8 Questions to Ask Your Local Techo-Bloc Dealers

Techo-Bloc is all the rage in NJ and throughout the northeastern states. These beautifully manufactured stone pavers are designed with nature in mind.

Each Techo-Bloc paver features stunning colors, textures and patterns that give the material the appearance of the types of stone you’d find in a secluded forest or a spectacular mountain ridge – but without all of the imperfections and irregularities.

What’s more, Techo-Bloc manufactured pavers are also much more affordable than natural stone, providing homeowners a means of upgrading their properties without having to break the bank. No wonder this brand is taking the landscaping world by storm!

If you’re at all interested in Techo-Bloc pavers, it’s very important that you take the time to learn more about their products and the dealers who sell them before proceeding. Techo-Bloc materials are not sold directly from the Techo-Bloc company. Instead, Techo-Bloc partners with other businesses, known as authorized dealers, in order to move their products.

Choosing the best local dealer will make a big difference in your overall level of satisfaction with your upcoming project. So how do you find the right dealer? We recommend that you start by asking the following 8 questions:

1. Are you an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer?

If you’re talking to someone who sells Techo-Bloc, this may seem like a silly question to ask, but it’s very important. You may find that some vendors (both small companies and individuals) may be trying to run a scam by purchasing Techo-Bloc products from authorized dealers and then re-selling them at higher rates.

Not only does this require you to spend more money than what the materials are worth, but it also means that the vendor won’t have the most reliable or current information on Techo-Bloc products. Never hesitate to ask your prospective dealer for proof that they are authorized to sell products on behalf of Techo-Bloc.

2. How long have you been working with Techo-Bloc?

It’s always a good idea to get a feel for how long your potential Techo-Bloc dealer has actually been affiliated with Techo-Bloc.

Those companies which have had an ongoing partnership for a long time are the most likely to employ sales professionals who are well-versed with the products that they sell and can, therefore, provide customers like you with the highest quality customer service information possible.

These are the businesses that will be able to offer the best tips and ideas for working with Techo-Bloc products and will be able to answer questions with the highest degree of accuracy.

3. How can Techo-Bloc products be used to enhance my property?

If you’re interested in Techo-Bloc but aren’t sure how you can incorporate the paving stones into your property, you would benefit from talking to an authorized dealer for ideas and suggestions.

A good dealer will take the time to listen to your needs and desires, will take the size and scope of your landscape and existing landscaping/architectural features into consideration, and will help you to make decisions about which types of projects (ie: patio installation, new stair treads, pool deck remodel, etc.) are appropriate for your home.

The best vendors will even take the time to help you figure out how much material you’ll need and how much you should plan to set aside for your budget.

4. Which Techo-Bloc products are right for my project?

Once you’ve got big plans in place for how you plan to use Techo-Bloc paving stones in and around your property, it’s time to start evaluating which product or products will best compliment your home and the work.

An experienced Techo-Bloc dealer will be so familiar with the different types of paving stones and other manufactured stone products that he or she will be able to quickly and accurately point you in the direction of the materials that are not only ideally suited to that kind of job but also that will meet your color, style and design preferences.

5. Can I install Techo-Bloc products on my own?

If you’re into saving money and do-it-yourself type projects, you may be wondering if installing Techo-Bloc products is something that you could handle on your own. Before you dive in with both feet, we strongly urge you to consult with your local Techo-Bloc dealer.

A knowledgeable dealer will have your best interests in mind and, after having a conversation with you about what is required from the installation process and your level of skill and experience, he or she will let you know whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for tackling the project.

Fortunately, Techo-Bloc is relatively simple to work with, so those that have done similar projects in the past will find that the process is fast and easy.

6. Which local contractors would you recommend working with?

If, after talking with your trusted Techo-Bloc dealer, you or the dealer have any concerns about your ability to install your materials, it’s wise to ask the vendor for any suggestions on reliable Techo-Bloc contractors available in your area.

A seasoned Techo-Bloc dealer will have established relationships with various regional contractors throughout the years and will know which ones are most familiar with the products you’re interested in working with, and which ones have the best reputation for delivering rock solid work at fair and reasonable prices. This will ensure that you have the best and most affordable experience with a contractor.

7. Are Techo-Bloc products guaranteed?

Techo-Bloc offers a lifetime guarantee on its products, but make sure to ask your dealer about it. They will be able to provide you with all of the care and maintenance requirements for Techo-Bloc pavers and other materials. Properly sealing and maintaining the products may be a stipulation for having the materials backed up by manufacturer warranty.

8. Do you offer bulk delivery services?

After you’ve ordered your Techo-Bloc materials, you need to have a plan for getting the paving stones and other products back to your property for installation. It’s smart, then to ask your dealer if they offer bulk delivery services in your area.

Make sure that they company is actually licensed and insured to provide these types of services, and never hesitate to ask about the dealer’s driver safety record. Finally, insist on working with a dealer that provides stellar customer service and accommodates your scheduling needs.

As the leading supplier of Techo-Bloc products in NJ, Braen Supply is more than happy to answer all of your questions. We are an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer and stay current with all of the brand’s latest product offerings and techniques for installation and care.

We employ skilled professionals who are knowledgeable about Techo-Bloc products and can provide you with helpful tips for installation or can point you in the direction of local contractors who are able to work with these materials effectively and affordably.

You’ll find that all of our Techo-Bloc materials are available at fair and competitive rates and can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.