River Rocks for Sale at Wholesale Prices

River Rocks for Sale at Wholesale PricesWhen comparing decorative landscaping stones, river rocks are among the most popular and versatile. A wide range of available sizes makes it possible to purpose these sleek and attractive stones for numerous applications. Depending on where you purchase river rocks for sale, you may find that the smoothed-down stones feature an array of natural and appealing colors.

Regardless of your personal tastes and style, it is easy to find river rocks that will compliment any aspect of your property.

When planning to buy river rocks, it’s important that you take measures to ensure that the stones will be worth the investment. This involves giving thought to how you would like the rocks to appear on your property and where you can go to buy the highest quality stones at the best prices. This simple guide will help you to choose the right supplier by assessing your needs and understanding the different factors that can influence the price of river rocks for sale.

River Rock Uses

River rocks provide an abundance of options to enhance a landscape. Some of the most common uses for river rocks include:

  • Lawn Replacement – 3/8″-3/4″ river rocks are a great alternative to a traditional grassy lawn. These stones can be used to create a unique and attractive landscape that is virtually maintenance free.
  • Play Areas – Small river rocks that are 3/8″ in size are a great choice for surfacing playgrounds and the areas around play equipment. They are smooth and soft to walk on, are shock absorbent, and require less maintenance than other alternatives.
  • Paths and Walkways – A beautiful front walkway or a tranquil garden path can easily be constructed from 3/4″ river rocks.
  • Mulch Replacement – Smaller river rocks can also be used as an alternative for mulch. The stones work to regulate the temperature of the soil and to keep the earth healthy for plants, while also promoting adequate drainage. Unlike mulch, rocks don’t attract insects or other pests, and don’t need to be regularly replaced.
  • Water Features – River rocks that are from 1″-5″ in size are perfect for constructing water features for your property. They can be used to build or enhance waterfalls, to surround ponds and fountains, or to create an attractive river bed that runs through your landscape.

River Rock Pricing

Before you can determine whether or not a supplier’s river rocks for sale are fairly priced, you need to understand what influences their cost. Some factors include:

  • Size – The size of the river rocks that you need will play a role in how much your project costs. Smaller river rocks will cost you more than larger ones as they must undergo additional screening processes to ensure they are the proper size.
  • Amount Needed – In projects where you plan to replace your lawn with small river rocks, you will require a much higher volume of stones than for a small garden project. The more stones that you need, the more you will need to spend.
  • Location – Purchasing river rocks locally will reduce your costs. If you buy river rocks that need to be shipped from another state, the cost of the stones will increase with transportation costs.
  • Vender Type – Even though big box retailers may sell river rocks it’s not in your best interests to buy your stones at these locations. As they must buy their stones from other sources they cannot control the quality and consistency of their products. Purchasing from a local supplier will ensure that you get excellent quality stones, that knowledgable staff is available to assist you and that you will get the best pricing available.
  • Delivery – If you are in need of a large quantity of river rocks you may need to consider having the materials bulk delivered to your property. All local river rock suppliers will be able to bulk deliver to your location for a minimal fee.

Where to Buy River Rocks for Sale

It’s important to buy river rocks from a supplier that is well versed in the product and can meet all of your needs. Purchasing stones directly from a stone supplier, like Braen Supply, will allow you to enjoy your pick of a wide range of high quality river rocks at the most competitive prices available. Braen Supply has knowledgable staff on hand that can review every detail of your river rock project with you. We also offer river rocks for sale that are available for bulk delivery across all of NJ, NY, PA & CT.

You don’t have to be an expert on rocks in order to get the best materials and deals for your landscaping projects. When you understand what to look for in a stone supplier you can get the most beautiful and fairly priced river rocks for sale in New Jersey.

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