Topsoil Prices in NJ for 2015

Homebuilders and businesses alike may not always be aware of the value of topsoil. The value of a quality topsoil should not be overlooked when the time comes for finishing work to commence at your worksite. It is truly more than just “dirt.”

Finding the right NJ supplier to deliver a quality topsoil product can be a competitive venture. Determining why topsoil is important, and the factors affecting it topsoil prices are important elements to finding the right supplier who is willing to develop a long-term relationship with you.

Why is Topsoil Important? 

Topsoil is the most important layer of soil for grass and landscaping to thrive, as it is where all the nutrients to sustain vegetation lie. Without quality topsoil in place, not only will vegetation wither, but also the potential for damaging erosion would be present. Topsoil is so important that without that layer above the sub-strata, vegetation would not be sustainable and life on Earth would virtually cease to exist.

During the Great Depression, much of the mid-west became severely eroded from over-grazing and sediment loss. For nearly a decade the Dust Bowl erupted upon unsuspecting farmers living there, adding to the drama of the suffering that unfolded.

But the importance of topsoil goes beyond a heart-breaking natural disaster. It’s revered and loved by homeowners everywhere. After all, who doesn’t like the beauty of a well-manicured lawn surrounded by lush shrubbery? It not only gives that home curb appeal that delights a potential homebuyer, but adds to the market value of the property.

Most potential homebuyers are willing to pay more for an installed yard and shrubbery, which would equate to higher profitability for the home builder. A layer of topsoil to augment the area would enable long-term growth and root health for selected vegetation. Enabling a simple solution to long-term growth of the landscaping is a plus for both buyers and the environment at large.

Topsoil Prices

Topsoil takes years, even centuries to develop in a natural setting. With ground erosion contributing to the factor of topsoil runoff in agriculture and construction, supplies of sustainable topsoil can become limited. Such limitations can have an impact on topsoil prices in different regions of the country. It comes down to the plain old-fashioned law of supply and demand.

As a contractor, having access to quality and affordable topsoil is an important factor. When considering a purchase in any significant amount you need a reliable source that you can depend upon for affordable topsoil prices and quality.

There are some factors to consider that may have an impact when acquiring topsoil for your construction projects.

Topsoil Types 

There are many of considerations when it comes to choosing the right topsoil for your project. Each type can vary on the amount of moisture retained in the soil and the nutrients that are contained within it.

The amount of variations you can make in choosing the right topsoil is often determined by how it will be used.

While there are many different mixture variations of topsoil, there are three structure classifications:

  • Sandy – Contains higher ratio of sand content than clay and loam.
  • Loamy – Contains equal ratios sand, loam, and clay content.
  • Clay – Contains a higher ratio of clay content than sand and loam.

These types of topsoil have different aggregations of ingredients depending upon what their particular use may be. Sandy topsoil is a favorite among gardeners and it drains well.

A loamy topsoil is the most commonly used topsoil and works well for most lawn startups, plants and other vegetation. It is hard to go wrong with these equal amounts of essential topsoil ingredients.

Lastly, there is the clay topsoil, which retains moisture and works very well in areas where there is less frequent rainfall or where drought conditions prevail.

Amount of Topsoil Needed

As a NJ contractor you obviously want to keep topsoil prices within your budget. We recommend a minimum depth of two to three inches for most landscaping projects. To get a good estimate of the number of cubic yards required for your project, use the following simple formula: Length x Width x Depth.

This formula should help you determine the amount of topsoil needed for your project. However, to serve as a simple reminder there may be other factors that can be difficult when determining the amount of topsoil needed. Your NJ topsoil provider can also help you determine greater needs for delivery of material in cubic yards.

Delivery Considerations 

This is an important element when determining topsoil prices into your budget. You can either choose to have the topsoil delivered in bulk to your New Jersey site or pick it up yourself. Regardless of what you choose, factoring in fuel costs and whether or not you have access to drivers, labor, and heavy equipment should be taken into consideration.

Other factors to contemplate are times of delivery including after hours or special accommodations that you may be requesting. Consulting with your topsoil provider can help you narrow down those special needs.

Wholesale Versus Retail Purchasing 

While purchasing topsoil from retailer chains may seem convenient and easy, it may create more headaches for you than just the topsoil prices alone. Many retailers, especially big-box outlets carry a wide variety and qualities of topsoil.

However, these different choices can carry with them hidden factors as to the actual mix and quality as they will vary from brand to brand. Many of these topsoil choices are geared toward the homeowner and smaller projects around the home.

Another issue at hand may be whether or not the material you buy carries the quality or correct mixture of topsoil required for your project. This can be extremely important if there are legal factors determining the amount of erosion mitigation required for the project.

Obviously purchasing your materials at wholesale can reduce the costs of the topsoil prices you have accounted for in your budgeting. It can also help tremendously if you determine a need for more material and you can consistently obtain the same degree of a quality mix from your wholesaler.

Finding the Right Supplier For Your Topsoil Needs

There are many topsoil providers throughout New Jersey. Many may even tell you why their product is better than the next supplier. However, at Braen Supply we want you to know that you will receive the highest quality service for your construction project needs.

We have spent the last century building lasting relationships with our customers by providing some of the best topsoil available on the market at competitive wholesale prices. This is why we have become the top supplier of topsoil throughout northern New Jersey as well as New York and Pennsylvania.

Other suppliers may tell you that their topsoil has been screened, but all you have to do is inspect our stockpile to see the difference. You will find that our screened topsoil is free of trash, debris and rock fragments larger than three inches diameter.

The texture and mixture of our sand, loam and clay topsoil is always consistent with your needs. In addition, our topsoil is augmented with between 2% and 10% organic material, which helps with nutrition delivery for vegetation.

Braen Supply will work with you to determine any special needs and requests you may have including helping you determine the amount of topsoil needed for your project, whether in cubic yards or tons. We will diligently help you determine the right mixture of topsoil for your project needs. We will also work with you for before and after hours delivery by professional and courteous drivers.

While there are many factors that affect topsoil prices, quality of service and commitment to a long-term customer-client relationship is essential to us at Braen Supply. Choosing the right NJ topsoil supplier and being happy with both the short and long-term results is important to us and we would love to build that relationship with you.

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