The 3 Belgard Lafitt Paver Patterns You Should Include in Your Landscape

Whether you’re constructing a new paver patio or are upgrading an old one, you want to make a statement with it. Far from being exact replicas of other pavers on the block, Belgard Lafitt Pavers offer something fresh, unique and exciting to your patio.

These bold and beautiful concrete pavers offer a naturalistic yet modern touch to your outdoor living space, and will help to increase the value of your entire property.

And as if the pavers weren’t original enough on their own, they can actually be arranged into various different patterns in order to further reflect your individual tastes and sense of style.

So, how will you design your Lafitt paver patio? This post will take a look at the three top Belgard Lafitt paver patterns so that you can create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Pattern 1: 3-Piece Random Running Bond

Running bond patterns are among the most popular choices for working with masonry materials, including concrete pavers. These types of patterns move in a horizontal or lateral direction, adding a great deal of length to your patio or other outdoor living space.

The cool thing about the random running bond patterns offered through the Belgard Lafitt collection is that it features three uniquely sized and shaped “stone” types, and each 3-Piece section may be arranged in a different “randomized” order to add visual interest to your hardscape. This pattern will spark the imagination and keep you and your guests intrigued.

Pattern 2: 3-Piece Modified K Pattern

The K style paver pattern makes use of multiple stone types in order to create a predictable yet angular pattern that almost seems to emulate the shape of the letter “K” as it moves across the patio or other hardscape surface.

Belgard Lafitt pavers can follow this pattern but with a somewhat more subdued twist for a more subtle layout and more geometrical design. The pattern features pavers of three different sizes, and works with the larger units at the top of the pattern, moving downward to the smallest piece before repeating.

Pattern 3: 3 Piece Modern Herringbone

Herringbone patterns are a lot of fun and are frequently selected for their unique aesthetic. The pattern gets its name because the zigzag nature of its design tends to resemble the bone structure of a fish, like the herring.

The modified Lafitt herringbone pattern is somewhat more relaxed and toned down but still offers visual interest as the pieces are fitted going both horizontally and vertically. Like the other Belgard Lafitt paver patterns, the modified herringbone features three separate pieces of differing sizes for depth and dimension.

Choosing the Right Belgard Lafitt Paver Patterns

Knowing your options is only half the battle. After taking a closer look at these three Belgard Lafitt paver patterns, you may find yourself wondering which one is the best fit for your property, and how you can be sure which one is right for your needs.

Although there’s certainly no “black and white” answer to these questions, there are certain things you can do to make the best decision possible. Here are a few smart tips:

  • Look for Inspiration Belgard offers pictures of projects that have been completed with Lafitt pavers, and you’ll also find photos of completed projects on websites like Pinterest. Taking a look at what other people have done with Belgard Lafitt paver patterns can help you to get a better feel for how a particular pattern might look when used in certain types of settings, or when a specific paver color is selected.
  • Visit a Showroom – Go beyond the two-dimensional look at how your Belgard Lafitt pavers might look. Visiting a local showroom can bring these ideas to life and allow to look at the patterns from every different angle. Belgard Authorized Dealers will be able to have access to Lafitt pavers and will be able to show you real-life examples of how the pavers look when arranged in different ways.
  • Use Design Software Belgard offers its own Design Studio which enables users to play around with different pavers and patterns before beginning any work. When you partner up with a Belgard Authorized Contractor, you’ll be able to receive exclusive access to Design Studio capabilities like 3D renderings of your property with your new Lafitt pavers.
  • Ask for Advice – Your Belgard Authorized Dealer and Contractor is a source of unlimited information when it comes to all things Belgard – including Lafitt paver patterns. Don’t hesitate to ask these professionals for their expert opinions on the best layouts and patterns for your property.
  • Go With Your Gut – After all has been said and done, you are the one who has to live with the Lafitt paver pattern you settle on, so it’s very important that you feel comfortable and confident in your decision. When in doubt, go with your gut feeling.

Working with Belgard Lafitt Pavers in NJ

After considering the different Belgard Lafitt paver patterns and zeroing in on the best design for your hardscape, you’re ready to start bringing your ideas to life. Braen Supply is ready to help you turn your dreams into a reality.

We are Belgard Authorized Dealers, meaning that we have a strong partnership with the Belgard brand and have access to a full inventory of Lafitt pavers and similar products. Our team is extremely familiar with all that these pavers have to offer, and can answer any questions you may have about creating a design pattern, proper installation techniques and maintenance.

You’ll find that our Belgard Lafitt pavers are available at the lowest and most competitive prices in the region. These materials can be picked up from our location or can be bulk delivered directly to your property throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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