What Is The Best Stone for Outdoor Patios?

A new stone patio can completely transform the look of your property. In addition to looking fabulous, a quality stone patio allows you to get the most out of your outdoor living space while increasing your home’s value and curb appeal.

In order to be truly happy with your patio, you need to take the time to select the best stone for your specific needs. While NJ homeowners are fortunate enough to have plenty of fantastic options for patio construction, you may find that some materials are better suited to your lifestyle than others.

Today’s post will highlight some of the best stone for outdoor patio construction, and tips for choosing the right material for your property.

Best Types of Patio Stone

The landscaping and construction industries are thriving in NJ. As a result, local homeowners have the luxury of selecting from a wide range of high-quality stone materials when beginning their patio projects.

Multiple varieties of natural stone, including cut pavers and slabs as well as loose fill materials, are available. While larger pavers offer a more traditional appearance for an outdoor living space, loose-fill gravel and decorative stone add unique texturing and beauty to your property.

Understanding the individual merits of each stone option will help you to make a choice that will continue to delight yourself, your family and your guests in the many years ahead. Here’s a closer look at some of the best and most popular natural stone types for residential patios in NJ:


Bluestone has been a staple in patio construction for many years – and for good reason. This stunningly beautiful stone offers a sense of luxury and elegance while still providing a close connection with nature. Bluestone is easily recognized for its incredible coloring.

The stone features shades of blue, blue-gray, tan and sometimes indigo. The smooth blend of coloring is dazzling, regardless of the cut or style of bluestone.

Bluestone is available in large slabs, in pattern cut shapes, or as an irregular stone paver. In pattern cut bluestone, it’s simple to create aesthetically pleasing geometrical designs.

The irregularly cut stone offers the appearance of flagstone and allows for a much more one-of-a-kind appearance. Regardless of which style you go with, you’ll be pleased with the outcome. Bluestone is extremely tough, durable and weather resistant.


Brownstone is often associated with building materials in the heart of NYC, but it can be used for so much more. In fact, many NJ homeowners have found that the rich earthy tones of brownstone look absolutely fantastic in their outdoor living spaces.

Brownstone features shades of brown and tan, and creates a truly inviting environment for outdoor living. Available in pattern cuts, you’ll enjoy creating a beautiful arrangement that suits your every whim.


Limestone has long been a favorite of homeowners throughout the northeast. The extremely reliable and subtly elegant stone material is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes throughout your landscape or hardscape.

Whether you’re looking to create a “floor” for your outdoor kitchen or seating area or are considering a garden patio for reading, you’ll find that limestone slabs and pattern cut pavers are the perfect fit for your needs. Limestone doesn’t scratch or scrape easily and holds up beautifully when exposed to the elements.

Sahara Granite

One of the most unique and exciting natural stone options for outdoor patios is Sahara Granite. This exquisite material is characterized by lovely shades of tan, brown, gold and black.

The “desert vibe” given off by this stone makes it a great option for creating a poolside patio for lounging and entertaining. The stone is also great for any outdoor living area with water features.

Like all granite materials, Sahara granite is known for being extremely durable and long lasting – even when exposed to regular usage, wear and tear.

Pea Gravel

There’s no reason why you should limit yourself to stone slabs or pavers. A growing number of NJ homeowners are discovering the many benefits associated with working with loose fill materials.

Among the different types of loose gravel and other natural stone, pea gravel is among the most popular. Pea gravel is known for its small “pea” size and its smooth, round shape and texture.

Pea gravel features an array of lovely colors ranging from red, brown, tan, white, gray, blue, green and just about everything in between. This interesting blend of colors is visually intriguing and creates a soothing yet fun atmosphere.

One advantage to working with a loose fill material like pea gravel is that it can easily be poured into any shape, giving you a great deal of flexibility in terms of patio design. Gravel also offers excellent drainage, is extremely affordable, and is simple to maintain.

Other Loose Fill Stone

In addition to pea gravel, there are other loose fill stone options for you to choose from. Traditional ¾” washed clean stone offers a simple and yet elegant look of classic gray and white gravel.

Goose egg gravel is another excellent choice, offering a rounder and smoother appearance with smooth and neutral tones of white and tan.

Many NJ homeowners are also fans of yellow round “Jersey Shore” gravel. This fun, unique stone creates a bit of a beach vibe, featuring shades of tan, brown and yellow, which combine together for a golden, sandy appearance.

Choosing Your Patio Stone

Because each type of natural stone available for patio construction is so beautiful and reliable, you’ll find that you could benefit from any material.

Ultimately, the best stone for your outdoor patio is your decision, based upon your personal sense of style and what you want for your property, the intended use of your patio, and other landscaping or architectural features throughout your property.

It can be helpful to visit a local showroom in order to see how different materials appear in person and in contrast to other landscaping materials. You can also consult with a trusted landscaping professional in order to make the best possible decision for your home.

Buying Patio Stone in NJ

Braen Supply is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the best natural stone for outdoor patio installations in NJ and its surrounding areas. We take pride in offering the most beautiful and high-quality stone products at the lowest and most competitive wholesale prices on the market.

Our team of professionals is more than happy to discuss your goals, dreams and needs in order to provide you with advice on which product is right for you.

Our patio stone can be picked up at your convenience from our NJ facility or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY and NYC and limited parts of PA and CT.

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