The Best Stone Veneer Prices in NJ

Stone Veneer Prices in NJThe installation of stone veneer has become a very popular option for homeowners looking to dress up the appearance of their homes.

Stone veneers can provide your home with an unmatched beauty that can blend with nearly any landscape.

In fact, stone veneer has grown in popularity in NJ in recent years because of its beauty and cost effectiveness.

As one of the largest suppliers of stone veneer in NJ we’ve seen several different factors that impact the pricing discrepancies that you see across different vendors and locations.

It is important to keep in mind that nearly all home and business owners say that the look the stone veneer provides was worth the cost.

Factors That Influence The Cost of Stone Veneer in NJ

There are two main factors that have the greatest influence on the cost of stone veneer.

  • Labor costs– Labor is arguably the largest expense involved in a project involving stone veneer. Depending on your veneer choice, your labor costs can be much lower or higher than you might expect. Thin stone veneer is much cheaper to install, however the materials will be more expensive than its full-stone counterpart.
  • The veneer type– The price of the veneer that you choose may vary greatly, as there are many different types of veneers available to choose from. Square, rectangle and ashlars are three of the more expensive types of stone veneer. This is because of the amount of waste that is created when they are cut to size. The initial cost of full stone veneer may be less than that of thin stone veneer, however you will pay more in installation costs due to its size and weight.

Finding a Stone Veneer Supplier in NJ

One very important thing to consider is where you will purchase the veneer for your upcoming project. Finding a great supplier of stone veneer is important for a number of reasons.

You want a supplier who has a history of success. Look for a supplier that can tell you everything you could want to know about the products you are considering. Great suppliers will have employees that are willing to answer all of your questions.

Braen Supply has been working with New Jersey homeowners and contractors for more than a decade on stone veneer projects. With a team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees, we are ready to help you throughout your project.

We also recommend looking for a supplier that has a wide variety of stone veneer on-site. This is important because you will be able to see the material in person, not just in professional photos. This will also allow you the opportunity to take the materials home on the day of your visit, if you choose to do so.

Braen Supply is home to the largest showroom in NJ and has a wide variety of stone veneers for you to choose from. In fact, we want you to come and see the veneers before you choose one. This will ensure that you’ll love your homes’ new look for years to come.

The Best Stone Veneer Prices in New Jersey

With dozens of stone veneer styles on display, you’ll be able to find the veneer that fits the vision for your property. After more than ten years in the northern New Jersey area we have developed strong relationships with our suppliers and will work with you and your needs.

As one of the largest stone veneer suppliers in NJ we offer some of the best prices in the Tri-State Area. We can deliver the materials to your home or business across NJ or you can pick them up at our Wanaque location.

We encourage you to visit any suppliers locations to get a better feel for all of their stone veneer offerings.

This photo is courtesy of Georgia Construction Consultants, Inc.