Top 5 Perks of Choosing Belgard Pavers to Transform Your Home

What is your outdoor living space doing for you? If you haven’t upgraded your patio, driveways, pool deck or other areas of your home’s exterior recently, you could be dealing with a bit of an eyesore that’s not nearly as functional as you’d like while creating a lot more trouble to maintain that what it’s actually worth.

If this plight sounds familiar, it’s time to give your hardscape a makeover, and we strongly suggest that you start with Belgard paversAs a leading designer and manufacturer of permeable pavers, Belgard has established itself as a reliable mastermind within the industry.

Belgard is constantly working to engineer new, more beautiful (yet highly functional) pavers that will mesh well with current landscaping and hardscaping trends while still being able to withstand the tests of time, offering lifelong beauty and satisfaction.

Available in a wide range of styles, colors and patterns, Belgard appeals to every demographic, and because the materials are so affordable, anyone can work these incredible pavers into their budget.

1. Beauty Like No Other

Belgard is known for employing the best and brightest designers and engineers to manufacture truly breathtaking concrete pavers that you’ll immediately fall in love with and will continue to adore throughout the many years ahead.

Each paving stone is crafted with careful attention to detail, with the coloring, patterns, cuts and texturing all designed to emulate naturally occurring stone, but at a fraction of the cost. Color is applied all the way through so that you won’t have to worry about fading or discoloration over time.

Instead, the brilliant hues that you select will look just as incredible ten years from now as they do today. No matter what type of upgrades you make to your hardscape, you’ll be the envy of your friends and neighbors when you choose gorgeous Belgard pavers.

2. Project Versatility

Belgard pavers are appropriate for a wide range of different projects and styles. Because there are so many different style families and color options available, you’ll find that you have nearly limitless options when it comes to creating a paradise of your very own – regardless of how you intend to use your pavers.

Many NJ homeowners have fallen in love with the idea of establishing a warm and inviting outdoor living space where they can gather with friends and loved ones. This might mean using Belgard pavers to establish a stunning and functional patio dining area, to serve as a kitchen floor or even to act as a cool, comfortable and slip-resistant decking around your swimming pool.

Of course, Belgard pavers are also fabulous when used to establish unique front driveways and walkways. No matter how you choose to upgrade your hardscape with Belgard, you’ll find that it’s easy to bring your dreams to life with the incredible versatility of its pavers.

3. Improved Drainage – In All Seasons

Here in NJ, we’re no stranger to precipitation. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, we’re frequently barraged with rain, snow, sleet and even hail. This can lead to significant problems with drainage.

Homeowners often find themselves dealing with flooding on their properties – especially when driveways are sloped. During downpours, excess water can also pour down driveways and paths and off into streets where it creates excess storm runoff, thus compromising our underground water supply and even leading to the possibility of unsanitary conditions or unhealthy drinking water.

The great thing about Belgard permeable pavers is that they’re actually designed to fully prevent these types of problems from occurring. As the system of beautiful, concrete blocks are laid on top of an aggregate bed, water is able to immediately start percolating back into the groundwater supply – naturally and at a healthy rate.

This will not only do wonders for your own property, but will also help you to give back to your community by doing your part to protect its water supplies. What’s more, Belgard permeable pavers can work especially well when paired up with heating cables.

Underground heating cables are becoming increasingly popular throughout NJ and the northeast, as they help to rapidly melt snow and ice without the use of rock salt or other ice melting compounds.

Because any melted ice will be able to immediately drain into the ground, you won’t have to worry about the water refreezing and creating more problems. It’s the easiest way to maintain your driveway and other paved surfaces throughout the winter.

4. More Space for Living

There’s an old adage that goes, “Use it or lose it!” This sentiment applies to the space that is included within your property. If you’re not maximizing the value of every bit of space throughout your land, you’re going to lose out on the opportunity to get the most out of your home’s potential for outdoor living!

Working with Belgard pavers can help you to create more clearly defined, usable spaces throughout your home’s exterior. The pavers are easy to install in a variety of shapes and patterns, allowing you to squeeze usage and get functionality out of every inch of your property for entertaining and enjoying your life in the great outdoors.

5. Low Maintenance, High Yields

Another fantastic thing about Belgard pavers is that they require very little maintenance whatsoever. Whether you select concrete or porcelain pavers, you can count on incredible strength and durability, ensuring that your finished project will hold up well throughout the decades ahead.

Belgard pavers aren’t prone to staining, scratching, or fading. Should something spill onto your pavers, all you’ll need to do is to treat the area with a diluted solution of water and mild detergent in order to remove the blemish.

Other than that, simply taking the time to sweep dust, grass, leaves and debris away from your pavers on occasion will keep them in tip-top shape. And while you’re investing very little time and effort into caring for your pavers, they will be increasing the overall value of your property, thus enabling you to get the most bang for your buck.

Buying Belgard Pavers in NJ

If you’re ready to join the ranks of savvy NJ homeowners who have opted to work with Belgard pavers, look no further than Braen Supply. As the leading, authorized dealer of Belgard pavers in the Tri-State area, you can count on the fact that we always carry a full inventory of Belgard products.

Regardless of your personal tastes and needs, we’ll connect you with the perfect pavers for your home’s exterior. We offer all of Belgard’s famously styled pavers in a variety of colors and textures for your choosing.

Because we are well-connected with Belgard, you can also rest assured that we will always be on top of the latest product offerings and style trends, as well as the latest tips and information on project installations and maintenance.

Our Belgard pavers are the most competitively priced in the region and are available for pickup or bulk delivery in areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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