Are My Mexican Beach Pebbles Really Black?

Mexican Beach Pebbles for Sale in NJHome and property owners tend to be attracted to Mexican beach pebbles as a result of their naturally smooth texture and rounded shape, as well as the striking colors.

Dark grays and dark blues are among the more commonly selected shades that you’ll see. The interesting thing about Mexican beach pebbles is that when they become wet, they actually appear darker in color.

This leads people to wonder whether or not Mexican beach pebbles are truly black. Having worked in the landscape supply industry for more than a decade we’ve met many customers looking for black Mexican beach pebbles.

We’ll tell you the truth about black Mexican beach pebbles and how you can create a landscape with them that you’ll love.

What Makes Mexican Beach Pebbles Black?

Black Mexican beach pebbles offer a very sophisticated look, but are they actually “black”? What most people initially perceive to be black is actually a darker variation of another color. It’s true that these beach pebbles can naturally be found in a shade of charcoal, but this is not “true” black.

When the stones become wet, they will appear to be darker, offering more of a deep black hue. This is actually a trick of the light.

Water affects the way in which light reflects off of the surface of materials like Mexican beach pebbles. This fools the eye into recognizing a darker color. But what if you want your stones to be black all the time instead of just when they’re wet?

The answer is simpler than you might think: sealed. When a stone is sealed, it can trick the eye into seeing a jet black color no matter what. The reflection of light upon the glossy, sealed surface of a stone completely alters its appearance, and makes the viewer believe that they are seeing black Mexican beach pebbles.

Besides Black Mexican Beach Pebbles, What Options Do I Have?

Even though black Mexican beach pebbles have gained the most notice, they’re certainly not your only option. This is great news for homeowners who like the shape, size, and smoothness of these stones, but don’t feel that the brilliantly black hues will blend in with the rest of their landscape and/or hardscape.

Darker colors in shades of blue and gray are certainly available, but for those who prefer warmer tones, you’re in luck. There are other stones that are available similar to Mexican beach pebbles in colors including, tan, brown, red, and even green.

Depending on the existing stone materials found throughout your landscape and the style of your home, you might prefer one color over another. You can also choose to purchase a mix of stones to create an interesting palette of varied hues.

How Can I Use Mexican Beach Pebbles?

Mexican beach pebbles are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of different projects and applications, including:

  • Gardening Accents – Mexican beach pebbles of all colors are a great way to enhance the appearance of your planters, flower beds, and gardens.
  • Mulch Replacement – These stones are an excellent alternative to traditional organic mulching materials. The beach pebbles work to regulate soil temperatures and moisture levels, and don’t need to be replaced on a regular basis.
  • Paths & Walkways – Although the size of these stones may not make them practical for high-traffic paths or walkways, they are beautiful as garden trails, and can also be used as an edging material around paths constructed of other materials.
  • Water Features – Mexican beach pebbles are particularly striking when used in and around water features like fountains, waterfalls, and dry river beds.

Where Can I Buy Black Mexican Beach Pebbles?

Because black Mexican beach pebbles are so popular, it’s not difficult to find vendors who sell them. While you may have numerous options, it’s important that you take the time to find a reliable supplier that you can trust.

For more than a decade, Braen Supply has become a leader in the sale of high quality decorative stones. Our staff are all familiar with Mexican beach pebbles and have the dedication and passion required to connect you with the right size and color stone for your specific landscaping project.

We offer the lowest prices possible so that you can beautify your property on a budget you can afford. Our black Mexican beach pebbles are available for pickup from our two NJ locations. For larger orders, talk to one of our professionals about our bulk delivery services throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.

Mexican beach pebbles are on of the most expensive decorative stones available.