  porcelain keeps excess moisture at bay, making sure that mold and mildew can’t grow or thrive near your swimming pool.

Lasting Color

Most porcelain pavers are colored all the way through, and all have had pigmentation baked into them at temperatures exceeding 1200 degrees Celsius. This means that the color actually becomes a part of the paver’s overall composition and will not fade when exposed to the sun.

Heavy Load Bearing

Remember how we mentioned that porcelain pavers are really dense, strong and tough? Well, that means that these fabulous paving units are able to support a lot of weight.

Frost Proof

What is cultured stone going to do about your wintertime woes? Unlike other materials that may crack when exposed to the freeze-and-thaw cycles of NJ winters, porcelain pavers are actually frost proof.

That’s because water can’t penetrate into the non-porous pavers, thus preventing ice from forming within, expanding and creating excess pressure.

Low Maintenance

Sealant and other protective coatings aren’t necessary for porcelain pavers around swimming pools. Simply sweeping and spraying down the pavers from time to time to remove dirt or debris will suffice to keep them looking beautiful and brilliant.


On top of everything else, porcelain pavers remain one of the most affordable and cost-efficient solutions for paving a swimming pool deck or patio. It’s a great option for anyone looking to get the very most out of their investment.

Buying Porcelain Pavers in NJ

Now that we’ve addressed these various questions, it’s time to think about where homeowners like yourself can go to get the best deals on high quality cultured stone, such as porcelain pavers, in NJ and its surrounding regions.

For decades, Braen Supply has been the most trusted name in hardscaping materials throughout the Tri-State area. We carry a large inventory of beautiful porcelain pavers from some of the leading industry brands.

Our experts are familiar with all of our products and can provide you with detailed information and tips for working with each. We always offer the lowest and most competitive rates around. Our porcelain pavers can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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