The 4 Tones of Techo-Bloc Aberdeen Slabs

If you keep up with our blog, you’ve probably seen us rave about Techo-Bloc Aberdeen pavers once or twice. Who can blame us? These incredible, geometrical and oh-so-bold slabs add a touch of sophistication and style to any landscape – almost effortlessly!

Whether used to pave a driveway, an outdoor living room, a swimming pool deck, or an outdoor kitchen and dining area, Aberdeen slabs will set the tone for you and your guests to relax, unwind and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

In order to accommodate the unique needs of its different customers, Techo-Bloc has worked to develop four unique color palettes for its Aberdeen collection. Today’s post will highlight the four tones that you can choose from when designing a landscape with Techo-Bloc Aberdeen slabs.

The Importance of Color

Before we dive into the colors on offer from Techo-Bloc, we want to take a few moments to discuss why it’s so important to set the right “tone” with just the right tone of Aberdeen slabs.

Your home’s landscape and hardscape are reflections of who you are, and of your one-of-a-kind personality. It’s crucial, then, that your Techo-Bloc Aberdeen slabs match up with your tastes and sense of style.

While one color may be indicative of a modern-chic and totally cool vibe, another tone may establish a sense of warmth and the comforts of traditional style. Some hues are better for creating a southwestern theme for your landscape, while others may be better suited for your Euro fantasies.

Taking the time to carefully consider your options and choosing a hue that will fit into your style of decor will make all the difference in your landscaping and hardscaping project design.

Techo-Bloc Aberdeen Tone Families

Regardless of what ideas you have for creating a theme or “vibe” for your property, you’ll find that there’s a Techo-Bloc Aberdeen color collection that will suit your individual tastes and needs. Here’s a closer look at what Techo-Bloc has to offer:

  • Azzurro – If cool, sophisticated, contemporary style is your thing, you’ll love the look of the Azzurro tone for Aberdeen slabs. The smooth and soft gray tones give a clean, polished and modern look to any landscape while still offering the natural appeal of true stone.
  • Baja Beige – The Baja Beige tone collection warms things up a bit. The combination of the sandy hues and the rugged texturing create the impression of being in the desert, the southwest, or at the beach. This creates many possibilities for establishing a gorgeous landscape that will impress your friends and families.
  • Olive – A subtle greenish-brown tone is the hallmark of the Olive color collection for Aberdeen slabs. It’s cool and sleek enough to be incorporated in even the most modern of designs, while still offering a naturalistic beauty that can work for traditional styles.
  • Rock Garden Brown – For a truly earthy tone and naturalistic appeal, we suggest working with Rock Garden Brown slabs. The rich, medium-brown coloring is warm, welcoming and appealing to all.

Mixing and Matching

Who says you have to settle for just one of the four spectacular tones offered through the Techo-Bloc Aberdeen collection? Many NJ homeowners have found that mixing and matching the different colors can add a touch of originality, visual interest and even whimsy to their properties.

The colors easily compliment one another and you’ll love the patchwork vibe created by pairing two, three, or all four of the colors together.

The effect is even more interesting when you mix and match both tones and slab shapes. We recommend talking to your supplier or your landscape designer for more inspiration in this area.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tone

So, which color (or colors) of Techo-Bloc Aberdeen slabs are right for your home? In addition to looking at the tone collections available online and checking out our descriptions of each, we recommend taking the time to visit our local showroom.

Here, you can get a better sense for what these colors look like – live and in-person. You might also consider reaching out to Techo-Bloc to request color swatches.

This will allow you to hold the tones up to different landscaping and architectural features throughout your property so that you can verify that it’s a good match.

Of course, you might also consider consulting with a landscaping designer for his or her expert opinion. Whichever tones you choose, though, we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with your Aberdeen pavers for life.

Working with Techo-Bloc Aberdeen Pavers in NJ

Have you fallen in love with Techo-Bloc Aberdeen slabs? Are you ready to choose the right tone for your landscape? If so, Braen Supply is here to help.

We have a long-standing relationship with Techo-Bloc and have acted as an authorized dealer of the brand’s products for many years. As such, we are able to provide you with a unique perspective on Aberdeen slabs and offer advice on how to choose the right tone for your property.

You can always visit our local landscaping materials showroom to talk to our experts about Aberdeen pavers and to see what they look like in-person.

Our Techo-Bloc Aberdeen slabs are available at competitive wholesale prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ & NY and limited parts of PA & CT.

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