Drainage Grates: An Online Installation Guide (VIDEO)

Photo is Courtesy of NDS

Is that drain grate on your outdoor drainage system looking a little old and worn? Is it too plain for your tastes or is it broken? Maybe you just want a new grate that looks better or fits into the design scheme of your landscape more appropriately. Whatever the case may be, installing a new grate is simple and easy.

You will be happy to know that there are many types of designs for drainage grates that will fit into your plans nicely. If your drainage system is already in place you don’t have to redo the entire thing. You just need a grate that enhances your landscape while still doing its job.

Drainage Grate Considerations

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you get a new grate or grates to help drain water from your landscape. A few of these are listed below:

  • Buy the correct size. Of course, if you are replacing an older grate measure carefully and buy the right size. Or better yet, bring the old grate with you and make sure you get the proper one. If you do this, cover up the hole that it leaves. In a new installation make sure you check if the size is correct.
  • There are many designs for grates these days. Keep in mind the grate’s job is to move water from your property. Don’t sacrifice function for aesthetics. You want your drain covering to look good, but it has to allow as much or more water into the system as the old one.
  • Cost will always be part of the mix. There are a wide-range of prices when dealing with drainage grates. Remember, it’s just a covering to a drain. While you want it to look good it’s probably not wise to overspend on this item.

Replacing Drainage Grates

Replacing an existing drainage grate is simple. The three step procedure listed below will instruct you on how to do it:

  1. With either a flat-head or Philips screwdriver (depending on the head of the screws holding the grate down) unfasten the screws securing the grate.
  2. Place the new grate in the opening where the old one was. You may have to remove some dirt and other debris around the edges to make the grate fit properly.
  3. Use the screwdriver to fasten the grate back in place. Pay attention to the type and size screws you need to do this.

That’s it. A simple and easy procedure and your new drainage grate is in place. If this is a new installation all you have to do are steps two and three.

The following short video will show you how to replace your old drainage grate:

It’s Simple and Easy

As you can see the process of installing a drainage grate, whether new or existing, is not very complicated. It doesn’t matter why you need the new grate, but it does matter that it’s installed correctly so that it will do its job.

Choose a grate that is pleasing to your eye and that fits into your current design scheme. Don’t compromise its function with the new design though. This way you can enjoy a nicer looking drainage system while still moving water safely away from your home and yard.