How to Achieve the Desert Vibe with Techo-Bloc Portofino in Northern New Jersey

Just because we don’t live in the desert doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the southwest “look”! It’s becoming increasingly popular for northern NJ homeowners to make the decision to bring a taste of the desert right to their own landscapes.

No, we can’t eliminate our famously cold NJ winters from the equation, but desert landscaping is about a whole lot more than just climate: it has its own unique style and vibe that can add a lot of aesthetic and monetary value to your property.

The good news is that Techo-Bloc slabs, pavers, steps, wall stones and other outdoor features make it really easy to capture the magic of the desert on a budget you can afford. Read on to learn more.

Hallmarks of Desert Landscaping

Okay, first of all, what is a desert landscape? Many people associate landscapes with the types of plants that are found within a property, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg.

Cacti and other succulent plants don’t tend to thrive in our region, but you can still make it very obvious that your landscape is modeled after the southwest, even without this type of vegetation.

Desert landscapes and hardscapes can be easily identified by several different factors:  

  • Color – Desert landscaping centers around color. People will instantly associate your property with southwestern style and charm when the hardscape and landscape feature shades of red, orange, brown, tan and even pops of avocado green. Techo-Bloc offers numerous products that are available in these color families.
  • Arcs – Arcs and arches are prominent in southwestern style architecture, and the theme can be repeated throughout the entire landscape. This might translate to creating arc-shaped patios and courtyards, or to literally building an archway to your patio that is veneered with a beautiful Techo-Bloc wall stone.
  • Water Features – The desert is a dry and barren place, but many landscapes throughout the southwest are centered around attractive water features like swimming pools, waterfalls and fountains. Consider using Techo-Bloc products to work these into your landscape.
  • Texture – Desert landscaping is all about creating texture and dimension. You’ll frequently notice boulders contrasted with smaller stones and pebbles contrasted with smooth, sleek hardscaping features. Choose Techo-Bloc materials with textures that contrast well against other landscaping elements for a sophisticated, southwestern vibe.

Achieving the Desert Vibe with Techo-Bloc

Now that you know what desert landscaping is all about, you’re ready to bring the look to your own backyard. You’ll have a lot of fun working with numerous Techo-Bloc products and materials in order to pull off the desert landscape of your dreams.

While you’ll have the freedom to choose which products, styles and colors are right for your needs and personality, we recommend that you start by considering Techo-Bloc materials like:  

  • Aberdeen – Aberdeen slabs in the Baja Beige color family offer the texture and coloring that are associated with desert sand. This can make for a stunning patio or swimming pool deck, especially when contrasted against the waters.
  • Inca –  Unique, rich texturing and detail add visual interest and desert vibes to Inca slabs. For those looking to pull off a southwestern or desert theme within their hardscapes, we suggest choosing slabs in the Baja Beige or Coral Sands families.
  • Travertina – Regardless of which color you choose, the smooth, sleek, matte finish of Travertina slabs, steps and caps are the perfect compliment to loose fill landscaping materials like pebbles, boulders and other rocks or plants. It will create lovely contrast that will draw a lot of notice and positive attention to your property.
  • Sunrock 20mm Porcelain – Techo-Bloc’s porcelain slab collection – specifically, the slabs available in the Sunrock portfolio, are absolutely stunning in desert landscaping-type settings. The coloring is absolutely perfect while the smooth, almost reflective quality of the porcelain captures the sunlight.
  • Eva – The deep, rippling texture of Eva pavers create the image of “folds” that are reminiscent of sand that has been recently walked upon and displaced. Available in Mojave Beige, you’ll really believe that you’re in a desert setting.
  • Flagstone – Just as the sand begins to crack in the extreme heat of the hot summer months, Flagstone in the brown, beige and gold families can emulate the desert floor.
  • Mista –  Another great choice because of its coloration and texturing, Mista pavers are a fabulous option for creating a stunning, desert-style swimming pool deck and oasis of your very own. We urge you to consider Mista pavers in Mojave Beige and Harvest Gold.
  • Mini Creta  –  Mini Creta wall stone units are known for their ability to reflect the style of old western architecture, which fits right into the desert landscaping theme. The stones are aged on both sides for maximum enjoyment. Consider selecting Mini Creta wall blocks in Mojave Beige, Harvest Gold, or Sandalwood for the most southwestern vibe.
  • Prescott – (coral sands) It’s the chiseled face of Prescott wall stones that make them so desirable in desert landscaping. Available in the Coral Sands color family, you can create vibrant textures that work well with other landscaping and hardscaping elements throughout the property, and the rugged look will contrast beautifully against smoother stair treads or caps.
  • Rocka – Rocka wall blocks and edges are another elegant way to introduce texture and a multi-dimensional feel to your desert landscape.
  • Portofino – Portofino units are versatile and can be used for edging, pool coping, or stair treads throughout your desert landscape. In Baja Beige, you’ll really notice the rich texturing and deep folds “pop” and create contrast throughout the entire property.
  • Bullnose – The smooth and rounded edges associated with Bullnose steps and edging materials make it the perfect way to soften the overall appearance of a richly textured desert landscape. Using Bullnose units along the edge of swimming pools, steps, planers, water features and other areas throughout your landscape will smooth things over for the eye and be very aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. Our favorite color for a desert landscape are Mojave Beige, Harvest Gold and Sandlewood.
  • Manchester Foyer – Techo-Bloc’s Manchester Foyer outdoor fireplaces evoke a sense of warmth and home comfort while the architecture throws back to a simpler place in time. When you select a fireplace in Harvest Gold, you’ll feel transported to the desert in the old west.

You’ve certainly got no shortage of options when it comes to bringing Techo-Bloc into your desert landscape. Be sure to talk to the pros about how to mix and match different Techo-Bloc styles throughout your property.

Bringing the Desert to Northern NJ

If you’re digging the desert vibe, be sure to visit locally owned and operated Braen Supply. As authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we offer a massive inventory of Techo-Bloc products in a number of colors and styles that will compliment your desert theme.

Taking a look at what we have to offer in our show room will help you to get a better idea about what will work for your home, and our team of professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Techo-Bloc materials are competitively priced and can be picked up or bulk delivered to areas throughout NJ, NY, NYC and PA.