5 Techo-Bloc Pavers for Landscaping Around a Deck or Patio

You absolutely love the look of your home’s backyard patio or deck, but something is still missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you feel like your property lacks that “je ne sais quoi” that would really take it to the next level.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many NJ homeowners have a strong desire to incorporate some new landscaping or hardscaping element into the design surrounding their patios and decks in order to add a higher degree of sophistication and visual appeal to their properties.

The only questions is, how to do it? As experts on this subject, we suggest working with Techo-Bloc Pavers. Anyone familiar with the world of landscaping and hardscaping is familiar with Techo-Bloc.

The industry-leading company has worked for years to design and craft incredibly naturalistic and beautiful concrete products that can be used for a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping purposes – all at prices that the average homeowner can easily afford.

Techo-Bloc pavers are among the most popular products offered by the company and they come in a wide range of different styles, shapes, colors, textures and patterns.

This makes it very easy to find the perfect type of paver to use around your existing deck or patio – regardless of your home’s current landscaping theme or the materials being used throughout your property at present.

Although the sky is truly the limit in terms of selecting the right Techo-Bloc pavers for your patio, we have put together a list of five of our favorite materials for this purpose in order to provide you with a little bit of creative inspiration.

5 Great Techo-Bloc Pavers for Landscaping Around Decks and Patios

1. Valet

Let’s begin with something truly exciting: one of Techo-Bloc’s newest available landscaping materials. The Valet collection of pavers by Techo-Bloc is specifically designed to add character, luxury and a touch of intrigue to other landscaping and hardscaping features.

The perfectly square pavers are extremely rich in texturing, taking their lead from the natural look of lava rock and basalt. The pavers are available in multiple different colors, ranging from shades of charcoal and gray to brown and beige.

Many homeowners choose to alternate colors in order to create more of a checkerboard feel to the design and layout of the materials. We love the look of Valet pavers around existing decks and patios because they bring something extra and something very special to any outdoor living space.

Whether a single row or a band of multiple rows of the pavers are used to surround the area, you’ll find that it really highlights your current landscaping materials and makes your property look much more valuable.

2. Antika

NJ homeowners agree that Antika pavers by Techo-Bloc offer a unique flair that you can’t get from other paving and landscaping materials. Antika pavers are designed with original and unique styling in mind and their free-flowing flavor appeals to people from all walks of life.

The irregularly shaped and semi-rounded pavers create a somewhat cobblestoned effect while still maintaining a modern appeal and vibe. If your existing paved patio, pool deck, or other type of deck features large blocks or slabs in square or rectangular shapes, we suggest that you consider landscaping around the idea with the small, irregular, smooth shapes offered from the Antika collection.

The sharp contrast between these two styles is very visually stimulating, but the fact that the Antika collection is so soft and subtle will make the transition easy to digest and ensure that it is very aesthetically pleasing.

3. Allegro

The Allegro collection by Techo-Bloc is one of the brand’s simplest designs, but it still offers a great deal of elegance and sophistication. We like the idea of pairing the small, brick-like pavers with larger, more irregularly shaped pavers and slabs.

If your patio or deck features these types of dramatic pavers and slabs, you can tie off or create a more finished look by bordering the space with one or more rows of these charming pavers. They are easy to blend with many other different hardscaping materials and are available in seven different colors.

4. Mista Random

We love Mista Random pavers for a number of different reasons. For starters, the majestic concrete pavers feature incredible texturing that offers unique style and sophistication to any home.

For another, the pavers are available in a wide range of different colors and dimensions, which makes it very easy to create designs that really “pop” and offer a great deal of visual interest for stimulating the senses and imagination.

When used around decks and patios, the Mista Random pavers can be taken to an even higher level. They are very easily paired with a wide range of other landscaping and hardscaping materials, both standing out on their own and enhancing the beauty of the existing elements throughout your property.

We’ve seen many homeowners use Mista random pavers to create beautiful borders surrounding paved areas and they can even be great for creating a natural transition between various paving materials throughout the landscape.

5. Flagstone

Flagstone is beloved for its irregular shaping and naturalistic appearance and the Techo-Bloc collection does not disappoint.

Moving outward from a more angular and geometrically stylized patio or deck and into the natural vibe presented by Flagstone can create a natural transition from upscale outdoor living space into the flowers, trees and vegetation that make up the remainder of your property.

Borders, paths and walkways are all great ways to incorporate the Flagstone collection.

Tips for Choosing the Right Techo-Bloc Pavers

After looking at this list, you may be quite intrigued by the idea of introducing Techo-Bloc pavers into the landscape surrounding your patio or deck, but you may feel unsure about which materials would be right for your home.

You don’t need to simply “wing it” or make a guess and hope that things turn out alright. In addition to tapping into the knowledge resources available at Braen Supply, you can also make use of online design software tools that can help you to better visualize how specific materials will look within the scope of your landscape or hardscape.

Talk to one of our experts to learn more about how you can make use of this type of software in order to craft a spectacular outdoor living space that is fully customized and tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Buying Techo-Bloc Pavers in NJ

When you’re ready to landscape with Techo-Bloc pavers around your home’s patio or deck, Braen Supply is ready to help you realize your dreams. As Techo-Bloc authorized dealers, we have exclusive access to the latest and most accurate product information.

This means we are able to provide you with insider advice on how to choose, work with and maintain your Techo-Bloc pavers. We always offer the lowest and most competitive prices on Techo-Bloc materials.

Feel free to visit our local showroom for more design inspiration. Our materials can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to project sites throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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