Your Guide to Techo-Bloc Installation in NY

Got Techo-Bloc on the brain? NY homeowners love the touch of class and sophistication that beautiful Techo-Bloc products have to offer their landscapes and hardscapes.

Techo-Bloc concrete materials are meticulously designed and engineered to look and feel exactly like natural stone – but at a fraction of the cost. That’s not the only reason people are so crazy about Techo-Bloc, though. Each of the brand’s high quality materials are easy to work with, making for fast and affordable project installations.

Whether you choose to do the work on your own or hire a professional contractor, Techo-Bloc’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction guides make it possible for the work done on time and on budget and we’re going to make it easier for you, still. To make sure that you have the best possible experience throughout the installation process, we’ve put together the following pro tips for handling Techo-Bloc installations in NY.

Common Tips for Techo-Bloc Installations in NY

Techo-Bloc is known for offering great, downloadable instructions for installing their products. Even so, there are a few other things that would be helpful for you to know.

Here’s a look at a few tips for handling the most popular types of Techo-Bloc installations in your area:

  • Laying Pavers and Slabs – Whenever you’re working with Techo-Bloc pavers and slabs, you should start by laying the materials down around the outside edges and then work your way inward. Always make sure to make use of a high quality polymeric sand to bind the pavers together, and use plenty of water to activate the polymers.
  • Building Walls – Techo-Bloc makes the process of installing concrete block walls pretty straightforward and simple. However we do advise that you never exceed the height specifications provided for building a wall, as this can detract from the structural integrity.
  • Constructing Steps – The primary difficulty that people face when constructing Techo-Bloc steps is in determining how many steps will actually need to be installed. We strongly urge you to consult with a trusted professional in order to measure the slope of your yard, to help you determine the appropriate rise and run for the steps to be installed and to figure out exactly how many concrete steps will be needed to make a comfortable, reliable, safe, and attractive staircase.
  • Assembling Fire Features – Techo-Bloc sells all-in-one fire pit and fireplace kits that are very easy to assemble. The key here is to make sure that the area you wish to place the fireplace is suitable for withstanding the weight, and that the foundation is secure.

Tips for Cutting Concrete

In some instances – especially cases where you’re coming up to an end of a row or are creating specific patterns and angles – you’ll find that you’ll need to cut the concrete in order to ensure that the pieces fit properly together. We suggest that you carry out this work in one of two ways.

The first method is to use a hammer and chisel. Here, you’ll need to put in a little bit more elbow grease but you will be able to maintain a pretty high degree of precision throughout the process. This is the best course of action for a “newbie”.

The second option is to use a concrete saw. The saw will cut through the concrete much faster, but those who don’t have experience with tools like these may find that it’s more difficult to maneuver and thereby more difficult to maintain control over the precision of the cut.

We suggest that only more seasoned DIY-ers or professionals go this route. In either case, you’ll first need to measure the exact cut of the concrete paver, slab, block, step, or other material against neighboring materials for a perfect fit.

Next, you’ll need to score the concrete unit. From here, you’ll either chisel or saw the concrete to the correct side. In the case of chiseling, you’ll need to complete several passes before the unwanted pieces will break away.

Regardless of which method you choose, we urge you to take your time so as to avoid making careless mistakes. Breakages and errors most commonly occur with those who try to rush through the work. Finally, always wear safety gloves and follow safety procedures to avoid injury.

Tips for Finding a Supplier

No matter what type of Techo-Bloc project you’re handling, you’re going to need to find a reliable supplier for all of your materials. In addition to the Techo-Bloc products that will be required for the work, you’ll also likely need other construction materials like crushed stone or sand, to act as a base material.

Instead of running back and forth between different vendors, we suggest that you look for a supplier that can provide you with all of the materials you need – all in one location. This means that you’ll need to find a business that not only acts as an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer, but that also manufactures and sells high quality aggregate products.

For best results, we typically advise that you stay local with your hunt. Buying online materials can initially seem like the cheaper route, but you’ll miss out on the opportunity to visually inspect your purchases before making and order and you’ll end up spending more money on shipping and transportation fees in the long run.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to find a company that can not only act as your supplier, but also as your delivery service. After all, you’re going to need to have a means of moving your Techo-Bloc materials from the vendor’s location to your job site. Finding an all-in-one company like this will make your life easier and will likely cut down on your overall expenses.

Tips for Finding a Contractor

Those who don’t feel comfortable installing Techo-Bloc products on their own will need to find an honest, reliable, NY contractor that’s familiar with working with Techo-Bloc.

In addition to looking for companies with positive customer reviews, it’s always wise to talk to your Techo-Bloc supplier to see if they have any leads or connections to reputable contractors that they know are capable of doing great work at fair and reasonable prices.

Installing Techo-Bloc in NY

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We’re happy to pass along that knowledge to our customers, and to answer any questions they may have. We’ve also developed solid relationships with Techo-Bloc contractors who can step up to the plate and do the work on your behalf, should you decide to go that route.

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