How Much Snow Will NJ Get in 2015?

Fall has officially arrived and Old Man Winter is following closely behind. Before you know it, snow and ice will be covering the ground, and the time to start making preparations for the cold weather is now.

Experts are already making educated guesses about what we can expect in terms or precipitation and temperature patterns throughout the 2014-2015 season.

The general consensus is that we can expect another year of freezing conditions and abundant snow in NJ.

In order to ensure you’re prepared for the winter ahead, take a look at this breakdown of statewide weather predictions and the essential equipment you’ll need to get through it.

Snow in Northern NJ

According to the Farmer’s Almanac and other weather professionals, it’s believed that those living in the northern portion of the state can expect some heavy snowfall this winter. In the Newark area, for example, weather expert Rob Guarino is predicting more than 30 inches of snow this season, falling over an average of 14 days.

Snow in Central NJ

Do you live or work in central NJ? If so, you should begin planning for above-average precipitation as well. Guiarino is estimating that approximately 26 inches of snow will fall this winter season (4 inches above the usual) over the course of 10-11 days. Average temperatures will be windy and well below freezing.

Snow in Southern NJ

Those in southern New Jersey aren’t off the hook, either. In fact, this region will likely see the largest spike in snowfall and precipitation throughout the 2015 winter season – especially in areas along the Atlantic coast. Guiarino’s outlook shows a prediction of more than 27 inches of snow in the Atlantic City area where the average is only 16.5 inches. That’s a leap of more than 10 inches! Plan for around an average of 9 snow days and average temperatures of below 20 degrees throughout southern NJ.

Essential Winter Equipment

The projected severity of this winter will mean bad news for those who don’t take the time to gather all of the supplies they need for safety and comfort. Before we get any snow in NJ, it’s important that you take measures to ensure that you have the following:

  • Rock Salt – Freezing temperatures and frequent precipitation make it easy for ice patches to form on your property. Rock salt and other ice melting materials work to lower the freezing temperature of water so that existing ice melts and new ice is prevented from forming. Depending on the brand that you choose to use, your ice melt could also release heat for faster acting melting power, be safe for use around animals and children or work to better protect vegetation. Talk to a trusted professional about which option is right for you.
  • Shovel(s) – The last thing you want is to get snowed in your driveway or have your car trapped beneath a pile of snow pushed to the side of the street by a plow because you didn’t have the right equipment to dig your way out. A sturdy, reliable shovel can help you to quickly clear sidewalks, paths, driveways and to remove large amounts of unwanted snow from on or around your vehicle. In addition to this, a shovel can be used to spread rock salt across smaller surfaces.
  • Salt Spreader – For those who need to spread rock salt on large driveways, lengths of sidewalk or parking lots, you may want to consider investing in a salt spreader. This will make the process much faster and easier, and will ensure that the salt is evenly distributed.
  • Sand – Another “must” for safety during periods of snow in NJ is sand. Sand can be spread on surfaces to add traction and further prevent accidents. Rear-wheel drive vehicles can also benefit from putting a bag of sand in their trunk for added control.

Stock Up Sooner Than Later

Having the proper winter tools and equipment is critical to maintaining the level of safety throughout your property. Unless you plan ahead and purchase what you need to get through the 2015 season, there’s a chance that you may not have the right supplies on hand when severe weather occurs.

Last winter is a perfect example of this. Because the cold temperatures and high levels of precipitation lasted longer than anticipated, many retailers ran out of rock salt. Home and business owners who hadn’t stocked up in advance were deeply impacted by the rock salt shortage.

To avoid coming up short in your hour of need, be sure to pick up all of the essentials before we ever see a flake of snow in NJ. To learn more about which type of rock salt is right for you and discuss bulk delivery options, be sure to talk to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives here at Braen Supply.