3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Veneer Stone

Veneer stone is a gorgeous architectural element that can add value to any home. Generally, stone veneers are used as a decorative means of covering either the exterior and interior walls of a house. These veneers may be crafted from real stone, or they may be comprised of manufactured stone. Because both types of veneers are developed with such care and precision, natural stone and manufactured stone veneers are equally popular throughout NJ. If you’ve been thinking about introducing the look of veneer stone to your property, you’re likely interested in learning as much about the material as possible. In order to shed some light on the subject, we’ve put together this simple guide on three key things to know about veneer stone.

Veneer Stone Increases Property Value

One of the primary reasons why NJ homeowners love stone veneers is that they offer so much in the way of beauty, charm, and sophistication. Both natural and manufactured stone veneers are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, depending on your individual tastes and desires. Because the veneers are so versatile, it’s easy to create a look that matches with your home design style.  As stone is such a desirable commodity in construction and home decor, this can immediately increase the curb appeal of your home and add to the overall value of your property. Stone veneers are capable of completely transforming the look of your home and making it much more visually appealing. This is great news whether you’re planning on living in your home for a long time or thinking about putting it on the market in the near future.

Veneer Stone has Many Options

Believe it or not, selecting a natural or manufactured stone veneer to upgrade your home with may not be as easy as you think as the options are endless. You’ll find that stone veneers come in many different cuts and colors, which means there is something for everyone regardless of your style. Your supplier can walk you through the different options that are available and help you select the right cut and color for your home. They will also be able to help you stay on budget and complete your project without breaking the bank. During this time, you might also discuss whether or not you should be working with natural or manufactured veneer stone, as well as whether full stone or thin stone veneers are better for your home – and the differences in pricing.

Veneer Stone is Easy to Work With

Although completing a construction job entirely of natural stone can be challenging and cumbersome, working on a project with veneer stone is surprisingly simple. The lighter weight of veneer stone makes it very versatile in terms of where and how it can be installed, and thin stone veneers are capable of doing what even a full stone veneer cannot. This means that you can decorate and upgrade your home in ways and locations that would never be possible with true stone or other construction materials. The lightweight also makes it very simple for skilled contractors to quickly install the veneer stones. In addition to everything else, veneer stone requires very little maintenance and will continue to look and function beautifully in the many years ahead. All you’ll need to do is invest a little bit of time to inspect your veneer once or twice each year and to fill in any missing grout or mortar. During this time you can also clean away any dust, dirt, debris, or grim with a mild solution of warm water and dish soap, as well as a soft bristled brush. You might also consider sealing your veneer stone in order to make it even easier to clean and care for.

Where to Buy Veneer Stone in NJ

If, after reading through these points, you feel as though stone veneers are the way to go when upgrading your home, you’ll need to find an excellent veneer stone supplier. Although veneer vendors are available online, and veneers can also be purchased in big box stores, your better off steering clear of these options. Buying veneer stone online means that you won’t have the option to visually inspect the materials before working with them, and it is also likely to result in high shipping and handling fees. Purchasing from a big box store might also seem like a smart idea, but you will not receive the same level of customer service as you would if you worked with a local supplier.

So where should you turn in your hour of need? The smartest option is to look for a locally owned and operated veneer stone supplier, like Braen Supply, that offers a massive inventory of high-quality materials at fair and reasonable prices. We offer both natural and manufactured stone veneers, and also sell both full stone and thin stone veneers. Our team of experts is ready to answer any questions you may have about choosing, installing, and maintaining veneer stone. Once you settle on the veneer you love, you can choose to transport the materials to your job site on your own, or you can talk to our team about having them delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and limited parts of PA, and CT. Give us a call or drop by to learn more today.