Qualities to Look for in Your Topsoil Supplier

Topsoil Supplier NJWhen searching for topsoil for your landscape you’ll likely realize that nearly every landscape supplier and big-box retailer in your area offers it for sale.

Although your first instinct may be to visit your local store, that may not be the best decision for your landscape.

There are a variety of qualities that you should be looking for from your topsoil supplier that not every provider meets. In fact, many of these topsoil suppliers fall short in key areas.

Braen Supply has been working with homeowners and contractors on their topsoil projects for more than a decade, making us experts in the field. Based on our experiences we wanted to answer some key questions you may have and show you what qualities you should be looking for from a topsoil supplier.

Common Topsoil Questions

When searching for topsoil there is a good chance you will have a few common questions. Some of the most common we’ve seen are:

Is all topsoil the same? If not, what qualifies as good topsoil?

How do I determine how much topsoil I need?

How do I find the right topsoil supplier?

All Topsoil Isn’t Created Equal

The fact of the matter is that all topsoil is not created equal. Too many people will use old dirt and soil that they have available and market it as topsoil.

While they technically aren’t incorrect, their topsoil likely contains rocks, roots and other materials mixed in. This is known as unscreened topsoil and it can be dangerous to both you and your landscape.

Finding High Quality Topsoil

When looking for good topsoil you should keep an eye out for topsoil that is a dark brown/black in color. This likely indicates that it contains a high level of organic matter (2-10% is the sweet spot for topsoil in NJ) and is of high quality.

The topsoil should feel good in your hand and should be verified as being screened. Screened topsoil will be free from any debris, ensuring the best environment for vegetation growth.

Determining How Much Topsoil You Need

For obvious reasons the total amount of topsoil you need for your project will depend on the size of your landscape. If it is a rectangular area we recommend multiplying the length by the width by the depth. We recommend using a depth of at least 2-3 inches of topsoil.

If you have a much larger area or an area with varying dimensions we recommend working with a local topsoil supplier to get more exact estimates.

You’d rather have slightly more topsoil than is necessary, as you never want to come up short. Coming up short on your topsoil totals will cause you to spread more thinly in some areas, which can hamper vegetation growth.

Finding the Right Topsoil Supplier

There are several different qualities that you should look for from your topsoil supplier. We recommend looking for a supplier with:

1. A Reputation for Excellence.

There will always be landscape suppliers in your areas with a reputation for providing great materials at the best prices. Make sure to speak with other homeowners in your area to gather their thoughts on different suppliers. Great topsoil suppliers will have many happy customers that will be willing to talk about their experience.

2. Screened Topsoil with High Levels of Organic Matter.

As we spoke about above, you want a supplier that has topsoil with an organic matter content of approximately 2-10%. Typically these topsoil suppliers will screen all of their topsoil to ensure it is free of debris, however we recommend verifying this with them. These two factors will ensure that you get topsoil that will help your vegetation thrive.

3. Passionate Team Members.

You want to work with a topsoil supplier who has staff that is passionate about what they do. They should treat you and your landscape as if it was their own. Their level of helpfulness in answering your questions and assisting you with problems will indicate how much they value you and your project.

The Best Topsoil Supplier in NJ

If you are looking for topsoil in the NJ area we’d love to speak with you about your upcoming project.

We’ve worked with thousands of homeowners and contractors over the past decade and we’ve developed some secret tips we’d love to share with you.

As the largest supplier of topsoil in NJ we can provide you with all of the topsoil you need at some of the best prices in the Tri-State Area.

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