Top 5 Belgard Products to Use for Your New Patio in New Jersey

Whether you’re planning on installing a brand new patio or are getting ready to redo an old one, the materials that you choose are the key to project success and long-term happiness. There are tons of options out there for paving a home patio, but few are as beautiful, versatile, reliable and affordable as Belgard pavers.

It’s easy to fall in love with Belgard products, but narrowing down your choices and selecting the materials that are right for your hardscape can be a bit more challenging.

To help kick your mind into gear and get you thinking about which Belgard products are best for your patio, here’s a list of five popular products that we recommend to NJ homeowners.

1. Mega-Arbel Patio Slab

What’s more impressive than a natural stone patio floor? The timeless elegance of natural stone offers a sense of value and prestige to any home, and with Belgard’s Mega-Arbel patio slabs, you can get the look and functionality of true flagstone at a fraction of the cost.

These stunning slabs feature an irregular cut and shape that looks exactly like stone that has been chiseled and cut after being harvested from its natural environment. The surface of the slabs feature visually fascinating and rich textures that add character to any patio, and offering more of a realistic, natural aesthetic.

You’ll fall in love with the many different color options available, ranging from shades of deep chestnut brown to tan, rust, beige, gray and charcoal. It’s easy to find the colors and hues that best reflect your unique tastes and sense of style so that you can fall in love with your patio time and again.

The texturing of the slate makes it easy to walk on, even when wet, so you can feel confident that you and your guests will be safe after periods of rain or after a spill.

2. Catalina Slate

If you like the idea of a naturalistic looking material but prefer more symmetry and geometric design when it comes to the arrangement of the pavers, we recommend taking a look at Catalina Slate from the Belgard Classic collection.

This interesting and attractive paver collection strives to recreate the look and feel of natural slate through stunning texturing, recesses and raised surfacing. The pavers themselves are carefully cut into beautiful square and rectangular units, allowing for a modular design layout.

The three-piece system makes it possible for homeowners to take advantage of several different patterns provided by Belgard. This means that you can customize the look of your patio so that its uniquely your own.

Choose a pattern that will continue to surprise and delight you, each time you enjoy your outdoor living space. You’ll also love the different color options available with Catalina Slate pavers. Warm shades of brown, tan, beige, blue-gray, charcoal and rust can truly complete the patio of your dreams.

3. Eco Dublin

Many NJ homeowners love the look of old world, UK style – a cobbled, modular design that is simple yet stately, and timelessly beautiful. The Eco Dublin pavers by Belgard are able to achieve just this – and more.

Not only will you have the ability to create classically elegant patterns with the three-piece paver system, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the fact that your new patio is environmentally friendly – taking care of both you and your world. As a part of Belgard’s Environmental Collection of permeable pavers, the Eco Dublin system is actually able to reduce water runoff.

This will protect your landscape from flooding while preventing stormwater runoff that can cause problems with the local water system. Eco Dublin pavers are available in several different colors, allowing you to create a look that speaks to your preferences.

4. Lafitt Grana Slate

Keep it modern, simple and chic with pavers from the Lafitt Grana Slate collection by Belgard. These slates are absolutely stunning.

Each unit is cut into a large, modular square or rectangle for dramatic effect, and is finished with a smooth surface that adds a cool, sophisticated touch to your outdoor living space. Several unique patterns can be achieved when designing your new patio, each using minimal amounts of material due to the slates’ large size.

Six different color families are available for you to select from, whether you’re looking for the warm rich tones of brown and rust available through Summer Hill, a sleek and upscale charcoal or gray color with the Sable Blend, and just about everything in-between.

These incredibly versatile slabs are tough and durable enough to withstand regular usage, and won’t easily become scuffed, scraped or chipped by foot traffic or moving patio furniture.

5. Noon Porcelain Pavers

Natural stone is extremely popular in patio design, but natural wood is an equal contender. Wood offers a warm, elegant touch to any outdoor living space. Unfortunately, the real thing can become warped over time – especially in the NJ humidity.

Belgard has recently begun offering a unique collection of porcelain pavers, and within that collection, they have come up with something truly special: the Noon paver system. These incredible porcelain units look exactly like planks of wood, featuring everything from the brilliant coloring of wood to its knot holes and texturing.

It’s easy to create a patio space that offers a feeling of luxury and sophistication while still being connected to nature with these magnificent porcelain units. Different colors are available, depending on your “wood” preferences, so it’s easy to find a look that matches your other landscaping and architectural elements.

Because porcelain is so strong and durable, you can count on the fact that it will continue to look perfect after regular usage – even when your patio chairs slide across the surface and your kids run across the patio floor on a daily basis.

Installing a Belgard Patio in NJ

As soon as you’re ready to customize the look of your new Belgard patio, Braen Supply is ready to help you get the job done. As authorized dealer of Belgard products, we offer a full inventory of pavers, in an array of colors, shapes and styles.

You can check out the look of each product in our local showroom and get a better feel for how the pavers or slabs might look within the scope of your backyard. Because our team is knowledgeable about all of Belgard’s leading products, we can answer all of your questions and offer helpful tips for selecting your materials and going about the installation process.

Our Belgard products are always available at the most competitive prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to areas throughout NJ, NY, NYC and PA.New Call-to-action