A Style Guide to Belgard Paver Patterns in NJ

Belgard pavers are well known throughout NJ for being extremely beautiful and highly versatile. Whether you’re planning on installing a stunning, paved floor for your outdoor kitchen or living spaces, would like to construct a new front driveway or walkway, or are making plans for a stunning and practical swimming pool deck, Belgard pavers are the perfect solution. 

What makes these manufactured pavers so special? In addition to being carefully crafted to emulate natural stone, NJ homeowners love how much design freedom they’re able to enjoy while working with Belgard pavers.

Beyond simply selecting the colors and styles that suit your needs, you’ll have the ability to choose from different paver patterns in order to create a gorgeous paved layout that will look fabulous while increasing your property’s value.

This guide will introduce the most popular Belgard paver patterns and help you to select the right design layout for your home.

Patterns Matter

There are several factors that go into creating a beautiful hardscape. The materials that you choose need to be of a high quality and feature lovely cuts and texturing.

In addition to this, you’ll need to make sure that you choose materials that feature colors that will align with your personal sense of style while complementing other landscaping and architectural features throughout the property.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what types of pavers or colors you choose if your pavers aren’t laid out and installed with style and elegance. This is where choosing Belgard paver patterns comes into play. 

The pattern that you choose for your pavers can make or break your hardscape. Certain themes are best achieved through the use of specific patterns.

Homeowners who are interested in old world style and architecture, for example, should look for more complex patterns, whereas those who desire a modern chic hardscape would be better off sticking with simple, modular designs.

Selecting the wrong pattern for your pavers could confuse the eye and leave you feeling dissatisfied with the overall project. Because of this, we urge you to consider all of your options and consult with an expert before making final decisions.

Popular Belgard Paver Patterns

Which Belgard paver patterns are most appropriate for your unique style needs and desires? Here’s a closer look at a few of our favorite layouts:

Running Bond

A running bond pattern is one that you’re probably very familiar with already. This type of pattern is extremely common in brickwork, but it is appropriate and beloved for a wide range of masonry purposes – including Belgard paver patterns.

Here, each unique paver is butted end to end. When moving on to the next row of pavers, the units are situated so that the joints “above” and “below” it fall in its center.

This, of course, means that some minimal cutting is required at the end of certain rows, however, it is considered to be one of the simplest and fastest patterns.

It is known for its classic elegance and simplicity without ever being boring. It allows each individual paver to stand out and shine on its own while also working as a part of a collective whole.


The herringbone pattern is another popular choice for homeowners who are working with Belgard pavers. It’s very versatile because it’s classic arrangement is suitable for traditional elegance, but it’s also interesting and diverse enough to add a touch of whimsy or modern design to landscapes that feature other styles and themes.

The herringbone pattern actually derives its name from the herring fish, as the layout of the pavers used actually resembles the bones of a fish. In this type of pattern, the pavers are generally rectangular or parallelograms, and a zig-zag pattern is achieved as the end of a horizontal unit is bonded to the end of a vertical unit and so forth.

This dazzling look can become even more complex and interesting when it is completed at different angles. For instance, Belgard offers patterns to users in both 90 and 40 degree angles, depending on your interests and preferences.

Basket Weave

Basket weave patterns are very popular with the use of Belgard pavers. This unique pattern adds a great deal of depth and dimension as well as visual interest to the entire paved area.

The simple, alternating pattern plays on the alternating orientations of each grouping of pavers to intrigue the senses and cater to the imagination. The end result is pleasing imagery that makes the Belgard pavers actually appear to be woven together.

The look is easy to achieve, as the installer lays out pairs of two matching pavers horizontally, side by side and then borders the pair with a second pair of pavers that are vertical. This pattern continues down the row and is picked up on the following row by ensuring that horizontal pairs are bordered by vertical pairs on all sides, and vice-versa.

You’ll also find that some Belgard pavers can be arranged into a modified basket weave that features the same pairs of pavers in one direction, with only a single paver of a different orientation bordering each set. The result is a more unique take on the the classic look of the basket weave pattern.

Basket weave patterns are simplest to lay out and install on straight paths or rectangular areas, however, they can certainly be achieved on a curve. Doing so just means that some of the units will need to be trimmed with a chisel or saw.


Tessellated patterns are a lot of fun, and can be done with just about any type of Belgard paver. Even so, you’ll find that it’s most common to use this particular style of patterning with irregularly cut pavers that were designed to emulate natural cut flagstone.

A tessellated pattern is one of a mosaic styling, and simply involves the repeated use of a flat shapes across the entire patio area, without gaps or overlaps. This creates a truly stunning and interesting surface for your outdoor patio, pool deck, or paths throughout your property.

Imagine a stunning kaleidoscope bringing life and originality to your backyard, and that’s exactly what you’ll achieve when you choose to go this route with your design plans.

This is especially fun when you’re working with pavers that feature a smattering of different blends of colors and shades. You’ll never grow bored with this particular style.

Buying Belgard Pavers in NJ

Once you’ve reviewed all of the best Belgard paver patterns and have selected the right fit for your home, you’re ready to order your materials. Braen Supply is the leading supplier of Belgard pavers in NJ and its surrounding areas.

We are officially partnered with Belgard, being recognized as an Belgard Authorized Dealer. This means that we’re able to offer the broadest and most up-to-date inventory of Belgard pavers and other hardscaping materials.

We are also able to sell materials at the lowest and most competitive rates on the market. We can even connect you with reputable, Belgard Authorized Contractors to ensure that your Belgard paver patterns are installed properly.

Our Belgard pavers can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout NJ, NY, NYC and PA.
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